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Accepted Teddy`s We1 Application +1 yes -1 no

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by JONcrayonPARTY, Aug 31, 2015.

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  1. Brawl Creative Ranks Application:

    What is your in-game name? -IAmTeddy_TheBear

    What is your current rank? -AdvBuilder
    What rank are you applying for? -We1
    Do you understand what this rank provides? -Yes World Edit, additional plot space, more privliges like getting player heads, having access to a builders most important tool and responsibility.
    Are you part of any Building Teams in our community? -Nope But If You Want me To Join One I am Very Welcoming To

    What is your experience with building in Minecraft? -I Started off on mcpe building terrible bookcase houses and stuff and then i started getting better and better combining new blocks and thinking more realisticly on builds.I Now build epic stuff like medieval houses modern houses and i also still build crazy wacky stuff now
    Why do you need the rank? -I want to upgrade my building skills with World Edit so I can continue learning, expand my build sizes, open up my creativity and learn new skills so I can continue to improve. On Minecraft, having WE1 will allow me to continue to work with other builders in teams more efficiently and will give me acces to the world edit commands such as:
    //wand //cut //sphere //set

    Show us a picture of your current build -[​IMG] [​IMG]
    Show us pictures of your previous builds -[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Do you realize if you abuse any commands or privileges rank will be taken away? -Yes i understand if i abuse any commands it will be taken away.

    Please insert a Yes / No poll below.

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  2. PCgamer04

    PCgamer04 Member

    I Enjoyed it alot i love your medieval buildings maby nex time diffrent stuff! +1
  3. neriking300

    neriking300 Member

    I Love The house designs and the windmill good application +1 reminds me alot of medieval
  4. I Forgot This one = [​IMG]

    Thnx Guys!

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  5. ItsGalaxie

    ItsGalaxie Member

    ok I like your builds but I feel like this doesn't need to come in but u had petrxsm and shes well known for copying peoples builds and putting them up for friends and that so sorry 05- sorry just I don't know!?
  6. Galaxie i promise you i did not copy i built theese legit ask FireNicoleBear i built this legit on my own and i added petrxsm along time ago when i knew her we dont even know eachoer anymore
  7. ImLikeCookieZ

    ImLikeCookieZ Member

    +1 , Like those kind of different builds! Good Job! ;)
  8. Thnx! and i removed razee_ cuz ppl tell me she copies stuff so guys dont post anymore about her lol xD
  9. ItsGalaxie

    ItsGalaxie Member

    ok ok, I shouldn't have said that but like she has done it to times for WE1 but I'm changing it

    1: love the builds maybe don't use a texture pack cos it can change a lot of what the build can have or not have.
    2: but no poll I know I didn't do a poll but it took me a long time to get accept but your lucky cos everyones app are getting accepted.
    3: don't make it all different builds make like a little one big village or something. :/
  10. ItsGalaxie

    ItsGalaxie Member

    just stuff to add on later
  11. +1 from me. The builds are decent for WE1 and it looks that you took your time with this app and really thought it out
    Good Luck! :)
  12. Thanks FloppyWhale Soo much :)
  13. WiFiLuke

    WiFiLuke Member

    love your buildings teddy good luck to get it and enjoy it

    +1 from me :D
  14. Doges

    Doges Ex-Mod, Ex-Builder

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