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You've probably played the snake game once in your life and we hope you've tried the new viral web browser game called Slither.io, because we just brought it into Minecraft! If you haven't tried either, now in the perfect opportunity on Brawl.

We're introducing our new gamemode, Slither. In this gamemode you are a snake (represented by various Minecraft mobs) and you slowly eat drops on the map to gain length. You have to cut players off with your snake tail in order to kill them. It's a snake vs snake world out there.

Join the gamemode at
Server Address: Brawl.com

Once on the server go ahead and right click with the emerald and begin your journey. Remember to use shift to boost and keep your eye on the sick purchasable skins at http://shop.brawl.com/.

  • Recreation of Slither.io
  • Spectator system
  • Selectable cosmetic skins
  • In-depth leaderboards in-game
  • EULA approved! (;

This gamemode is immensely fun with friends. Make sure to hop on TeamSpeak and invite your buddies to play!


Slither on,
Brawl Staff Team
We've modified some of the prices for some of the shops and houses on wildwest. Here is what is being changed:

Type 1 [100000 80000
Type 2 200000 160000
Type 3 130000 105000
Type 4 250000 200000
Type 5 350000 280000
Type 6 60000 48000
Type 7 80000 65000
Type 8 100000 80000
Type 9 700000 550000
Type 10 50000 40000

  • Diamond Helmet price went from 5600 to 3700
  • Diamond Chestplate price went from 22000 to 14500
  • Diamond Leggings price went from 15000 to 10000
  • Diamond Boots price went from 6700 to 4500
Illegal Arms Dealer:
  • T-Gewehr price went from 16000 to 13000
  • Model 1894 price went from 7200 to 6000
  • Mauser C96 price went from 3800 to 3100
  • Sawed Off price went from 10500 to 7300
Arms Dealer:
  • Volcanic Pistol price went from 2000 to 1500
  • Carcano price went from 8000 to 6300
  • LeMat Revolver price went from 1250 to 1000
  • Blunderbuss price went from 3800 to 3000

The reason we have made these changes is because we felt that it was too difficult to obtain the best items in Wild West. Now, although that may seem like a good thing, it actually creates a lot more issues because if you were to die or to get arrested, you essentially lose everything and have to start from scratch. As a result, we made it so obtaining the top tier items are a little easier to get but not easy to the point where everyone has access to them.

These changes are not final and are subject to change if we believe it is necessary.

- Brawl Staff
Hello B-b-b-b-b-b-brawlerrrrrrrrr,

Just a quick thread to say that we have been unblocked and are now considered EULA compliant by Mojang! You may log on Brawl through our main Brawl.com server address or any of the previous gamemode specific ones.

We will be rescheduling a date for the Hardcore Games event and the Creative build event has been extended 14 days. As before, we are still working on more purchaseable features that abide by the EULA and will post when we have more information about that.

Previous EULA announcement threads:
4/30: http://www.brawl.com/threads/56867/ - EULA Compliance
5/01: http://www.brawl.com/threads/56913/ - Our EULA Plan & 50% Off Sale
5/10: http://www.brawl.com/threads/57267/ - Regarding "Network is unreachable" Error
5/12: http://www.brawl.com/threads/57334/ - Free Premium Week

Thanks for your patience,
Brawl Staff Team
Hello Brawlers,

Just a quick thread to mention some changes we've made to mainly the forums, but also in some other areas. Most of this was inspired by the latest EULA discussions.

Lifetime Forum Benefits

Lifetime VIP, MVP, and ELITE members now get benefits on the forums.
After purchasing your in-game rank, it will automagically sync to your forums account within 1 hour maximum granting you to the perks above. We are still tweaking these a bit, but we are very happy to be able to provide perks on the website now too. Feel free to suggest additions or changes!

Accepting Donations & Tips

While we are extremely grateful that many of you have spent money in order to keep Brawl functioning in return for in-game perks, we are opening up an area to accept donations with nothing in return.

The shop has a package where you may feel free to contribute any monetary value at http://shop.brawl.com/category/682124.

This is not required by any means, but we greatly do appreciate it as the EULA is presumably going to greatly diminish our ability to take care of expenses.

Forum Donation Medals

In return for taking donations, we would be glad to give you a one of the new medals on the forums.

Just message an Admin on the forums after making your donation and we'll hook you up. Shout out to @Totalrock123 who saw this before we said anything about it.

