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Hello Brawlers,

As you may know, we have been re-working the cosmetic system. The new system is more versatile and allows us to allow cosmetics in more cases, rather than just the main lobby. We previously released tags, but now we are releasing 5 cosmetics and a new set of tags.

"Gadgets are fun, sometimes crazy, items to use in game lobbies. Depending on the gadget, each do something different."
  • VIP unlocks Cannon Gadget, Fireball Gadget, Snowfall Gadget
  • MVP unlocks Fire Walker Gadget, Flower Bomb Gadget, Mob Gun Gadget (and above)
  • ELITE unlocks Ethereal Pearl Gadget, Paintball Gadget, Wealthy Gadget (and above)
Purchase gadgets @ https://shop.brawl.com/category/986679/

"Particles add extra decoration to your Minecraft character which make you stand out in-game. The particles can be purchased in packs based on where you want them to show."

Each player may have one of each active:
Halo - Displays around the head
Trail - Displays at the feet when you walk
Aura - Displays around your player
Vortex, Atom, or Helix​
Behind - Displays behind your player
Cape or Wings
  • VIP unlocks all Trail and Vortex particles
  • MVP unlocks all Atom, Cape, and Halo particles
  • ELITE unlocks all Helix and Wings particles
Purchase particle packs @ https://shop.brawl.com/category/986680/

• Pets
"Pets are loving companions that follow you around in-game. Also, you may name them and have them ride on your head."
  • VIP unlocks a Endermite Pet
  • MVP unlocks a Creeper Pet (and above)
  • ELITE unlocks a Guardian Pet (and above)
  • and 6 are limited edition/seasonal pets
Purchase pets @ https://shop.brawl.com/category/986678/

"Outfits are animated armor peices. Each have their own unique look and design."
Purchase outfits @ https://shop.brawl.com/category/986680/

Firework Editor
This is the editor that allows you to make your own custom firework. These fireworks are implemented into all of our gamemodes. They often fire when you, or your team, wins some objective/match.

Top: Preview, Save
Bottom: Main Colors, Fade Colors, Explode Type, Toggle Tail, Toggle Flicker

The fireworks are for VIP ranks (and above).



We asked for your tag suggestions and received quite the variety ideas. Most ideas were "meme" themed so we decided to release a new pack of tags based on memes.
Purchase new meme tags @ https://shop.brawl.com/category/903725/


In return, from adding new tags, we must remove some older ones. If you want any of the tags below, you have 2 weeks to purchase them. They will be removed to purchase from the store on 8/21/17.
  • Emperor Tag
  • Bigwig Tag
  • Cheerful Tag
  • Empress Tag
  • Mysterious Tag
  • Outrageous Tag
  • Strange Tag
  • Skillful Tag
  • Undefeated Tag
Purchase limited time tags @ https://shop.brawl.com/category/903725/


Boosters have finally received price adjustments. They are now priced according to their usefulness in contrast to the previous standard price. The new prices range from $1.99 to $4.99 and the cost of longer boosters increases accordingly.

Purchase boosters @ https://shop.brawl.com/

Brawl Staff Team
Ey everyone, we have a new build contest in store! August has arrived and school is going to start soon with some of you. Luckily what we have for you will allow you to explore what can be held outside our earthly duties.

This month's contests theme has been chosen to be SPACE!
We're looking for galaxies, alien planets, burning stars and silent giants traveling within the void that is space. Let your imagination go wild as there could possibly be anything lurking in the cold darkness. Aliens, spaceship armadas, maybe even a drunk scientist with his grandson flying around in his spaceship? Anything is possible out there, so don't let your creativity sit this one down!

Enter to win some out-of-this-world prizes! If you don't like prizes you must be from a different planet. Everyone has a chance to get their hands on these when entered!

Third place: 1 extra map and $10 to spend in the Brawl store.
Second place: 2 extra maps and $15 to spend in the Brawl store.
First place: 3 extra maps and $20 to spend in the Brawl store along with a special build contest winner medal!


Connect to MinecraftBuild.com and type /create to make a map, then get building! If you've used up all your maps, feel free to ask me or any available staff member and we'll give you member perms on a flat map.

Once you’re done, head over to the Build Showcases subforum and post a thread using the application form below. Make sure to change your prefix to "Contest Entry"!

>Build Name:
>Map ID:

- You may work in a team of up to a maximum of 3 players, including you. Prizes will be split as equally as possible between teammates. Please also keep in mind that only the builders you mentioned in your application will receive a prize if your build is part of the top 3.


  • Plagiarism is not allowed; including copying other players’ builds from other worlds with WorldEdit.
  • Do not build anything that would be considered inappropriate or vulgar.
  • You may copy old creations that you built previously. Keep in mind that anyone who helped out with them will only receive a prize if they are mentioned in your application.
  • Build specific rules and general rules still apply.
  • You may enter only 1 submission for the contest.
  • You may not use schematic importing. Your contest entry must be made by you (and/or your team) on minecraftbuild.
  • You may not use external programs (such as worldpainter, mcedit, etc) to give yourself (and/or your team) an advantage over others. You must build your contest entry on minecraftbuild.

