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House Cleaning & Advertising Prep

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by chickenputty, Mar 11, 2017.


Should we make non-specific (not numbered) IPs go to the hub instead of a random server?

  1. Yes, change it

    31 vote(s)
  2. No, keep it how it is

    25 vote(s)
  3. Only for some gamemodes

    18 vote(s)
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  1. chickenputty

    chickenputty License & registration?

    Hello Brawlers,

    I always love it when simple cosmetic improvements can be made to the servers. We got a little sidetracked today on some well needed appearance updates. Along with the addition of polls and a new server banner, this update serves well as some good advertising preparation. Be sure to read until the end and answer the thread poll!

    I'll get back to that, but first here are the tweaks we did...



    1. Server menu:
    • We've finally updated the old Brawl logo to the new fist. We couldn't part from the old one <3
    • The 2nd line is a random message advertising the gamemodes. Expect to see this when nothing super special is happening.
    • The gray dots, they are important, they look fancy, right?


    2. Lobby tweaks:
    • Gamemode descriptions now show above each portal
    • The type/style of the gamemode is is listed above its player count
    • All gamemode statues now have a fancy outfit on (oooh!)
    Just some general fixes to ensure that new players have as much information as possible. Surprisingly, the lobby is a lot more characterized and colorful with the new additions.


    3. Polls added!
    They can do the question above and anything else we can dream of! Imagine all the possibilities :finger:

    The poll above will help us find out where we should be putting more (or even less) effort into future advertising at. Your honest vote is appreciated, you may for this poll on the lobby!

    You will probably be so tired of answering these because we already have so many questions already in mind. We can make the polls specific per gamemode, so it is a really helpful feedback tool for us. #communication

    4. More in-game tips!
    The staff whipped up some helpful messages for the in-game auto announcer. These have been added in attempt to help players understand the server better. Why not, right?

    mcctf.com: &eGetting hit by an Archer's arrow from 20+ blocks will instakill you
    mcctf.com: &6See a Pyro with enchanted armor? Run away if you're on fire!
    mcctf.com: &bBlock with your sword to avoid Assassin's instakill
    mcctf.com: &dStay alert for Ninjas, they can pop out of invisibility at any moment
    mcctf.com: &aHit an Engineer's turret to break it
    mcctf.com: &9Type &7/qq &9while looking at a teammate and holding an item to ask them to wait up
    mcctf.com: &6Type &7/md &6to signal to your team that you're in need of a medic
    mcctf.com: &bCoordinate with other players on offense to increase your chances of a clean steal
    mcctf.com: &dUse the steak in your inventory to heal 4 hearts during battle
    mc-war.com: &dRight click to scope in, it makes your bullets more accurate!
    mc-war.com: &eLearn the maps and their names at &7http://www.brawl.com/wiki/maps-war/
    mc-warz.com: &dRight click to scope in, it makes your bullets more accurate!
    minecraftparty.com: &bWant to move around freely to spectate a minigame? Use &7/spec
    minecraftparty.com: &aDon't forget to use power-ups to give you an edge in the competition!
    minecraftparty.com: &eGetting good at this? Use &7/coins &eto view how many coins you've picked up from placing in minigames!
    raid.mcpvp.com: &cWant to learn how to track players? Learn at &7http://www.brawl.com/wiki/tracking-raid/
    raid.mcpvp.com: &eSoup can be created with mushrooms, melons, cactus, potatoes, carrots, and even cocoa beans! Simply combine them with bowls
    raid.mcpvp.com: &aGet mob-eggs by crouching and throwing a chicken egg at any mob in exchange for XP levels
    raid.mcpvp.com: &eThere is a KOTH Event every Saturday at 3PM EST. The winner gets prizes!
    raid.mcpvp.com: &5A Nether and End portal can be found under spawn in the waterfall
    raid.mcpvp.com: &dRunning low on health? Drink some soup to instantly heal some hearts
    raid.mcpvp.com: &6Make sure you &7/deposit &byour gold ingots as money!
    raid.mcpvp.com: &bTry not to stay at a warp too long, you might get tracked!
    kit.brawl.com: &dJoin the free-for-all arenas! Right click with the compass in lobby
    kit.brawl.com: &6Use &7/kbstats &6to view all of your current stats
    wildwest.brawl.com: &dRight click to scope in, it makes your bullets more accurate!
    wildwest.brawl.com: &aWant to learn how to become an experienced cowboy? Read our wiki at &7http://www.brawl.com/wiki/wildwest/
    mc-hg.com: &dDrink some mushroom soup to restore 3.5 hearts instantly!
    mc-hg.com: &eDoing &7/spawn &ebefore the game starts will put you on the map. Use it to find a swamp!
    mc-hg.com: &aTo get new kits, buy them with credits. You get credits by killing, winning, and surviving!
    mc-hg.com: &bFinding souping difficult? Find a ravine and get full iron.
    mc-hg.com: &cThe feast has lots of diamond gear and potions, use &7/feast &cto find it when it's announced.
    mc-hg.com: &6Right click with your compass to point to the closest player.
    mc-hg.com: &2Finding a minifeast? Use F5 to see a larger area around you.

