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The Brawl News - December 2016

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Lord_Roke, Jan 1, 2017.

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  1. Lord_Roke

    Lord_Roke #soon

    Volume II, Edition I ... No. 29 [​IMG] January 1st, 2017 [​IMG] FREE

    Official Brawl Discord

    ❄ 30% off until Jan. 8 - Holiday Sale! ❄

    Recovery of Brawl

    New Warning System


    Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!
    Hello fellow brawlers! We hope you’ve been enjoying the holidays as much as we have been and can’t wait to share the joy of the season with you in-game! It’s important to spend precious time with family, but don’t forget your friends here at Brawl. Whether it’s gun slinging with your posey on wildwest, competing in fast-paced mini games for bragging rights with your friends, or even building a giant igloo mansion with all of build, you can be rest-assured that there’s never a dull moment on Brawl. This month, take the moment to say thanks to the build team for the fantastic christmas lobby they’ve created and pop into war to see our christmas-themed spawn as well. We can’t wait to make more memories with you in the years to come and from the entire staff team here at Brawl, we’d like to wish you Happy Holidays and a happy New Year!

    How well do you know the Brawl Staff?

    @DarkTitan_ created a test for all of you to take, to test your knowledge of the Brawl staff team! The test is in 3 segments. The first one, you just simply type in your name. The second one, are the questions about the JMODS and MODS. There is strictly 1 fact per staff member. There could be a staff member listed multiple times in questions, but each staff member has only 1 answer.

    Each question is multiple choice, and each question counts as one point. The final section are SMODs, Developers, Admins, and the Owner. The facts are very random. They can spread from the Staff's personal lives to the stuff they do on Brawl.

    Click here to begin the test!​

    The scores will be revealed in a thread posted on January 15th. The player who got the most facts right will win 1 month global ELITE!

    New Build Team Manager

    @Rhoske has been promoted to Build Team manager during the last month. Here is an introduction from him:

    Hi everyone, I’m very excited to be a part of the Build Team again, this time as manager! I’ve got a bunch of plans for the team: my main goals are to make sure we’re as productive as possible, and to increase our visibility and interaction with the community. The former consists of a bunch of boring administrative stuff but the latter is a bit more exciting, and more relevant to you guys. The first thing I’ve changed is the introduction of Builder Trial Weeks.

    If your Build Team application is good, but you’re not quite ready yet, you might have a trial week. The purpose of this is to train you up so that you can become good enough to become a part of the Build Team. You’ll be paired with a Builder, who’ll work closely with you to overcome any shortcomings you may have in the application. The Builder has full autonomy as to what they’ll do with you, as long as they can prove by the end of the week that you’ve improved, or are working hard to improve. Trial weeks won’t guarantee you a spot and there likely won’t be more than one happening at a time, but they will make it slightly easier to get in - so get applying!

    That’s just a teaser – there’s much more to come. Big things are being worked on and the Builders have been doing an amazing job, I can’t wait for you guys to see!

    HG Kit Rotation
    Normal: Blink, Cuddler, Magma, Souper
    VIP: Grenadier, Neo, Nightlock
    MVP: Backpacker, Explorer, Launcher, Poseiden, Warder
    ELITE: All kits, as always


    We thank the users below for donating to Brawl during the last month!

    Featured Brawler
    This month’s featured brawler is someone that will not come as a surprise to many people. She’s been working diligently on making Wildwest a safer place (for everyone but sheriffs, that is) and has put both a lot of time and money into “boosting” up the processing.

    @charlottethegirl is not only a well-known bandit, but also a well-beloved community member and she is December’s featured brawler! We dragged her away after another successful processing event to ask her a couple questions. They will be shown below. Congratulations Charlotte!

    Trivia Question
    Last month's question was: How many lines of code has Totom written for War 2.0 from him beginning to this thread release?
    The answer was 11,489. @Theo92160_ got the closest guess with 12,000 and earned a forums trophy!

    This month's question is: How many maps does Build currently hold excluding archived maps? One guess per user, the closest guess will win!
    The answer will be revealed along with the winner in the next edition of The Brawl News.

    Group Advertisement
    Through all the busy war testing, new party maps, changes to the staff team, and other holiday surprises, we've realized that CTF has been feeling neglected. So this month, we are bringing you a new CTF team; Emoji. A rag-tag group of friends who started out as randies, Team Emoji is determined to become an official ctf team. Led by @Baeee and @auromelt, Team Emoji is sure to be the best fit for anyone! You can learn more about their team and apply here.

    Sponsored Literature
    By @Crystalizations

    Sponsored Media
    View more of @Xelia_ 's artwork here.

