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Howdy, cowboys!

It's been quite a while since we pushed a Wild West update, and today is the day that we finally release our next iteration of Wild West.

Balance Changes
  • T-G damage changed to 17 (from 19)
  • T-G fire rate changed to 20 ticks (from 22)
  • Repeater damage changed to 17 (from 27)
  • Model # of pellets changed to 4 (from 5)
  • Fire rate of model changed to 17 ticks (from 15)
  • Coach Gun # of pellets changed to 4 (from 7)
  • Fire rate of coach gun changed to 17 ticks (from 22)
  • Diamond Armor damage reduction changed to about 64%
With these changes, this finally enables a fair, even balance of guns/armor between Sheriffs and Bandits. Additionally, anyone with Indian armor+ can no longer be one shot by the T-G, Model, Repeater, or Coach Gun as previously they could. [The Sawed-Off can still OSK them. It's low RoF and clip size balances it's high damage however.]

Economy Changes
  • Leather helmet changed to 100 G (from 300)
  • Leather chestplate changed to 500 G (from 1200)
  • Leather pants changed to 300 G (from 700)
  • Leather boots changed to 100 G (from 300)

  • Golden helmet changed to 300 G (from 900)
  • Golden chestplate changed to 1200 G (from 3300)
  • Golden pants changed to 700 G (from 1900)
  • Golden boots changed to 300 G (from 550)

  • Diamond helmet changed to 2250 G (from 2900)
  • Diamond chestplate changed to 2900 G (from 10000)
  • Diamond pants changed to 2750 G (from 6500)
  • Diamond boots changed to 2100 G (from 3200)

  • TG changed to 6300 G (from 9500)
  • Model changed to 3600 G (from 8000)
  • Sawed Off changed to 2000 G (from 5300)
  • Mauser changed to 1500 G (from 3100)

  • Carcano changed to 1500 G (from 2300)
  • Blunderbuss changed to 1000 G (from 3000)
  • Volcanic changed to 800 G (from 1500)
  • LeMat changed to 300 G (from 1000)

  • Emerald changed to 27 G (from 19)
  • Diamond changed to 19 G (from 13)
  • Gold changed to 13 G (from 9)
  • Iron changed to 9 G (from 6)
  • Coal changed to 6 G (from 4)

  • Kevlar changed to 10200 G (from 7700)

One thing people requested is for items to be cheaper thus making it easier on newer players. So, this is what we did. On top of that, we also increased the prices of some of the ores in order to atleast make mining a little more worth as before there wasn't much worth to mining.

Processing Changes
  • Emerald changed to 3 seconds (from 2)
  • Diamond changed to 2.5 seconds (from 1.5)
  • Gold changed to 2.25 seconds (from 1.25)
  • Iron changed to 2 seconds (from 1)
  • Coal changed to 1.75 seconds (from 0.75)

  • Wild Grass changed to 4 seconds (from 3)
  • Coco changed to 3.5 seconds (from 2.5)
  • Poppy changed to 3 seconds (from 2)
  • Shrooms changed to 2.75 seconds (from 1.75)
(this will be explained further down as to why processing times were changed by 1 second)


We have added an achievement system to Wild West! There are 72 obtainable achievements and you can view all the achievements by typing /achievements in-game. Each achievement has a reward (x amount of money), and that reward is higher depending on the difficulty of the achievement


We have added 4 new skills to Wild West. You can view your skills in-game by typing /skills. In-game, the GUI we have for skills goes a little more in depth about each skill, their perks, and what is required to level them up.
  • Mining Skill
  • Drug Harvesting Skill
  • Ore Processing Skill
  • Drug Processing Skill
Obviously, you level up these skills by performing actions that relate to the skill.

IE: If you want to level up your drug processing skill, you have to process drugs.

As you level up each skill, your perks for the skill increase proportionally.

