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Here is a little change log of some server size adjustments we are currently making.

  • MineStrike has been shut down
    • We simply cannot support updates for the little player interest that it held.
  • MC-War reduced to 4 total servers
  • MinecraftParty reduced to 6 total servers
  • Capture the Flag reduced to 3 total servers
We will boot up more servers for each gamemode as needed.

Impending Changes:

Through making these changes, we are no longer renting out 7 server extra boxes saving us around $800 a month.
EULA Plans

As you know from our previous thread at http://www.brawl.com/threads/56867/, Mojang is wanting us to follow their EULA that states that we can only sell cosmetic based items to prevent pay-to-win.

We've been very busy in thinking of different ways to handle this, but below is our tentative plan as of now. This plan is subject to change as we discuss with Mojang and you all. But, keep in mind that this is just our plan on how to immediately prepare for the EULA. We are still working on a more long term plan.

  • MC-War
    • Personal experience boosts will be removed and replaced with the option to buy the whole server a global experience boost.
    • Guns, equipment, and perks will be purchasable with a very large amount of credits at certain levels (and removed from the store).
  • Capture the Flag premium classes
    • Purchasable through a very large amount of vote tokens (and removed from the store).
  • Hardcore Games premium kits
    • Purchasable through a very large amount of vote tokens (and removed from the store).
  • Wild West premium horses
    • Purchasable through a very large amount of in-game money (and removed from the store).
  • Rank benefits
    • All ranks before we switch to our EULA plans will be marked as "retro". This means that you will continue to get the previous benefits, as you did, along with any new additions to the rank. Any new rank purchases will no longer get EULA violating benefits. We will be introducing ways for normal players to gain what the ranks had.

The plans for MC-War are pretty permanent as @Totom3 is currently working on the new version of War which will be fully EULA compliant off the bat.

The plans for CTF and HG are kind of temporary while we look for a better solution for regular players to get premium classes/kits while not allowing everyone to have access of the bat.

We will do our best to honor the previous purchases that you all have made on Brawl. The purchases have allowed us to run the server to this day and we truly do appreciate it. However, keep in mind that we can not offer refunds as we are an operating business that uses the funds as we receive them.


With all of that said, we are going to be having a sale up to the day that we switch to our EULA plans. This will allow you to purchase guns, equipment, perks, classes, kits, etc. before they are inaccessible via the store.

We're not trying to squeeze money out of the community, rather provide a nice opportunity to get the items you may of been wanting. Don't make a purchase if you are not confident in us!

50% off all packages

I would personally jump on this deal as Brawl is definitely going to be around for a lot longer. We have some nice plans to continue from here.

Thanks a massive bunch,
Brawl Staff Team
Hello Brawlers,

Mojang, the creators of Minecraft, have an end users license agreement (EULA) that all players and server owners agree to when signing up for the game. Lately, Mojang has taken up enforcing this EULA full force in making sure that server owners and account holders are not violating any part of it.

We have been notified that we are added to a list of blocked servers. This means that players on Minecraft version 1.9.3 will not see our Minecraft server running when trying to connect with the server address, brawl.com.

The specific addresses to each gamemode appear to not be blocked at the moment, but we are not attempting to use this as a bypass around the block. We assume Mojang will block these promptly too.

We are currently getting in contact with Mojang to see if we can get a time allocation on switching away from selling non-cosmetic perks. There are a lot of possibilities for cosmetic items that we can offer from here out. The developers will be immediately working to taking care of switching all of the servers to be compliant, while respecting previous purchases as best as we can.

You will not be losing your rank or any item purchases. Ranks will take on the new cosmetic benefits while item purchases are removed from the current pay wall.

I'm sure that everyone will have a ton of questions, we will do our best to answer them with the little information we know from Mojang directly about how we have to handle every thing. The team is actually excited to move away from our previous systems to ensure an environment that Mojang requires.

Brawl Upper Management

Hello Brawlers,

This is kind of a different event than we usually do. We're wanting to see your best filming, editing, and even commentating skills for the production of a video montage held on any of our servers. We realize this contest isn't for everyone, but we do encourage everyone to try to participate.

You have the month of May to record and produce the best montage you can. At the end of the month (May 31 at 11:59 PM CST), you have to have posted the YouTube link to your video in reply to this thread.

We're not going to be super strict about what a "montage" is, but we expect it to at least follow the definition which is, "the process or technique of selecting, editing, and piecing together separate sections of film to form a continuous whole" AKA you have to edit multiple clips from different recordings together.

Make it funny, serious, dank-meme-filled, anything! We want to be entertained.