    Advertising Prep Talk
    Now back to the thing about advertising. We're trying to make the network player friendly enough that advertising strategies will work. I don't want to spend tons of effort and money on getting players on to have them leave immediately. With multiple gamemodes around the corner from major updates and improvements, its the perfect time to begin.


    We recently had a new voting site banner made to get the ball rolling. Feel free to use this on any site (respectfully) to advertise and to represent Brawl.

    Other plans include restructuring our voting system and to implement some concept of a "reward" system to encourage daily logins along with rewards for supporting Brawl via social media, the forums, etc.

    These will come down the line after the new cosmetic system is implemented. You may have noticed a few staff using some of these new titles or gadgets (its pretty hype). We just need to figure out some more specifics and work on implementing them into each gamemode.

    I also plan to get in touch with a web developer to see if we can get the site spiced up. There are some major functionality improvements that can also boost our search engine ranking.

    Regarding this thread's poll
    Lastly, regarding the poll on this thread. I'm asking if you would be fine with making non-specific (not numbered) IPs go to the hub instead of a random server for that gamemode. So for example it would function like this:
    brawl.com -> goes to hub

    minecraftparty.com -> goes to hub (currently goes to a random Party server)
    1.minecraftparty.com -> goes to server #1 Party
    2.minecraftparty.com -> goes to server #2 Party

    mc-war.com -> goes to hub (currently goes to a random War server)
    1.mc-war.com -> goes to server #1 War
    2.mc-war.com -> goes to server #2 War


    The pros of this is that everyone is kind of forced to visit the hub. This means that people finding the gamemode IP from a specific YouTube video or advertisement will learn that Brawl has even more gamemodes. In return, the player could find interest in our other gamemodes too.

    The cons of this would be that it could slow regulars down that use the specific IPs. For example, most players on Build probably just log on any random server with "minecraftbuild.com" with no interest of joining the hub before. However, perhaps a we could allow you to put "random" in place of the number to join a random server.

    Let me know your thoughts (on everything),
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    Last edited: Mar 11, 2017
  2. SnowCool21

    SnowCool21 Mod | Community, Apps & Marketing | War & CTF Ref

    sick changes
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  3. RockTomb

    RockTomb 4+ Years on war | Ex War SMOD/ Manager

    Personally, I think making non specific IP's go the hub for some gamemodes is a good idea. However, some some servers it may need to be kept such as war, as you may want to join a random server with different players. On the other hand, you could misstype and log onto another WarZ server and lose all your stuff. So I think having it for some servers it the right idea. Also, The tweaks look great!
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  4. RMST1

    RMST1 Global Mod I WarZ Noob

    Forcing people to the hub seems necessary. Players aren't going to stick with only War, only Wild West and such. If players indeed follow youtubers to a specific server, they should most certainly be teleported to the hub so that they know that we have much more to offer.
  5. SkullcrusherLD

    SkullcrusherLD Best-Known GSGer | Ex-War JMod

    All in all, I am confident the changes will help Brawl as a whole. I am especially interested in the ingame poll to be honest, it will open many opportunities, as not all players are using the Forums.