For example, in the drug processing skill, there is a perk that will lower your processing speed by [x] amount of time. As you level up your skill, your processing time is lowered. This is also why we raised processing times, so it can balance out with the processing skills.

Each skill has a max level of 10 and your overall skill (the number that will appear next to your name) is the average of all your other skills.

Coin Flips

We have added a new form of gambling to Wild West! If you've ever done a coin flip for money, this is basically similar to what that is. To play, you simply navigate to the "Coin Flipper" NPC, right click him, and either join a game or start a game. When creating a game, you can enter any stakes you want as long as you can afford it. Same applies with joining a game. Remember, this is also Player VS Player, unlike the Bartender NPC which is Player VS The House.

You can, at any time, view your coin flip stats by typing /coinflipstats

Further footage for anyone who still doesn't understand, click here

  • Added the Bartender NPC to the navigator (NPCs -> Bartender)
  • Show correct processing times on the Ore/Drug Processor NPCs
  • Fixed multitude of bugs that have been present on our trello. View our trello here
Hello everyone!

Today we held another Build Competition. This time we had setup private maps for each participant instead of using plots. The theme was Autumn and they had 40 minutes to complete their build.

Now for the winners!
1st: @Mystical_Alpha - 1 month of Build ELITE.
2nd: @Trevorsleeping and @NateTheDerp - 3 extra maps each.
3rd: @DANMRiley_ - 1 extra map.

Congratulations to you!
We would also like to apologize for the delay of the event. Follow our Twitter to find out when the next Build competition is.

Brawl Staff Team

Hello Brawlers,

The bugs and issues found during the Closed Beta of KitBrawl 2.0 have been patched so the server is now ready for its public release!

Jump into it with the IP kitbrawl.com
or use /play kitpvp

The server was re-coded from scratch by @yqt1001 and will replace the old KitBrawl. The new server has the following features:
- Teams: Ability to do team fights and various team events.
- 9 new Vanilla VS kits & 4 new Gun VS kits
- New Lobby, Vanilla & Gun VS maps.
- Reworked ELO to make it more natural.
- New FFA credits and leveling system
- 11 new Vanilla FFA kits & 4 new Gun FFA kits
- 2 new FFA events to make the FFA gameplay more interesting.
- New FFA cosmetic unlocks for donors and dedicated players.
- New FFA achievement system.
- KitBrawl with guns!

Try out all the new features on kitbrawl.com! If you encounter any bugs or issues, please report them here. If you have an idea on how to make the server better, feel free to create a thread for it here.

Brawl Staff Team
Hello Brawlers,

We apologize for the delay, but now the video with the 10 best clips from the Video Competition has been finished and uploaded:

Now it is the turn of the community: Watch the video and vote for your 3 favourite clips in the poll above!
Based on the voting the winners will receive the following prizes:
1st - 3rd: 30 days global ELITE
4th - 10th: 7 days global ELITE

The poll is open for 7 days, prizes will be given out once it closed!
Brawl Staff Team
All aboard the hype train! The first event this map is finally here! Be sure to prepare your gear and practice your PvP skills for this action packed frenzy you won't want to miss!

What? We will be hosting not one but two events, a scavenger hunt, and a last man standing competition.

The scavenger hunt will take place before the last man standing, and will consist of having several chest spread out around the map near spawn with valuable loot placed inside.

The last man standing will take place in a custom built arena. A warp will be set that will allow you to go to the arena and prepare yourself for 5 minutes. The event will start immediately after, so don't be late! The last 3 players to survive will win epic prizes! First place will receive 1 month of Raid Elite, second will get 1 month of Raid MVP, and third one month of Raid VIP.

When? The event will take place on Saturday September 17, at 7 PM UTC.

Where? Join us at raid.brawl.com

See you all there! Best of luck to all competitors, but remember, only one will conquer!