August 31st 23:00 UTC

All entries must be submitted HERE before the deadline. Please see the timezone converter to find out when the deadline is for you. All entries will be judged after the deadline. Winners will be announced a few days after the deadline.


Here is where all the contestants will be listed. Once you submit your build for the contest, your map id and creator(s) name will be listed here. Feel free to visit other maps but make sure to leave if they ask you to do so. Report any signs of plagiarism to a staff member.

  1. Star Meme by @NateTheDerp (/map 353393)
  2. Pyrite Station by @Charlie_0014 (/map 387578)


Remember that your builds will only be accepted if they're built on our build server: MinecraftBuild.com
Use /play Build (1-3), or enter it through the hub to get started!

Have fun and good luck, and have an astronomical day!
Volume II, Edition I ... No. 36 [​IMG] August 1st, 2017 [​IMG] FREE



30% off until July 6 for a "July 4th" Sale!
PvP Mechanics Update - Replicating 1.7
☀️Summer 2017☀️

Player View Distance Increased


HG Kit Rotation
Normal: Monk, Tank, Scout, Cannibal
VIP: Demoman, Airdrop, Philosopher
MVP: Scorch, Phantom, Stomper, Berserker, Switcher
ELITE: All kits, as always


Featured Brawler
With a new gamemode, that brings more choices and more reasons for a featured brawler. With Battle Royale being the new gamemode, we have someone special to share with you. Currently one of the most lethal players in the game, this guy has 403 kills, 5th most in the game, and he has won 90 times, which is the most in the game! He's a beast, give it up for @iMadeAThing! Try to beat him, he's quite a handful.

Trivia Question
Last month's question was: Which three players first applied/were accepted for staff on HG, CTF, and Build following the Brawl-McPvP merge?
The answer was Viva, Brendoom and Doges. @Zyoa answered it first and earned a forums trophy!

This month's question is: Which vehicle in battle royale has the most health, and which has the least?
The answer will be revealed along with the winner in the next edition of The Brawl News.

Group Advertisement
CTF has a lot to offer. Competitive gameplay, a vast selection of classes, and professional teams. Let's focus on that last point. There are multiple teams, but this one is the one you should join. The Blue Flaggers are a group a new and experienced players who fight for the top spot in the CTF world. They are totally the team for you. Join them today!

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By @joy

Builder of the Month
This month's Build of the Month is @_KawaiiPixel_ with their willow tree! This organic tower stretches far into the sky with its branches stretching out far and wide with the leaves spread to cover every inch. This creation has good organic shaping and stands out above the rest of its enironment due to its sheer height. Lukcily, it is well lit up from top to bottom so every bit of it can be seen clearly and no detail is hidden in shadows. Good job, we are looking forward to see more from you!

Comment Giveaway
Every edition of Brawl News now comes with the chance to win a month of global ELITE. To enter, just leave any kind of comment below. The winner will be announced in next month's edition.

Last months winner: @Tjocko, Congratulations!

Rule Breaker Report Champions
Here are the players who reported the most valid rule breaker reports.
  • First: @Verlyn (38 valid reports) - $15 coupon for the Brawl shop
  • Second: @tchuckraider (23 valid reports) - $10 coupon for the Brawl shop
  • Third: @NickManEA (22 valid reports) - $5 coupon for the Brawl shop
Be sure to keep an eye out for pesky rule breakers to possibly rake in some prizes next month!

Top Voters
We congratulate the voters below for their support:
  • First: @Vincz (150 votes) - $15 coupon for the Brawl shop
  • Second: @SweetCookiie (145 votes) - $10 coupon for the Brawl shop
  • Third: @xSpyrona (aka @xDustyy) (144 votes) - $5 coupon for the Brawl shop


randomcitizen1, AmbitionZ_, RockTomb

Global Junior Moderator:
GalaThundr, Xelasi

New Moderators
Carsonn: WarZ JMOD
TheTitaniumTitan: Wild West JMOD
Hitchens: Wild West JMOD
Toki_12: War JMOD


Monthly votes: 8,308 (241 increase)

Total mutes: 33,513 (1,462 increase)
Total bans/temp bans: 280,308 (14,802 increase)
Total players: 3,686,962 (29,750 increase)

Forum discussions: 61,876 (766 increase)
Forum messages: 838,785 (9,640 increase)
Forum members: 39,343 (330 increase)


Hello Brawlers!

Today we held our TeamSpeak karaoke event for the second time, and we had a great turnout! With over 40 users tuned in, we heard great performances by many, and 4 users took the win!