    Talking about the poll: I don't think it's a good idea to send the people to the hub when they're typing a non-specific ip in. If somebody's new to the server and wants to play one specific gamemode, which he has seen e.g. in a video, he wants to play it directly and might be confused if he's in the hub. I could imagine that he will just leave, instead of searching his gamemode. People who aren't new to the servers and know how to switch to their server from the hub, do also know that there are several gamemodes. So it doesn't make sense to send them to the hub.
    If a player plays one server all the time, I am pretty confident he will find out that there are other servers as well.
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  6. Eil

    Eil Raid Manager | Team Legacy

    Some really good changes here that will definitely benefit the server.

    The IP changes seem like a good idea to me. I first found out about McWar from PlanetMinecraft. Only after 2 months of playing it did I realise there were more games with /hub - Thats when I fell in love with Survival PvP.
  7. MisterGhale

    MisterGhale Last true HG player ~ Legacy Member

    Looks sweet, I think we need more Youtuber advertising though
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  8. ekali

    ekali Bannēd for DoX

    I like them a lot! :)
  9. Turmac

    Turmac Hardcore Games Enthusiast Wiki Team

    Maybe when a player joins the server for the first time (and it isn't the hub), tell them there are a bigger variety of games if they do /hub?

    Or maybe have that message go through chat on every server every so often?
  10. BlueGuyARed

    BlueGuyARed Member

    Why rely on YouTubers to put the hub IP in the description of their video?

    Right now, the tab menu has Brawl's IP - and that is great. But, I think the hub IP should be at the top of every scoreboard on each gamemode, and the hub. Going a little beyond the purpose of this thread, this will make it way easier for new players to find Brawl. However, this might not completely solve the problem of players not being exposed to all aspects of the network. Some gamemodes have this implemented already.

    If you do end up doing the above system, I do have a small request. Keep an IP that still sends you to a random server. For example:

    play.mc-hg.com -> Random server
    mc-hg.com -> Hub
    1.mc-hg.com -> HG 1
    2.mc-hg.com -> HG 2
    3.mc-hg.com -> HG 3

    This just allows the same functionality to be kept.
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  11. Gehenna_Beam

    Gehenna_Beam Wizard of Misery


    "wildwest.brawl.com: &dRight click to scope in, it makes your bullets more accurate!"

    This is misleading as right click fires the gun. Left click scopes in.
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  12. Proterozoic

    Proterozoic Wiki Team is a Semi-Staff Rank

    I don't have time to go through all of this straight away, but I will say that this wouldn't slow down the regulars on CTF for example. The reason for this being a lot of us have each specific server on our client so we can connect directly to it. I do this, adding this wouldn't slow me down at all, and I can imagine it wouldn't slow anyone else that does this either.

    As for the brawl signature, I will begin to use this immediately, since it helps promote you guys
  13. chickenputty

    chickenputty License & registration?

    Already fixed, as you know from staff chat ;)
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  14. Gehenna_Beam

    Gehenna_Beam Wizard of Misery

    I didn't.
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  15. sjuka_legogubbar

    sjuka_legogubbar ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I think that leading players to the hub is good, but maybe there should be a small message how to get to that specific gamemode to avoid confusion.

    I would say that this is necessary to gamemodes with more than one active servernumber. For example WarZ and Party.
  16. _featherpaw_

    _featherpaw_ Your friendly neighborhood kitten! :3

    I think on party it would be good to have minecraftparty.com go to the hub, but for ctf, it should take you to the most populated ctf server available. On party, all servers are used, but on ctf, normally only 1 or 2 are used at one time, so adding this option would help it's popularity
  17. LegendaryBlues

    LegendaryBlues Legendary Player.

    I don't really like the idea because when you are playing warZ you may not remember where you were and what you had as some people rename the server on their hub list to 1.MC-WARZ -Alive NETHER 4/4. I see where this in coming from, but I kinda am going towards to the no side.
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  18. FrostByte

    FrostByte Founder Of Chaos Youtuber

    Everything looks updated and fresh. I like it, Good work @chickenputty

  19. xxMineSheepxx

    xxMineSheepxx i miss the old times Build Team Wiki Team

    If you remove the fire from the lobby, at least remove the netherrack and change it to stone bricks? It looks nicer that way.

    EDIT: oops nvm I thought it went from fire to no fire my bad.
  20. Daniellll

    Daniellll I like sloths

    Last time I was in the lobby it didn't have fire and that was in the updated one >:[
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