Brawl Staff Team
Volume II, Edition I ... No. 25 [​IMG] September 1st, 2016 [​IMG] FREE


Raid Release! | raid.mcpvp.com
Forums Restored to 8/8/2016 & Hacked Staff Accounts - Info


Spectating CTF Matches
For a long time the process of spectating a CTF match has been both obnoxious and rigorous. However, thanks to the Brawl Developers, the process has been made easier with the new /spectate command! Instead of constantly spamming Senior Moderators and waiting for one of them to place you into the game, all staff members may now place players in a spectator mode more easily, which means CTF matches should be able to start and run more smoothly. Thanks Brawl Developers and happy capturing CTF!

HG Kit Rotation
Normal: Levitator, Jumper, Tank, Titan
VIP: Demoman, Flash, Grenader
MVP: Archer, Fisherman, Ghost, Scorch, Turtle
ELITE: All kits, as always


Featured Brawler
When it comes to ratios, there is none better than this fantastic Brawler. On the forums, his helpfulness and popularity is evidenced by his post to rating ratio. Currently, he has accumulated more positive ratings than posts, an incredibly admirable feat by itself. However, his accomplishments don't simply end there. He also possesses an INSANE 10.09 kdr on McWar! We're not talking about some alt that farmed kdr either; this guy is level 53! Let's all give a hearty congratulations to this month's featured Brawler: @DarkTitan_! Keep up the good work in all areas of your Brawling!

Trivia Question
Last month's question was: Who has written the longest staff application as of 7/31/16 (words)?
The correct answer was Algelier, who wrote the longest application with an impressive word count of 4800. @Algelier answered it first and earned a forums trophy!

This month's question is: How many Minecraft accounts with the name of one the 25 Mario Party characters listed here have played Minecraft Party? (Names with spaces in them are disqualified as you can not have spaces in Minecraft names.)
The answer will be revealed along with the winner in the next edition of The Brawl News.

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Comment Giveaway
Every edition of Brawl News now comes with the chance to win a month of global ELITE. To enter, just leave any kind of comment below. The winner will be announced in next month's edition.

Last months winner: @RiskyRuskii, Congratulations!

Rule Breaker Report Champions
Here are the players who reported the most valid rule breaker reports.
  • First: @19kss (125 valid reports) - $25 coupon for the Brawl shop
  • Second: @Eil (124 valid reports) - $20 coupon for the Brawl shop
  • Third: @Lekosa1 (122 valid reports) - $15 coupon for the Brawl shop
Be sure to keep an eye out for pesky rule breakers to possibly rake in some prizes next month!

Top Voters
We congratulate the voters below for their support:
  • First: @Vincz (162 votes) - $25 coupon for the Brawl shop
  • Second: @Lekosa1 and @Tredecuple (153 votes) - $20 coupon for the Brawl shop
  • Third: @C6_H12_O6 (151 votes) - $15 coupon for the Brawl shop



Global Junior Moderator:

Global Moderator:

New Moderators
Xelia_: CTF Junior Moderator
Gehenna_Beam: Wild West Junior Moderator
Jul13n: CTF Junior Moderator
SoCool21: HG Junior Moderator
kevshadowslayer: CTF Junior Moderator


Monthly votes: 11,266 (847 increase)

Total mutes: 19,007 (2,019 increase)
Total bans/temp bans: 181493 (16,037 increase)
Total players: 3,440,102 (65,537 increase)

Forum discussions: 54,551 (912 increase)
Forum messages: 736,347 (11,386 increase)
Forum members: 35,934 (504 increase)


Hello Brawlers,

Today we are here to announce another rework of one of our servers: KitBrawl 2.0 is almost ready for release! The server was developed by @yqt1001 in the past months and it has tons of new features, gamemodes, kits, maps and also guns!

Before we release the server to the public, we will have a VIP+ closed BETA to test the server and find bugs. We are doing this BETA to give all those who support Brawl by purchasing a rank an additional feature and to ensure the server is performing well.
If you have global VIP+, you can play with,
IP 2.kitbrawl.com or /play kitpvp 2
If you don't have a rank yet, but would like to participate in this closed BETA, you can purchase a rank here. Once all bugs found during the closed BETA are fixed, the server will be released to the public.