We'll hold a week of voting between the community and staff to decide the ultimate top three winners. Onto the prizes already!

  • 1st: 3 months of global Elite + $60 Brawl store credit
  • 2nd: 2 months of global Elite + $40 Brawl store credit
  • 3rd: 1 month of global Elite + $20 Brawl store credit
  • Consolation prizes: Anyone who submits a montage that clearly took time to make will receive 7 days of global Elite. This is per the digression of the staff team (as we cannot create set strict guidelines).

So everyone can technically get a prize? YES.

  1. Create a montage on any Brawl server
  2. Upload it to YouTube
  3. Post it to this thread
Perform this by May 31 at 11:59 PM CST to qualify

Can I submit an old montage?
Only if it was filmed & uploaded on April 20 or sooner.

Can I use old clips?
Yes, but we will take this into account when voting for the winners. We'd like the clips to be recent.​

Do you also sometimes wonder which crazy architect came up with the idea for another boring, ugly industrial building? Well, now you have the chance to do it better by creating your own Industrial Building in Minecraft and submitting it to win some awesome prices!


Starting Date: April 23th 2016 at 5:00 PM CST

Deadline: May 14th 2016 at 11:59 PM CST


How to Enter
Head on over to our creative server creative.brawl.com and type in the command /warp contest followed by /plotme auto

Then fill out the application below and post it on this thread when your build is finished:
How to view what world you're in: /mv info
How to view your PlotMe ID: /plotme info

Maximum team size: 4​


Your building can be a good, ol' ironworks, a high-tech factory, warehouse, a development complex or a scrapyard! It just needs to be related to industry and it should be realistic, a building that could be found somewhere in the world right now.

The buildings will be judged based on creativity, detail and general look.

DayZ industrial buildings:

H1z1 industrial feel: [​IMG]

GTA 1: [​IMG]
GTA 2: [​IMG]


  • 1st: 30 days of Global Elite and a 30$ coupon for the Brawl Shop
  • 2nd: 30 days of Global MVP and a 20$ coupon for the Brawl Shop
  • 3rd: 30 days of Global VIP and a 10$ coupon for the Brawl Shop
Any build that is submitted is subject to use for future projects. Any players whose builds are used will be rewarded with 7 days ELITE on the server of their choice.


Good luck!
Greetings Brawlers,

We're gonna give HG a kick with a nice small community event. I don't want to keep you waiting so let's discuss the details. We hope you enjoy.

Now, this event will take place on Saturday, May 14th.

  • May 14th at 4:30 PM EST
  • 1.mc-hg.com
This will not be your normal HG round. This will be a King of the Hill HG round! You will have 10 minutes to gather your supplies and head to the hill. At the end of that ten minutes, the chaos will start. The first one to stay at the top for 15 seconds wins.


Places will be determined by a scoreboard that has been coded by @Totom3. To win you must survive at the top for 15 seconds. Second and third place will be determined by the runner-ups.


1st: chickenputty | 15s
2nd: Chaploo | 12s (or anything lower)
3rd: Yinskape | 8s (or anything lower)



Yes, there are rules that you must follow.
  1. Follow all Brawl rules
  2. No teams allowed! Only solo.
  3. Do not spam the staff monitoring the game if you have a question, PM them once.
If you are caught breaking any of these rules, you will be disqualified.

The following kits will be disabled:
  • Anchor
  • Burrower
  • Demoman
  • Digger
  • Endermage
  • Jackhammer
  • Leviator
  • Grenadier
  • Neo
  • Pickpocket
  • Soulstealer
  • Tank
  • Titan
  • Turtle

Now, I know what you all came to see:

  • 1st: $30 coupon code for the Brawl shop!
  • 2nd: $20 coupon code for the Brawl shop!
  • 3rd: $10 coupon code for the Brawl shop!

We hope you'll enjoy the event! We'll see you there!

Brawl Staff Team,
Community Management
Volume II, Edition I ... No. 21 [​IMG] March 31, 2016 [​IMG] FREE

Hardcore Games v1.0 - Out of Beta!
New Server Media Ranks
New Game Released: Wild West
Wiki Team Applications - Round 5
Creative Competition: Fruity Contest
Hardcore Games Tribute Tournament - Summary


Leaderboard Improvements
The website leaderboards have received a well needed update in the month of March. The leaderboards now display every single server in the Brawl universe. Along with that, Capture the Flag and Wild West have 1 day, 7 day, and 30 day leaderboard lookup options. They are a little slow to load right now, but we are still working on improving this. Check it out at http://www.brawl.com/stats/.

