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Book Marksman 2: Chapter 6: Bridge between Two Worlds

Discussion in 'Literature' started by SoullessAngel_, Feb 16, 2017.

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  1. SoullessAngel_

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    Aug 23, 2015
    Extra long Chapter this time. Sorry for the extra length as I got kind of carried away. I'm going to be wrapping up Marksman in the next few chapters as I feel it's getting a little old, and I'm brainstorming ideas for a new series.




    Marksman 2: Chapter 6: Bridge between Two Worlds.



    The food court built on top of the 5th Avenue Mall in Anchorage, Alaska was packed. Shoppers and tourists alike jostled for their place in food lines, shoved their way out of the crowds surrounding the escalator, or fought for tables to eat at.

    Evil took another sip of his water. The guy at a burger shack had been kind enough to give him one for free, and Evil had been lucky enough to find a table for two.

    He was alone. For the moment.

    Numerous times people had come by, asking to sit across from him so they could eat. He rejected their request. Some had sat without permission. All Evil had to do was lean forward, using his large mass to intimidate the seat's occupant and, if necessary, slide the left side of his jacket aside a little to reveal the underarm holster holding a Glock 19.

    The handle of the handgun was, least to say, very compelling.

    Evil kept scanning the crowd, waiting. He couldn't afford to miss a single person, be it a hostile or the person he was meeting, because this was a vital operation.

    “Omega 2-1 this is 2-2, checking in."

    Evil twitched his head to the left.

    “Confirmed." Came Rock's voice in his ear from the concealed earpiece. “Any sign of him?"

    “Negative." Evil whispered quietly into his jacket collar, where the microphone could pick it up.

    “Copy. Nothing in the crowd so far. Mall security has been warned away from the area by APD, so if you get into trouble you're on your own unless I have a shot."

    Evil nodded slightly.



    Rock relaxed in his prone position on top of the business complex. He was under a set of vents with only crawling room beneath to avoid being spotted easily, but still having a full field of view and shooting spread into the food court. The SASS rifle was digging into his shoulder, but he dealt with it. He adjusted his earpiece, tuning in to the radio feed for the Anchorage Police Department. They were currently occupied with a drug raid, but that wouldn't prevent any patrol units from crashing in on Omega's party if things got messy.

    The SASS (Semi-Automatic Sniper System) rifle was equipped with a suppressor, eight round magazine, and anti-reflective scope. Chambered in the ever-popular .308 caliber, it could, least to say, drop anything it could hit. Rock wasn't an official sniper, but he was one hell of a shot. As good as, maybe even better than Evil. The sergeant had even admit it himself.

    Rock checked that the bolt of the rifle was still closed but there wasn't a round chambered. The bore of the barrel was probably cold, meaning his first shot would be slightly off. He could correct though.

    Rock adjusted the rifle again and kept scanning the crowd.



    Evil never saw him coming.

    The person sat down in front of him, and leaned back in the chair. His black leather jacket contrasted his skin, which had an almost deathly parlor.

    He was much different now from what he had remembered.

    A massive scar coated the left side of the man's face, extending over to his lips. There was a large patch under his jaw on his throat, no doubt having resulted in damage to his vocal cords. There were other smaller, more insignificant patches of scar tissue around his face, no doubt extending over the rest of his body too. His crew cut hair was dyed a snowy blond.

    But what got Evil was the eyes. They made him instantly recognizable. They were the same icy, electric blue that made your blood stop circulating and freeze. That raised goose bumps on your arms. Even raised the hairs on the back of your neck.

    Evil let out a slow sigh through his nose, and leaned forward, placing both his forearms on the table.

    “Hello Soulless."


    Remote Alaska.

    90 miles north of the Arctic Circle.


    The Blackhawk gunship set down on the frozen ground, throwing snow up in a blizzard. Then the feet of the chopper touched the ground, and the rotors extending from the chopper like branches from a tree began to slow.

    Two Spectre operatives with M4A4 rifles, Kevlar vests, combat boots, fatigues, and helmets with face masks jumped down. They checked the tundra around them. The landscape was barren and treeless in this section of the land north of the Arctic Circle.

    Random exited the Blackhawk. He was dressed in near identical gear to the two operatives, but he was minus a helmet and without a rifle. A Five-Seven was in a holster across his chest where his right hand could readily reach it.

    Within minutes of waiting another helicopter breached the horizon. An old Russian Hind fitted with updated assault systems. It came within forty yards of the landing zone created by the Blackhawk and set down.