    Articles & some announcements written by @_featherpaw_ and @randomcitizen1


    Comment Giveaway
    Every edition of Brawl News now comes with the chance to win a month of global ELITE. To enter, just leave any kind of comment below. The winner will be announced in next month's edition.

    Last months winner: @Endermaster3000, Congratulations!

    Rule Breaker Report Champions
    Here are the players who reported the most valid rule breaker reports.
    • First: @Lekosa1 (245 valid reports) - $25 coupon for the Brawl shop
    • Second: @Eil (111 valid reports) - $20 coupon for the Brawl shop
    • Third: @dankpepe69 (90 valid reports) - $15 coupon for the Brawl shop
    Be sure to keep an eye out for pesky rule breakers to possibly rake in some prizes next month!

    Top Voters
    We congratulate the voters below for their support:
    • First: @Lekosa1, @Vincz, @C6_H12_O6 and @Tredecuple (150 votes) - $25 coupon for the Brawl shop
    • Second: @cheers4rushing (107 votes) - $20 coupon for the Brawl shop
    • Third: @Sir_Isaac_Nooton (92 votes) - $15 coupon for the Brawl shop



    Global Junior Moderator:
    Decasperr, NateTheDerp, Verlyn and UnknownPleasures

    Global Moderator:
    Xelia, Jul13n, Miskey, Thetrogs, Ryguy, MattM1PVP, Sn4x5, Rhoske and rocktomb34

    Global Senior Moderator:


    New Moderators
    gamren: CTF Junior Moderator
    ChicknSlayr: WarZ Junior Moderator
    AnonymousGalaxy: Raid Junior Moderator


    Monthly votes: 6,170 (1,559 increase)

    Total mutes: 26,401 (1,704 increase)
    Total bans/temp bans: 222,967 (7,093 increase)
    Total players: 3,522,752 (19,178 increase)

    Forum discussions: 57,129 (675 increase)
    Forum messages: 772,172 (9,079 increase)
    Forum members: 37,133 (309 increase)

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    Last edited: Jan 1, 2017
  2. Eil

    Eil Raid Manager | Team Legacy


    Great Month Everyone! Thanks to all the Build team for the lobbies, and congratulations to all who got promoted

    Trivia: 230101

    (Edited Trivia Answer)
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2017
  3. Deppresso

    Deppresso Well-Known Member

    Congratulations everyone - @charlottethegirl for featured brawler and @Endermaster3000 for global elite, and everyone else! :D It is good to see the players increase.

    Trivia: 153,300
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2017
  4. GetShadowRealmed

    GetShadowRealmed oof

    Congratz everyone!
  5. MisterGhale

    MisterGhale Last true HG player ~ Legacy Member

    Where is Turmac?
    Trivia: 3500
  6. SoullessAngel_

    SoullessAngel_ Ex-Mod | Writer | WildWest

    Another sponsored lit...if only people would write for the forums more ;-;
    • Informative Informative x 1
  7. Vincz

    Vincz Brawl Player

  8. Mahdithebest

    Mahdithebest Member

  9. TheTitaniumTitan

    TheTitaniumTitan Wild-West JMod | Wiki Team Wiki Team

    Good month! Trivia: 10000
  10. UnknownPleasures

    UnknownPleasures Un-Known Pleasure

  11. Mahdithebest

    Mahdithebest Member

    Btw i am really surprised that brawl didn't do a ranks giveaway on christmas giving coupon code that has 15 ranks like every year for example this http://www.brawl.com/threads/51915/
  12. Vincz

    Vincz Brawl Player

    Going for 165500
  13. DarkTitan_

    DarkTitan_ War Manager

    Good luck with the test guys!

    Grats to all the winners c:
  14. RMST1

    RMST1 Global Mod I WarZ Noob

    It was a great month for everyone! ( apart from the fact that I didn't get mod but who cares )

    And to clarify: I dropped that molotov to see how organised the event was.
    • Funny Funny x 3
  15. Usp45

    Usp45 Well-Known Member


    oh man bro who plays counter strike this sure is a toughie
  16. GalaThundR

    GalaThundR Build Mod | Mcpvp Veteran Build Team Wiki Team

    Productive month! For the trivia i'm going to say about 400,000 maps.
  17. rhoske

    rhoske Ex Build SMOD

    Exciting times :)

    Trivia: 333,333
  18. Lekosa1

    Lekosa1 mineman Build Team Wiki Team

    Nice quiz DarkTitan ;p Didn't do any research so lets see how I do.

    Also guys, your ranks from this thread will be given when Roke sends me the prize PMs.

    Trivia: 420 000
  19. Pyrotheum

    Pyrotheum Well-Known Member Build Team


    trivia: 20000
  20. SoMuchWinning

    SoMuchWinning Well-Known Member


    Trivia: 900000
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