HG Kit Rotation
Normal: Checkpoint, Frosty, Reaper, Woolymorph
VIP: Airdrop, Philosopher, Toolmaster (<-- All new kits!)
MVP: Fisherman, Ninja, Scorch, Stomper, Turtle
ELITE: All kits, as always


Featured Brawler
Four days, two hours, and twelve minutes. No, we're not talking about how many days of school you missed. We're talking about the amount of time this month's featured Brawler spent on the Wild West server. With that said, Arcane is being crowned our featured Brawler for this month. Nice no-lifing, keep it up! [​IMG]

Trivia Question
Last month's question was: What server did @chickenputty originally moderate?
The answer was War. @Doges answered it first and has earned a forums trophy!

This month's question is: Who originally coded the MC-War server?
The answer will be revealed along with the winner in the next edition of The Brawl News.

Group Advertisement
Want to trick out the official Brawl wiki? Well shucks, if only the applications were open at this exact moment... OH WAIT! They are! You and your friends may apply to be on the Wiki Team at http://www.brawl.com/threads/55249/. @RyanO2 needs some nice team members to wiki with. Join today!


Sponsored Literature
Story by @Lightwielder

Sponsored Media


Comment Giveaway
Every edition of Brawl News now comes with the chance to win a month of global ELITE. To enter, just leave any kind of comment below. The winner will be announced in next month's edition.

Last months winner: @AnonymousGalaxy, Congratulations!

Rule Breaker Report Champions
Here are the players who reported the most valid rule breaker reports.
  • First: @FirestormPvP (100 valid reports) - $25 coupon for the Brawl shop
  • Second: @PoixMine (19 valid reports) - $20 coupon for the Brawl shop
  • Third: @BrawlBot (16 valid reports) - $15 coupon for the Brawl shop
Be sure to keep an eye out for pesky rule breakers to possibly rake in some prizes next month!

Top Voters
We congratulate the voters below for their support:
  • First: @Cherrybae (151 votes) - $25 coupon for the Brawl shop
  • First: @Vincz (151 votes) - $25 coupon for the Brawl shop
  • First: @TheInvinczible (151 votes) - $25 coupon for the Brawl shop


Decelvice, Heroui, Alakazam

New Moderators
Wario: WarZ JMOD
Jaetpack1: War JMOD


Monthly votes: 16,807 (3,526 decrease)

Total mutes: 12,680 (964 increase)
Total bans/temp bans: 126,282 (10,944 increase)
Total players: 3,285,077 (37,812 increase)

Forum discussions: 50,026 (1,373 increase)
Forum messages: 678,870 (15,298 increase)
Forum members: 35,591 (2,735 increase)



First Place (3 MONTH ELITE):


Second Place (2 MONTH ELITE):


Third Place (1 MONTH ELITE):


Thanks for your submissions!​
Hey everyone,

As I was fighting a bunch of pink dressed soldiers in a strange and foreign country last week, I stumbled across a strange dead body. The body itself isn't what intrigued me: it was just @chickenputty's, which I easily managed to put down with my Usp45 a few seconds earlier (no surprise there). No, no, what really caught my eye were the two pieces of paper coming out of his left pocket. I didn't have the time to read properly, but I catches the words "war 2.0", "soon", "hype train" and "first class"...

More seriously though -- I'm sure most of you have probably already given up on the idea of ever seeing War 2.0 released. After all, it has been years, with the project originally announced in 2013. Well! It's time to put the frustration aside and to stop the rants, because I will be soon taking over the making of War 2.0. Mario and Signatured are letting me work on the project as they have something else in store.

We have decided to create a new, better guns plugin before working to War 2.0. The new plugin will add a lot of features, such as multiple scope levels (which are possibly timed) variable scoped movement speed, multiple fire modes players can choose between (depending on their preferences and ammo levels). Some guns will have the property of hitting multiple targets at a time, while others will shoot wall-piercing bullets! We're not planning on changing the controls, but the graphics/visual aspect will get an overhaul. I have already started implementing most of these features, and here is a sneak-peak:




I will try as much as I can to keep everyone updated on the progress via my Twitter. In the meantime, feel free to share your ideas on the forums or even directly with me, however you prefer.

Tell us what you would like to see added to War 2.0!
After waiting all this time, you all deserve to get a fun and entertaining gamemode.

~ Totom3
#soon #notAnAprilFoolsPrank
APRIL FOOLS! Nothing is changing, we still love you.

Hello MCPVP,

As you probably know, I have acquired Brawl again and we will be restructuring it to be named MCPVP again (http://www.brawl.com/threads/55721/).

In order to get some things in order off the bat, I have made some promotions...

New Admins:

New SMods:

There is much more to come...