    The rifles of Random's two men came up, and they dropped to a crouch, aiming at the Hind.

    The side door was pushed open and two men dressed in Arctic combat gear jumped out. They had Kevlar helmets painted with winter camouflage, white balaclavas, fatigues, boots, and assault vests. Steyr AUG rifles were in their hands equipped with acog scopes.

    The two men who had come out of the Hind also dropped to kneeling positions, and took aim at the three by the Blackhawk.

    “Stand by." Random murmured into his throat microphone. The two men made no motion.

    Titanium had his aim on the guy on the right, Dark the one on the left. Random stood between and slightly in front of the two Omega team members, hands at his side.

    Out of the Hind came a man dressed in snow pants and a parka. Behind him a woman dressed in snow pants, and an assault vest over a parka. She carted her own AUG rifle, and had a SIG Sauer P-226 strapped like Random's Five-Seven was. Her silvery gray hair fell down past her shoulders.

    “Advancing." Random muttered through his microphone to Titanium and Dark, who still kept their aim on the people from the Hind. He began to walk forward slowly. He saw the two guards transition the aim of their AUG rifles from Titanium and Dark to him.

    Random kept walking. Eventually he had reached a midpoint between the two helicopters, and stopped. After a few moments, the man and girl began to come forward. The girl held her AUG across her chest, barrel pointed towards the ground. The man in the parka reached Random, and extended a hand. “Xavier. Mendosa representative."

    So this was Xavier. “Random." He replied, taking the hand and shaking it.

    The bartering had begun.



    Rock was scanning the crowd. He was currently watching a thief try and slide a wallet from a woman's purse in the confusion. Then, his blood turned to ice the second Evil's voice appeared in his ear.

    “Hello Soulless."

    Rock swiveled the SASS rifle back to where Evil had been sitting. In front of him sat a man with a similar jacket, a nasty collection of scars, and snowy white hair. He looked a little like Soulless. Except for the hair and scars.

    Then the man sitting across from Evik turned his head slightly. Rock rotated a band on the scope zooming in. It was Soulless. The electric blue eyes proved it. Rock remembered them.



    “Hello Evil." Soulless said quietly. He turned his head slightly to look out the window towards the business complex you could see through the windowpane glass of the food court. “And I know Rock can hear me."

    “Dammit." Rock's disembodied voice filled Evil's ear.

    Soulless tilted his head to look back at Evil. “Can't say I'm surprised Random sent you."

    “I'd say I wasn't surprised to see you alive and well after Korea, but that would be a lie. How did you make it out of the platform?" Evil asked.

    “A whole lot of luck."

    “Luck seems to have left it's mark, hasn't it?" Evil commented, nodding to Soulless' scarred body.

    Soulless leaned forward. “Why didn't you look for me? Even attempt a rescue?"

    “I couldn't." Evil hissed back. “I had to obey my orders. Take care of the squad. I had already lost you. Soon after I had lost Platinum. I wasn't ready to lose another man."

    “Platinum?" Soulless asked curiously.

    “IED. He's permanently crippled."

    Soulless pinched the bridge of his nose. “At least he's alive."

    “I still feel like I failed him." Evil said.

    “Don't." Soulless said, grabbing his wrist. “Look, I'm sorry that I was hard on you right off the bat. But right now, we both have jobs to do."

    Evil cleared his mind. “Right." He spoke into the collar of his jacket for a moment. “Rock, are still clear?"

    “Affirmative. I've noticed a few people eyeing you guys, but they might be with Soulless."

    “Point one out for me." Evil said, keeping his eyes on Soulless. Soulless returned his gaze steadily.

    “One at two o'clock from your position, leaning against the counter."

    Evil turned his eyes and looked past Soulless. The man was dressed in a dark jacket and was tapping on an iPhone, but he glanced up every once in a while.

    “The guy by the sushi bar. He with you?" Evil asked Soulless.

    “Brown wavy hair, stubble, brown leather jacket?" Soulless described without turning.

    “That's him."

    “He's one of my backup people." Soulless said. “Mind you, not a lot of the Mendosa guys are very professional.

    “No kidding." Evil said. “Where are we headed?"

    “Restaurant just down the road. We have a FOB set up there."

    Evil pushed his seat back. “Let's move then."

    Soulless stood and followed him to the elevator.



    “Frankly, I'm surprised the head of a highly secretive black ops program such as yourself would come all this way to speak with me in person." Xavier said.

