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LEGO Remington 870 Classic Shotgun

Discussion in 'MC-War' started by dankCAShepe69, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. dankCAShepe69

    dankCAShepe69 Well-Known Member

    Wassoop brawlieers :eek:oo This is my newest LEGO shotgun, the Remington 870 Shotgun!

    This gun features a working pump and a built-in babe magnet. Hope you enjoy!

    By the way, if you enjoyed this video, you REALLY should subscribe to my channel! I make a bunch of other stuff you won't see unless you do so definitely DO IT xD Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwKX1STL_ENVHfgdyZ-YnjQ Enjoy!

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  2. Xavier1974

    Xavier1974 Brawl's Stewie Lifetime MVP

    I've said this SO many times, but you're so talented! Can't wait to see more of these!

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  3. dankCAShepe69

    dankCAShepe69 Well-Known Member

    Thank you very much :D
  4. NateTheDerp

    NateTheDerp Well-Known Member Lifetime VIP

    These keep getting better and better! Love to see more coming ;)
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  5. dankCAShepe69

    dankCAShepe69 Well-Known Member

    Thank you :)
  6. PiggyDerp

    PiggyDerp Well-Known Member

    back at it again

    11/10 mate
  7. RockTomb

    RockTomb 3+ Years on war | 2x Mc-War Mod Moderator

    Nice job! Keep it up!
  8. Overkilll_

    Overkilll_ Known Member Junior Moderator Lifetime MVP

    It really does get better every time!
    Ever considered build time lapses?
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  9. dankCAShepe69

    dankCAShepe69 Well-Known Member

    I did that once, but ye I should do it more :D
  10. ZeFazzy

    ZeFazzy Active Member

    But can it
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  11. dankCAShepe69

    dankCAShepe69 Well-Known Member

    xD No.
    it can't.
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