Variety Minigames Minecraft Server

MinecraftParty is full of quick, action packed mini-games meant to test your skill. You can compete in a horse race, beat the heat on hot tnt, or even navigate a minefield on this gamemode. Do you have what it takes to win?

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# Player Coins
1 Sparc121,000,001
2 yinscape668,878
3 Mario596,437
4 Vincz394,333
5 iiHasCupquake342,678
Title Poster Views
New Rainbow Parkour Map FaZe_Charlotte 89
The Official Party Record Book! Acceqted 80
Extend Spleef Time Acceqted 44
Texturepack MaxvG10 126
We all have that one game... Acceqted 128
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