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Discussion in 'Back' started by Algelier, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. Algelier

    Algelier Ex Kit-Brawl & Global MOD. Lifetime VIP

    Hey guys,
    After a week spent at my grandparents' house in the Vosges, I am back to my house in Paris!

    Skiing was actually amazing, I used my pikachu suit and lots of kids yelled at me "pikachu" or "here's pikachu, look" - pretty funny.
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  2. RockTomb

    RockTomb 3+ Years on war | 2x Mc-War Mod Moderator

    Welcome back! Must of been funny in that Pikachu suit
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  3. Lozzylouise

    Lozzylouise SG Player at Heart Lifetime ELITE

    Omg I wish I coulda joined with my pikachu onesie! Anyways welcome back. :3
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  4. Welcome back! I hope you'll enjoy again! Enjoy your stay
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