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Unrestricting blocks/items/potions

Discussion in 'Server Ideas' started by _featherpaw_, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. _featherpaw_

    _featherpaw_ Your friendly neighborhood kitten! :3 Wiki Team

    I didn't know what the request tag was for, but I'm going for it. xD Since adding in WE with async, the lag has decreased dramatically. Even with my spamming my redstone contraptions, I can't get that silly /lag to drop below like 90%, so could we possibly add back certain blocks again? I miss my potions especially, because I want to test out an infection tag I've been making, and the zombies have speed and jump boosts. But I can't check that stuff cuz es no bueno. :(
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  2. Pat_The_Trick

    Pat_The_Trick Well-Known Member

  3. Lekosa1

    Lekosa1 Well-Known Duck Lifetime ELITE

    The funny thing is that a few months back I needed potions for my wine cellar, but couldn't get them from E. I asked @Rhoske (MOD back then) to give me some, but even he couldn't give me any for some reason.

    What was my solution?

    A: I brewed them the old facion way and it worked. XD

    aaaand for your idea: +1

    aaand also I suggested the Request tag as a prefix that one can use if they want to request a build.
  4. Rhoske

    Rhoske Creative Manager Senior Moderator Build Team

    Like a lot of things on build, while pots might not be laggy on their own they have a lot of potential to be abused. For now use beacons or brew them like Lekosa said, in the meantime I'll add it to my list of things to do :p
  5. _featherpaw_

    _featherpaw_ Your friendly neighborhood kitten! :3 Wiki Team

    Thanks you two! ^-^
    Also, Mods can't physically give items to people. Not even mods can use potions.
  6. Pat_The_Trick

    Pat_The_Trick Well-Known Member

    Does it
    "Oh sorry I didn't check with staff"
    Removes it

    Remind you of anything?
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  7. NeoGer

    NeoGer Well-Known Member Lifetime VIP

    I miss //fill water too :(
  8. GalaThundR

    GalaThundR Build Member | Mcpvp Veteran Build Team Wiki Team Lifetime ELITE

    Luckily for you, //fixwater is still enabled.
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