    “For a secretive program, we do a lot of work in the open." Random said. “Opening battle of the Second Korean War, in San Diego. Two Navy SEALs and a Spectre sniper were present when the first Korean troops landed. They were also present at the international airport, defending it from attack."

    “And that brings us to the topic of Mendosa." Xavier said.

    ”It does." Random said.

    “Well, we really aren't much. Just a small army for hire doing odd jobs for corporations, individuals, and governments with reasonable morals. I'm sure you heard about the oil platform captured by eco terrorists?"

    “I was actually watching a drone feed of it." Random replied.

    ”I put my best operative on that." Xavier said. “He moved like a wraith from what I heard. Damaged the generators to the platform sadly, resulting in a small loss of pay to us, but that's fine. We exist to help, not for money. But funds are required to run a corporation such as this."

    “Of course." Random said. “Even though Spectre is backed by a government, I know this."

    “So what did you want to discuss with me to bring me all the way above the Arctic Circle?" Xavier asked.

    “A job offer." Random said.

    Xavier laughed. “And why Mendosa?"

    “I've seen what your best operator can do to a full team of terrorists. I'm interested in seeing how a full team of people like them would help us."

    “Do you even know who our best operator is?" Xavier asked.

    “I can guess."

    Xavier laughed. “Its Soulless."

    Random looked him in the eye and didn't respond. That had been a bombshell to him.

    “So the rumors are true."

    “They are." Xavier chuckled. “Don't worry. He isn't waving pamphlets with info on Spectre around. We learned everything legitimately."

    Random nodded. “So. About the business opportunity..."

    “That," Xavier said, turning to the girl with the gray hair. “would be something to bring up with her."



    Rock watched Soulless exit the mall, followed by Evil. Rock was preparing to leave his sniper position to meet up with them. Since leaving the food court, Evil had given Soulless his own earpiece to wear. He could communicate with Rock and Evil.

    Rock pushed himself forward to be able to track Soulless and Evil. The pair rounded the corner of a block and walked in a straight line away from Rock. All he could see were their backs.

    “So what exactly happened after the missile platform exploded?" Evil asked Soulless.

    “Woke up on a fishing boat. Old Korean guy who didn't like his government helped me out." Soulless replied without turning his head. “Got me to some of his friends in the South. They didn't ask who I was or what branch I came from. Just got me medical attention. As soon as I could get out I did. After that, the Marines came in."

    “Why a job as a hitman?"

    “I was originally planning to live the rest of my life out in peace. Maybe get a whole false identity and re enter the world. I guess I just missed the fast-paced lifestyle. Plus, Mendosa paid well."

    “You didn't try to contact Spectre at all?" Rock spoke this time. “Let us know you were alive, so we could get you back?"

    “Guess I felt betrayed when there wasn't a rescue op to find me. I also wasn't sure if Random would view me as a loose end that needed tying up." Random watched Soulless' shoulders shrug slightly in the scope picture. “Survival mentality."


    “This is it." Soulless said, stopping in front of an old Italian restaurant. It was closed down, with a rental company's sign hung in the window. “The company is false. Owned by Mendosa."

    Soulless knocked on the door, which immediately opened. Two guys in dark brown leather jackets were standing at the door, which Soulless immediately entered. Evil followed him in, and Rock couldn't see anything more.

    Time to move.



    Evil stood in front of the two Mendosa men. “Evil, meet Sergeants Walker and Harrison."

    Evil shook Walker's hand, and then Harrison.

    “Evil." He said simply. The Mendosa guys grinned.

    “Where'd you get that kind of name?"

    “Started as a nickname, then became a code name." He replied.

    "Kind of like this guy, huh?" Harrison said, jerking a thumb at Soulless. Evil thought he saw the ghost of a smile flicker across Soulless' lips.

    “Message waiting for you on the computer in the back Agent." Walker said, speaking to Soulless. Soulless nodded and turned, pushing through a double set of doors to what Evil assumed was a kitchen area.

    “Anyone else coming?" Harrison asked Evil.

    “One more. He's with us." He said.

    “Ok. You can head on back with the Agent. We'll bring him in."

    “Thanks." Evil said. He glanced over his shoulder towards the double doors and leaned in. “What's an Agent?"

    Walker chuckled. “I'm an intel officer. I technically outrank every Mendosa operative here except Soulless. Harrison commands the strike team we have here. An Agent reports directly to our representative, and doesn't take orders from us. We take them from the Agent from time to time, but mostly they're a world away from us."

    Evil nodded, and thanked the two sergeants. He then pushed his way through the double doors to the back of the empty restaurant.



