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Poem Your mother

Discussion in 'Literature' started by CAShep, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. CAShep

    CAShep Well-Known Member

    Your mother is old and fat
    she looks like a mangy rat
    with a toss of her hair,
    her nasal hair
    she kills everyone everywhere.

    When she tucks you in at night
    and she turns off your bedroom light
    you have nightmares about her face,
    attacking you with a mace.

    She'd probably do that you know.

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  2. Lozzylouise

    Lozzylouise SG Player at Heart Lifetime ELITE

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  3. CAShep

    CAShep Well-Known Member

    xD Pretty good ya?
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  4. Xavier1974

    Xavier1974 Brawl's Stewie Lifetime MVP

    Can't say I'm going to give this one a +1, simply because it's discusting. Though it's very clever ;)
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  5. CAShep

    CAShep Well-Known Member

    Didn't even need a +1, just wanted to make a poem xD
  6. Xavier1974

    Xavier1974 Brawl's Stewie Lifetime MVP

    Clever though : )
  7. Online_Owner

    Online_Owner Well-Known Member

    What. the. ****.
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  8. Glock_Fanatic

    Glock_Fanatic Ex-Mod | Writer | WildWest

  9. Pyrotheum

    Pyrotheum Well-Known Member

  10. WhittlingAway

    WhittlingAway Well-Known Member

    She does do that, that's why I only visit my father now.
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