Congratulations to all of the winners! They will all receive a unique TeamSpeak rank/icon!
Round 1: @shanaba Singing "Smooth Instrumental"
Round 2: @LoopyLooperson Singing "Real Friends" By Kanye
Round 3: @squeakily666 Singing "Decapitation Fornication" by Infant Annihilator
Round 4: @Usp45 Singing "You belong with me" by Taylor Swift
(A recording of the event can be found here.)

Thank you to everyone who attended! We hope to see you next time!
- Brawl Staff Team
Hello Brawlers!

I'm happy to announce our second TeamSpeak Karaoke event! Last year's event had such a great turn out, we hope to bring just as many voices this year!

The event will be held on the Official Brawl TeamSpeak server (ts.brawl.com) on July, 30th at 8PM UTC (3PM EST). (Connection info: )

How to Enter
To enter the event, all you have to do is fill out this form with your song information and username, then connect to the room called Karaoke Event on July, 30th at 8PM UTC (3PM EST). If you are unable to fill out the form before the event, we will still allow people to sing, however it will be at the very end.

Myself and MrDasky will be in charge of handling when users are allowed to speak. We will be going in order of signup from the google form for when people will be singing. After every X amount of people, we will vote on the best singer. We ask that your songs stay PG to PG-13 and refrain from excessive swearing, and bad language.

The user with the most votes from each poll will receive a custom icon next to their TeamSpeak name!

We can't wait to see everyone there!
- Brawl Staff Team

That's right! We will be in the Coco cartel - ride out and meet us! But hey, we will be prepared. Both staff members and sheriffs will be defending the cartel. We will be heavily armored and we will hold off until a player, or team, can break through our defences and kill the target along with his two bodyguards!

Unlike last time, bodyguards will defend the target. If the bodyguards are alive, or if just one is alive, and the target dies, the target will respawn. Both bodyguards have to be wiped out in order for the target to be eliminated. The first player to kill the target when both bodyguards are down, will be crowned victor!

SUPERSPECIAL: All players will be able to acquire an event KIT! No more worries about loosing your stuff.

@tr1kim and his two bodyguards @ChicknSlayr & @Chilled_67 along with a bunch of sheriffs will be waiting for you! Don't think this will be an easy match.

The victor (first player to kill tr1kim) will receive 1 month of Wild West ELITE and 500,000 gold!

Afterwards we will do a huge DROP PARTY!

  • We will do 2 rounds.
  • The same player and his/her team can not win twice.
  • Staff and sheriffs will defend the cartel. Sheriffs will not handcuff during the event.

    NOTE: Lag caused by the cartel structure itself should be reduced.

  • Where: wildwest.brawl.com
  • When: Saturday, July 29th at 9 PM CET / 8 PM UTC / 3 PM EST / 12 PM PST
  • How to participate: Warp to the Coco cartel. >/event warp event<
We hope to see many of you there!

Brawl Staff Team

Hello Brawlers,

We left an in-game poll on CTF for a week to see if the players wanted to add sharpness 1 to medic swords on CTF. Here were the results:


Because of the results, as of today we're doing a trial run with giving medics sharpness 1 gold swords. Let us know what you think about this change.

Brawl Staff Team

Hello War Players!

Today I am presenting a new war competition for you to take part in!

The Event:

The goal of this event is to kill the VIP. The VIP will be me for the first 2 rounds, and another staff member may be the VIP for the last one. It will be on infected, me being a zombie, and other staff members and players being zombies too, protecting me. However, to make it more difficult, we will be having this to assist us:
  • Full Diamond
  • Resistance Effects
  • Players surrounding us, to protect us
When Is It?

The Event will be on the 3rd, Thursday, At 3PM EST/ 8PM GMT. We are planning on doing another one of these later on in the summer, so don't worry if you miss this one!


There will be multiple prizes; 3 different prizes for the 3 rounds, meaning you have 3 rounds to kill us, and win! The prizes will be for legacy war, so prizes will be more varied than other events. The prizes will go like this:
  • First Round Winner: Gun of their choice. [Raygun, Minigun, Flamethrower, Crossbow or LAW]

  • Second Round Winner: Perk of their choice: [Scavenger, Slight of hand, Marathon, Speed, Hardline or Martydom]

  • Third Round Winner: Equipment of their choice [C4, Grenades, Tomahawk, Molotovs, Flashbangs or Super Knife]
I hope to see you all there! Be sure to share this with your friends, so more people can win!

-RockTomb and the staff team
Heyaa Brawlers!

We are in the middle of the wonderful summer season, and whatever you're up to, we hope you are having a great time. However, here on Brawl, we definitely believe it's time to have some fun! So, what's not more fun than some events and contests out of the ordinary? We have plenty of events all around Brawl planned for you this summer!

Starting this Friday, we will have a Kill the King event on KitBrawl! This event will be the first of many, but who knows what more to expect?

Feel the summer vibes, STAY TUNED!☀️


Brawl Staff Team