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** Forum Rules **

Discussion in 'Rules & Information' started by chickenputty, Nov 3, 2013.

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  1. chickenputty

    chickenputty I'm the egg man!


    ~ Forum Rules & Warnings ~


    General Forum Rules:
    • Don’t spam threads or forums with unnecessary content.
    • Don’t flame or rage towards community members.
    • Keep offensive language (cursing) to a minimum.
      • Do not bypass or attempt to bypass any word filters.
    • Please use common sense.
    • Avoid posting multiple threads on the same issue.
      • Ex. "Server is down" "OMG Server is down" "Why is the server down"
    • Avoid posting duplicate answers on a resolved issue.
      • Ex. “Relog on minecraft” “Reboot ur minecraft” “Open and close minecraft”
    • Keep posts related to the main post at all times (Stay On-Topic).
    • Do not have an 18+ or gore avatar/signature.
    • Don't ask a staff member to lock a thread that isn't yours.
    • Don't advertise other servers.
    • Do not attempt to sell or trade your Minecraft account on the forums
    • Don’t Post:
      • Another individual’s content
      • Threads intended to bash or flame specific users.
      • Memes, GIFs or full image posts on serious discussions
      • Gore, 18+, or Screamer links
      • On old, dead, or resolved threads (Grave Digging / Necro Posting)
      • Personal information that you don’t want to be public
      • Troll applications in the application section.
      • Hackusations/rage picture threads.


    Signature Restrictions:

    While we already have limitations on the amount of lines, images and such on signatures there are some things we cannot restrict automatically. Here are the specific rules for what content you may not have in your signature.
    • Don't advertise your moderator application.
    • Don't include images of swear words.
    • Don't include images or video links of hackers, glitchers, or cheaters.
    • Don't include images of people accusing you (or others) of hacks.
    • Don't include rapidly flashing GIF images. (seizure images)
    • All forum rules apply to signatures.
    We will remove any content that violates these rules from your signature and issue a warning on your account. If you continue to put rule violating content in your signature you will be restricted from editing it.


    Grave-digging: (Clarification)
    Also applies to "Bumping" posts

    First off, grave-digging is when you post an unneeded reply on an old thread (usually a month or two old). When this is done it brings it to the top of the thread listing. This is very annoying because the content usually doesn't need to be brought back up.​

    With that said, please keep in mind that we do not want old, resolved threads to be grave-dug. If you are wanting to add something to the topic that hasn't discussed please post on that old thread rather then creating a new one.

    Example: (Situation) There is a three month old topic discussing a new feature that should be added to war. You think of this idea, or a very similar idea, and you are wanting to post about it. Rather then making a whole new thread to discuss this similar feature, just post on the old three month old topic.
    If you see a pointless post on an old (newly posted on) topic that you think doesn't add to the discussion please report it immediately. Do not reply to the post and say something about how they grave-dug the thread, bumped, etc.. this causes more work for us because we have to clean up the thread before we take action.


    Giveaway & Contest Regulations:

    You are only permitted to give out shop items from the Brawl store.

    Giveaways can be verified by an Admin, but you will need to purchase the item before hand for the givewaway to vouched as legitimate. You can have your giveaway verified by sending a PM on the forums or talking to an Admin on the TeamSpeak server.

    If a giveaway was unverified, we do not guarantee that prizes will be handed out after the contest is over.


    Forum Specific Rules:
    • Community > Suggestion / Ideas
      • Post ideas related to the site or server hub
    • Support > Purchase Issues
      • Follow the “Read Me” before posting, it’ll help you get your item/rank faster
    • Support > Report a Rule Breaker
      • Provide sufficient proof by uploading it publicly to imgur.com
    • Gamemodes > Server > Discussion
      • Post general discussions regarding the certain server here
      • You may post videos about the server here or in the Media section
    • Other > Off Topic
      • Forum rules still apply! (Stay on-topic with the post, but posts can be about anything)
    • Media
      • All videos related to our servers should be posted here or in the related server discussion
      • Don’t post hacker reports here!


    • Pointless Post: 1 point
    • Signature Violation: 1 point
    • Inappropriate Behavior (Troll): 1 point
    • Spam (Specific): 1 point
    • Gravedig Post: 1 point
    • Off-Topic Post: 1 point
    • Meme/Gif Image Post: 1 point
    • Inappropriate Language: 1 point
    • Rating System Abuse: 2 point
    • Spam - General: 2 point
    • Inappropriate Behavior (Aggressive): 2 point
    • Inappropriate Content: 2 point
    • Advertisement: 3 point
    Note: Senior-Moderators & Admins can also create 'Custom Warnings' in which they can set any number of warning points, depending on the severity of the offense.

    Users are automatically banned after receiving:
    3 points - 1 day ban
    5 points - 3 day ban
    10 points - 7 day ban
    15 points - 1 month ban
    Warnings (usually) expire after 1 month.


    Forum Report System:

    To report threads or posts, simply click the "Report" button on the button of the thread or post. Reporting threads allows the staff to see the message, thread, and what you said about it. You may also report a thread if you need it locked or the title changed. You can not request your thread to be deleted.

    Please use this system instead of starting flame wars with a member or tagging staff.​


    You will be warned, disabled from posting, or banned if you fail to follow these rules.

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  2. chickenputty

    chickenputty I'm the egg man!

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  3. GreenPeas

    GreenPeas WarZ & Party Manager

    • Added - "Give away regulations" 6/20/14
    May be subject to change
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  4. chickenputty

    chickenputty I'm the egg man!

    Warnings: Point values
    Warnings: Automatic bans​
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  5. chickenputty

    chickenputty I'm the egg man!

    Added Signature Restrictions
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  6. Lord_Roke

    Lord_Roke Forums Watchdog

    Updated 7/25/15
    • You can not request your thread to be deleted.
    • The rule "Do not post memes, GIFs or full image posts" only applies to serious discussions.
    • Do not attempt to sell or trade your Minecraft account on the forums

    Updated 5/22/16
    • You may post videos in the related server discussion and/or submit them in the Media section.

    Updated 8/4/16
    • Changed amounts of warnings points for autobans:
      3 points - 1 day ban
      5 points - 3 day ban
      10 points - 7 day ban
      15 points - 1 month ban
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