    Rock came down the alley, still tugging his jacket onto himself. He checked that his Glock 19 was secure in its pocket holster on the inside of his jacket. It was there.

    He had stashed his SASS rifle in the pickup truck Evil and Rock were using as transportation. He had broken down the rifle and hidden components on different parts of the truck. He wouldn't piss off the police if the truck was seized and searched. He had parts for a military grade sniper rifle, but not a complete rifle.

    Rock rounded the alley corner and walked down the street. Some tourists and people looked at him strangely, him in his leather jacket, hands jammed in its pockets, striding confidently and smoothly down the street. He probably looked like a gangster.

    Least to say, as long as he didn't look like a soldier or special operative, he didn't care.

    After a couple minutes of walking, Rock reached the restaurant. Knocking on the door, he was immediately admitted by two men, introducing themselves as Sergeants Walker and Harrison. He told them his nickname was Rock, which brought on more laughter, and a comment about 'another weirdo with a nickname.' Rock didn't know why.

    Pushing his way through the double doors to the rear of the restaurant, he found about twelve people. Soulless and Evil were two of the twelve. Rock made 13.

    Soulless was standing at a computer with its screen facing a wall. Soulless was leaning against such wall, obviously reading something. A transcript or a message. The screen was turned away to keep the message confidential. After a free more moments of reading, Soulless began to type on the keyboard.

    Evil was sitting on one of the restaurant's steel tables. He was staring at something in his hand. As Rock approached, he could make out a damaged rank insignia. A sergeant's, with a Spectre symbol between the chevrons that made the rank. It wasn't Evil's patch.

    “What's that?" Rock asked him as he came over.

    Evil glanced up at him. “When we searched that house I found this. I kept it hidden because I didn't want someone turning it in for a DNA test." He looked up at Soulless, still typing on the computer. “I think it's his."

    That made sense. A message to one of the squad.

    Soulless came over. “All right. I have clearance to help you with whatever you need. What's the mission?"

    Evil and Rock looked at each other. “We're looking for a Korean man. About 23 years old."

    “Any name?"

    “Alias Ken Johnson."

    “Corporal Riley!" Soulless yelled.

    One of the younger looking Mendosa guys came over to the three and stood at attention. Evil noted that he didn't say “Sir!" or salute, but just gave a simple “Yes Agent?"

    “Run a check on the name Ken Johnson."

    “Right away."

    The corporal manned a computer and began to run his search. Soulless waited patiently. Rock turned and surveyed the room quickly. Mendosa operatives were either using computers, looking at documents, or sorting weapons. The majority of the Mendosa weapons seemed to be M4 platform rifles, aside from a few DMRs. One of the guys brought a rifle over to Soulless that he inspected. It had a red dot scope, threaded barrel for an optional suppressor, and an obviously extended magazine. Soulless removed the magazine, checking that it was loaded. He rammed it back up the magazine well, checked the scope, and handed it back to the Mendosa guy, who took it away and set it in a rack against a wall.

    Rock leaned forward. “What was that about?"

    “My new personal rifle." Soulless said. “Wasn't built from scratch. Just the barrel, scope, and a forty round mag, but it works like a dream."


    “That new Springfield Saint rifle. Picked one up off my last mission. Had to make those few improvements." Soulless shrugged. “Guess I just missed having a rifle of my own since Spectre. I have an MSR again, with pretty much the same setup, but haven't used it much lately. Last time I did a long range sniper shot was when I had to hit an informant."

    Something clicked on Rock's mind. “Informant?"

    “Wasn't told everything. I had to make over a mile long shot. In wind and snow too."

    Rock was about to ask more, but Corporal Riley interrupted. “Finished Agent. Guy has an apartment in Wasilla."

    “Can we get APD to give us clearance to hit his apartment?" Soulless asked.

    Corporal Riley shrugged. “Don't know. I guess we can go just do it ourselves."

    Rock grinned. “Now doesn't that sound familiar?"



    “So you weren't lying when you said representative, were you?" Random said.

    “He wasn't." He girl with the Steyr said, stepping forward. “Never judge a book by its cover. I, through him, run Mendosa. We have multiple heads and owners, but they're scattered throughout the world. Recruiting and such."

    “So. What would it take to hire you guys to help us out?" Random asked, exasperated.

    “Let's hear what the job is first." The girl said.

    “You're well aware of the current situation in North Korea, am I wrong?" Random said, clasping his hands behind his back.

    “All too familiar. We've already had private offers from multiple parties to get involved." The girl said.