Brawl Staff Team
Hello Brawlers,

Today we held a small Build Competition. It turned out successfully and I believe that everyone who participated had a fun time buildin'. We will definitely continue to host these type of building competitions in the future.

Previously we have held build competitions on Creative (which we will continue to), but this time around we tried to host it on Build. The differences are that this type of competition...
  • Is not announced on the forums.
  • Is fast-paced. It lasts around an hour, compared to Creative where it lasts during a week.
  • Results are revealed quick.
We would like to know what you thought of the competition. What could have been executed better?

But anyways, back to the competition itself. The theme was Campsite. The task was to build a campsite suited for a family, and you had just twenty minutes to complete your build. There were at most 34 players attending the competition, but not everyone participated. After twenty minutes of intense building we finally had a result:

1st: @Lucy04082016 - One month of Build ELITE.
2nd: @Zirrk & @Khi_YT - 3 extra maps
3rd: @Daniellll - 1 extra map

Congratulations to you! This will not be our last Build competition, so follow our Twitter to find out when the next event is.

Brawl Staff Team

Hello Brawlers,

We are proud to announce our newest server, Raid! The server is now up and can be accessed over the hub or through the IP raid.mcpvp.com. Hop on and get started!

Raid is replacing Survival PvP and it has a bunch of amazing new features as well as some changes in comparison to Survival PvP:
  • To reduce lag and increase the performance, the server was recoded from scratch.
  • A new and custom spawn and spawn area, with several buildings scattered around the spawn, underground areas to explore and parkours to complete. Credits to @AndyinaBEARsuit and @Fawely
  • Mob stacking is back! Mobs spawned in by a spawner will now stack if they are within 5 blocks of eachother. The mobs keep their specific health.
  • The shop was reworked and you can now also sell enchanted books and splash potions!
  • The overworld border radius was reduced to 10,000 blocks, the nether border radius to 5,000 blocks.
  • Teams now have more ranks, more features and you can even customize the team ranks with permissions.
  • The server is tracking all mined ores now. This will not only help us to catch XRayers faster, you can also see on your scoreboard how many ores you mined in total!
  • ... and many other changes!
For those players who are new to Hardcore Survival servers, here is a short list of Raid's features:
  • The ability to track other players by building trackers
  • A shop to sell any kind of item to other players
  • Mob stacking to simplify experience farms and reduce lag
  • A custom spawn with protection to provide an environment for players to meet and prepare for PvP
  • The ability to capture mobs with eggs and levels
Learn more about the plugins here. (Wiki will be updated soon)

If you encounter any bugs while playing, please report them here so we can fix them soon. We hope you have a great time on Raid!

Brawl Staff Team
Hello Brawlers,

This morning one of our Moderator's accounts were compromised. The person then abused the staff permissions on these accounts: Players were falsely banned in-game, inappropriate content posted on the forums, and various threads were moved, merged and unapproved.

There are no security concerns or anything of the sort, just some inconveniences that we are dealing with. Even though this happened because poor security on the staff members part, we are taking measures to prevent something like this from happening again.

Everyone who was falsely banned has been pardoned. In order to recover the forums, we had to roll them back 2 days. Unfortunately, this means anything that was posted within the last 2 days is gone. We will have a link to the previous version of the forums for you to grab any important content in order to re-post it.

EDIT: You can grab lost posts/threads/whatever from: http://inventorydeluxesales.in/forums/

This thread will be updated if we there is any further information.

Update 8/12/2016:
Another Moderator's in-game and Slack account got compromised. The rank was removed and the Slack account disabled, due to the fast reaction of the staff team the damage seems to be rather small. All false bans were deleted.

Thank you,
Brawl Staff Team