Expense Payment Goal

On the shop at http://shop.brawl.com/ we are now showing on the sidebar what percent we are to completing our expected expenses for the month.

This will allow a more transparent look between you, the players, and us at Brawl.

Forum Advertisements

We are working on placing about two Google adsense advertisements on each page. We are kind of testing the waters with this right now, but if all goes well it will help us pay a little bit of the expenses each month.

As of now, there is an advertisement on the top and bottom of: threads, member pages, and forum node listings. And there is one advertiser on the bottom of the main forums page.

These are all provided by Google's adsense program which is heavily monitored to ensure that all of the advertisements are very safe and non-malicious. While we do not encourage that you falsely engage in the ads, we do suggest that you disable your ad block for Brawl to at least give it a chance.

If the ads begin to subtract from the forums experience we will be removing them.

Brawl Staff Team
We've been in contact with Mojang recently discussing how we should approach becoming Eula friendly. We have lots of ideas for our gamemodes, but those ideas will take time to implement. So, as a temporary solution, everyone will be given Elite on all servers. That way no one has an advantage over another player. Over the week we will be working on some cool Eula friendly premium stuff that will still be worth purchasing.

As for specific premium items (guns, kits, etc), we have removed them from the store and will be developing ways for non premium members to obtain them.

Unfortunately we're still unaware of when we will be unblacklisted, but we're hoping it will be relatively soon with these changes in place. For more info on what we plan on doing to comply with the Eula, you can look here and here. It's possible this can last longer than a week. Once this time period is over, everyone will be restored their previous rank with all their days since 5/12/16.

Thanks, Brawl Staff Team

As you know from our previous thread at http://www.brawl.com/threads/56867/, Mojang is wanting us to follow their EULA that states that we can only sell cosmetic based items to prevent pay-to-win.

All of our domain names and raw connection IP addresses have been blocked by Mojang today. The block is across all versions from ~1.6.4 to the latest update.

Ref: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/BlockedServers/tracker/master/blockedservers

We will now begin complying with the EULA to get unblocked as fast as possible. Our temporary plans to be unblocked as soon as possible at http://www.brawl.com/threads/56913/ are going in affect as soon as the developers can.

For the sale, it will be ending soon. Your purchases will still be given to you if you are wanting to purchase an item before they are inaccessible via the store.

We currently have no way for you to log on to Brawl as they are (or seem to be) automatically logging and blocking domain names that come in contact with our servers. If you are using the Forge client mod, you can still log in though.

Thanks for your patience,
Volume II, Edition I ... No. 22 [​IMG] April 31, 2016 [​IMG] FREE

War 2.0 Information
CTF: Map Wave XI
Creative Competition: Industrial Buildings
Media Competition: Montage Wars
Eula Compliance & Sale


HG Kit Rotation
Normal: Chameleon, Grenadier, Hulk, Tarzan
VIP: Beastmaster, Copycat, Anchor
MVP: Boxer, Archer, Barbarian, Blink, Assassin
ELITE: All kits, as always


Featured Brawler
Sneaking around on the battlefield, you see a shadow behind you. Who is it? Is it a bird? Is it an assassin? No, it's @LordCh4os coming behind you to slaughter you to capture the flag and return it to base. Currently the deadliest player on the Capture The Flag, he is a force to be reckoned with. [​IMG]

Trivia Question
Last month's question was: Who originally coded the MC-War server?
The answer was orange451. @18kss answered it first and earned a forums trophy!

This month's question is: Why is the northern part of the WarZ map called nether?
The answer will be revealed along with the winner in the next edition of The Brawl News.

Group Advertisement
Are you causing chaos on the battlefield? Are you a supreme player with nothing else to do with exceptional skill? Most of all, are you lit? Well, if you tick all of the things above, then the Lit clan (owned by @TacticalAries) in MC-War could be the group for you! Play with among the elite and waste even more time slaughter even more players on the server!

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Every edition of Brawl News now comes with the chance to win a month of global ELITE. To enter, just leave any kind of comment below. The winner will be announced in next month's edition.

Last months winner: @am_z19, Congratulations!

Rule Breaker Report Champions
Here are the players who reported the most valid rule breaker reports.
  • First: @PoixMine (53 valid reports) - $25 coupon for the Brawl shop
  • Second: @Eil (25 valid reports) - $20 coupon for the Brawl shop
  • Third: @SoCool21 (23 valid reports) - $15 coupon for the Brawl shop
Be sure to keep an eye out for pesky rule breakers to possibly rake in some prizes next month!