    Random raised an eyebrow. “I'm adding another one to that list, then. What would it cost?"

    “I understand North Korea attacked San Diego without provocation. Let's take care of them first. We can talk prices later." The girl said. She let go of the foregrip of the Steyr, extending the hand. “Do we have a deal?"

    Random was surprised. He surprised himself even more by taking the offered hand. His hand enveloped hers, but she still had an iron grip.

    “I guess we do."



    Evil slowed the car to a halt in front of the apartment block. “This it?" He asked. Corporal Riley, sitting in the back seat next to Soulless, looked down at a GPS, and nodded. “We're here."

    Soulless opened the door. “I'll take care of the apartment manager. You guys cover me."

    Rock nodded, pulling his Glock 19 from his jacket and chambering a round. Placing it back into his jacket, he said, “Let's roll."

    The Omegas and Mendosa pairs exited the car and began to walk across the blacktop to the entrance. They were confronted with a locked door, but Soulless slid a shiny black card into the keypad. After a few seconds of clicking and whirring, the lock blinked green and the door unlocked.

    The managers' face was priceless when four men in dark jackets and clothing came through the door. Soulless placed his hands on the manager's desk. No one was in the lobby except for the five of them.

    “You would be able to tell me the room number of a person in particular, now would you?" Soulless asked quietly.

    The manager stammered. “N-n-no. Against my r-r-regulations."

    Soulless sighed. “People and their regulations. What if I told you that the person we're looking for is a North Korean spy?"

    The manager didn't reply, but just looked at Soulless.

    Soulless reached into his jacket, which made the manager flinch. “Relax." He muttered. His hand came out with a stack of hundred dollar bills. The manager stopped staring at him and focused on the cash.

    “We're going up to a room. You will be telling us the apartment this person occupies. You will be silent. Meanwhile, the person in the apartment will be leaving. Quietly. Your name will be kept out of the loop."

    The manager nodded slowly. “Who are you looking for?"

    “Ken Johnson." Evil spoke up from behind Soulless.

    The manager clicked on his computer for a few seconds. “Third floor, room twenty. Here's a key." He said, passing a card over.

    “Don't need it." Soulless said. “Let's go. He said."

    He left the stack of cash on the counter and made for the stairway, Rock, Evil, and Riley behind him.

    As Soulless moved, he drew his CZ from under his arm. He chambered a round and screwed the suppressor on. Checking a corner, he continued.

    “How much money did you slide the poor guy?" Rock asked.

    “Two grand." Soulless replied haughtily. “Mendosa's money though."

    “Fair enough." Rock said.

    They continued on like that, checking corners. In between Rock and Evil, Riley pulled out a Beretta M9, checking the magazine and chambering a round. Evil looked at him from behind.

    “Can you use that thing?" Evil asked him.

    Riley glanced back at him. “Of course." He replied while screwing a suppressor into the barrel. “I'm not just a desk jockey. Dad was very second amendment based, and military wouldn't take me due to my criminal record."

    “Criminal record?"

    “Lots of stuff I'd prefer not to share. Just know that all of it was illegal, but I changed. Bail was paid by Mendosa under guarantee I came to work for them."

    Evil nodded. “Second chancer, eh?"

    “Cut the chatter back there." Soulless muttered. “Last set of stairs.

    Evil followed everyone else's lead and drew his Glock, chambering a round. He also fit the suppressor.

    The group hit the landing on the stairs and opened the door, sweeping the hallway. They were met by a security guard who raised his hands and simply said, “I didn't see you." before turning and walking away.

    “Nice to see the apartment staff working together." Rock muttered.

    “Four doors down on the left." Riley said. The team proceeded, and stacked on the door. Riley fit a strip cam through the crack on the bottom of the door, checking the camera. “No movement inside, but there's a running TV. Probably a couch across from it, but it's out of my view."

    “If our guy is anywhere, it's that couch." Soulless said. “Riley on point. Evil and Rock can follow."

    “Staying behind to let us do the work eh?" Evil teased quietly.

    “No, I'm making sure that no one comes out with a gun to enjoy their right to ‘self defense.' Unless you prefer being shot in the back?"

    “Seems legit." Rock said.

    “Oh. By the way," Soulless commented. “If we find anyone other than our guy in the room who tries to pull a piece on us, we have execute authority."

    “When do we not have execute authority?" Rock asked slyly.

    Soulless chuckled. “Weapons free on your go Riley."

    Riley held up a black card identical to the one used to access the building. “Breachin in 3, 2, go."

    Riley slid the card in and the lock blinked green. He opened the door and rushed into the room, Rock and Evil hot on his heels. There was a trio of suppressed gunshots, and a moment of silence. Then there was complaining.

    Soulless quickly checked the hallway. Then he noticed a door had been thrown open. A woman was standing in the doorway, a small Sig Sauer single stack carry pistol leveled at Soulless. Behind her, two children, a boy and girl, were hiding behind her legs.

    Inside the room that had just been cleared, Rock called to Soulless. “We're clear!"

    Soulless moved slowly. “Relax. I'm not here to hurt you." He told the woman. When he moved his gun hand, the woman flinched, her finger tightening on the trigger.

    “Easy." He murmured. Slowly, he dropped the magazine on the handgun into his palm, and cycled the slide. A loaded 9mm round flew up into the air, and Soulless caught it as it fell into his palm. He slid the round and magazine into one of his jacket pockets, and holstered his CZ-75 under his arm.

    The woman relaxed slightly. One of the children began to cry behind her.

    “Soulless?" Rock called without yelling.

    “What are you here for?" The woman whispered.

    “I'm with a mercenary company. The owner of the apartment we just cleared is a spy and terrorist." He responded.

    The woman nodded. “I'm sorry I bothered you." She looked back at her kids. “Go to the kitchen. Now." They obeyed immediately.

    She lowered the Sig and slid it into a pocket. “Good luck taking them on." She said.

    “Thank you ma'am." Soulless said. “Sorry for the scare."

    She nodded and shut her door.

    Soulless turned on his heel and went into the room. He stopped briefly to load the lone 9mm round into his magazine and slid the magazine back into the CZ-75.

    A man was on his knees in the middle of the apartment room. His hands were zip-tied behind him, and his head was down. As Soulless approached, he looked up. This was for sure their Korean spy.

    On the couch behind him lay a body. The face was unidentifiable from the bullet that had ruined the head right between the eyes.

    “You." Growled Ken.

    Soulless just cocked his head.

    “You should be dead!" He screeched.

    “I've been hearing that a lot lately." Soulless replied calmly.

    “You were the one who attacked our missile platforms! You killed our men! You started this war!"

    “On the contrary my friend, I think an unprovoked spree of terrorism followed by a Korean attempt to establish a beachhead on American soil started it." Soulless smirked.

    Ken growled again. “We have agents everywhere. You won't be able to show your face in public!"

    “Not like I do that often anyways. I took a big risk coming here today even. Someone might have even recognized me, and that would be quite the explanation."

    Ken jumped to his feet, but Soulless kicked him right on the chest.

    Ken fell backwards onto his back, and Rock crouched down to haul him back up to his knees. Ken then looked up at Soulless, eyes burning with rage.

    “Behave yourself." Soulless said, drawing his pistol. “I'd hate to have to use this."

    He chambered a round.

    Ken's eyes widened. “You might as well use it now. You know what these black ops guys are all about when they do interrogations."

    Soulless just looked him in the eye. “You tried to spy on my country to maximize the amount of killing you could do to our military. You deserve it."

    Soulless went over to Evil and leaned in. “I'm going to call for extract and ask the manager to make an announcement to the building occupants. Can't be black ops if there are videos of us snatching terrorists going viral."

    “No ****." Evil said. “We'll keep it locked down. Procedure if anyone enters?"

    “Your discretion." Soulless smiled slightly. “But if they're Korean and not housekeeping, I think Random would prefer that they be alive."

    Soulless turned and left, turning right down the hallway.

    Riley was standing there against the wall, Beretta M9 in his hand. The suppressor was still attached.

    Riley dropped the magazine and slid it into his pocket. He then took a spare and rammed it up the magazine well.

    “Guess you can use that pretty well." Evil said. When they had entered the room, Riley had been the one to triple tap the spy's buddy.

    Riley laughed. “Guess so."

    They stood there, special operative and mercenary. But they worked well together.

    The line between friend and enemy was becoming blurred to Evil. Some time ago he had been ordered to find out anything he could about a rogue operative being hired. Now he was working with the rogue operative and his mercenary buddies.

    The world was strange sometimes.


    The end.







    Sorry for bold and italics towards the end. Extremely hard to edit them out.
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    Why do you think I worship him.

    Thhaaaanksssss for another feature <3

    MR_EVIL_OVERLORD Elite Legacy Legend | PRO | Genius Super Villain

    Dec 27, 2014
    Loved it! Awesome story, loved the details!
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