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  • First: @Vincz (114 votes) - $25 coupon for the Brawl shop
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Global Junior Moderator:
Wario, Jaetpack1

Turmac, Snail_5, rocktomb34


Monthly votes: 11,573 (5,504 decrease)

Total mutes: 13,620 (940 increase)
Total bans/temp bans: 137,962 (11,600 increase)
Total players: 3,323,515 (38,438 increase)

Forum discussions: 50,916 (890 increase)
Forum messages: 691,075 (12,225 increase)
Forum members: 34,099 (1,492 increase)

Here is a little change log of some server size adjustments we are currently making.

  • MineStrike has been shut down
    • We simply cannot support updates for the little player interest that it held.
  • MC-War reduced to 4 total servers
  • MinecraftParty reduced to 6 total servers
  • Capture the Flag reduced to 3 total servers
We will boot up more servers for each gamemode as needed.

Impending Changes:

Through making these changes, we are no longer renting out 7 server extra boxes saving us around $800 a month.
EULA Plans

As you know from our previous thread at http://www.brawl.com/threads/56867/, Mojang is wanting us to follow their EULA that states that we can only sell cosmetic based items to prevent pay-to-win.

We've been very busy in thinking of different ways to handle this, but below is our tentative plan as of now. This plan is subject to change as we discuss with Mojang and you all. But, keep in mind that this is just our plan on how to immediately prepare for the EULA. We are still working on a more long term plan.

  • MC-War
    • Personal experience boosts will be removed and replaced with the option to buy the whole server a global experience boost.
    • Guns, equipment, and perks will be purchasable with a very large amount of credits at certain levels (and removed from the store).
  • Capture the Flag premium classes
    • Purchasable through a very large amount of vote tokens (and removed from the store).
  • Hardcore Games premium kits
    • Purchasable through a very large amount of vote tokens (and removed from the store).
  • Wild West premium horses
    • Purchasable through a very large amount of in-game money (and removed from the store).
  • Rank benefits
    • All ranks before we switch to our EULA plans will be marked as "retro". This means that you will continue to get the previous benefits, as you did, along with any new additions to the rank. Any new rank purchases will no longer get EULA violating benefits. We will be introducing ways for normal players to gain what the ranks had.

The plans for MC-War are pretty permanent as @Totom3 is currently working on the new version of War which will be fully EULA compliant off the bat.

The plans for CTF and HG are kind of temporary while we look for a better solution for regular players to get premium classes/kits while not allowing everyone to have access of the bat.

We will do our best to honor the previous purchases that you all have made on Brawl. The purchases have allowed us to run the server to this day and we truly do appreciate it. However, keep in mind that we can not offer refunds as we are an operating business that uses the funds as we receive them.


With all of that said, we are going to be having a sale up to the day that we switch to our EULA plans. This will allow you to purchase guns, equipment, perks, classes, kits, etc. before they are inaccessible via the store.

We're not trying to squeeze money out of the community, rather provide a nice opportunity to get the items you may of been wanting. Don't make a purchase if you are not confident in us!

50% off all packages

I would personally jump on this deal as Brawl is definitely going to be around for a lot longer. We have some nice plans to continue from here.

Thanks a massive bunch,
Brawl Staff Team
Hello Brawlers,

Mojang, the creators of Minecraft, have an end users license agreement (EULA) that all players and server owners agree to when signing up for the game. Lately, Mojang has taken up enforcing this EULA full force in making sure that server owners and account holders are not violating any part of it.

We have been notified that we are added to a list of blocked servers. This means that players on Minecraft version 1.9.3 will not see our Minecraft server running when trying to connect with the server address, brawl.com.

The specific addresses to each gamemode appear to not be blocked at the moment, but we are not attempting to use this as a bypass around the block. We assume Mojang will block these promptly too.

We are currently getting in contact with Mojang to see if we can get a time allocation on switching away from selling non-cosmetic perks. There are a lot of possibilities for cosmetic items that we can offer from here out. The developers will be immediately working to taking care of switching all of the servers to be compliant, while respecting previous purchases as best as we can.

You will not be losing your rank or any item purchases. Ranks will take on the new cosmetic benefits while item purchases are removed from the current pay wall.

I'm sure that everyone will have a ton of questions, we will do our best to answer them with the little information we know from Mojang directly about how we have to handle every thing. The team is actually excited to move away from our previous systems to ensure an environment that Mojang requires.

Brawl Upper Management