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Discussion in 'Capture the Flag' started by Daniellll, Apr 21, 2017.


Enough EU mods?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. Daniellll

    Daniellll I like sloths

    Guys, it's me Daniel here, and I was just wondering this one thing: What do people think about the amount/activity of EU CTF mods?

    Reply in the comments and/or poll.
  2. Unifier

    Unifier Well-Known Member

    More EU mods would be really nice concerning that there's teams that are purely European (ADV for instance).
    It would probably come in very handy if we could do matches at earlier times and wouldn't have to rely on American mods who'd have to get up early in the morning or wouldn't be able to come because it's too early.
    Nohox is a good mod, but lacks activity -no offense-, while the US part of CTF has b0squet, winter, kev, gamren, miskey.
    Back in McPvP we had a lot more EU mods (Dieb / Billhelm) and imo it seemed to be working out slightly better than this when it comes to european timezone matches.
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  3. Spirals

    Spirals (◕‿◕✿)

    There aren't enough EU mods period, there was a "dark time" for WarZ where we quite literally had 0. if you went on after 8:00 PM eastern, you were just begging to be blinked or hacked on in some other way. Every Brawl server could use more EU to watch over the night.
  4. Xelia_

    Xelia_ (ノ^ヮ^)ノ *:・゚✧

    I don't think another EU mod would hurt, as there are a lot more US than EU. On the other hand, it isn't exactly essential, as it's not as though we don't have enough refs in total. I suppose it would rely on whether there were any suitable EU applicants.
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  5. TropicalKO

    TropicalKO Well-Known Member

    Daniel 4 mod?? :0
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  6. Daniellll

    Daniellll I like sloths

    Don't think I'd have time for that being in build team, wiki team and having school.
  7. Proterozoic

    Proterozoic Wiki Team is a Semi-Staff Rank

    I've said several times before that I think we have enough EU mods, just not enough that are active in-game. The mods are clearly working as hard as they can but ultimately for a good portion of the day (in EU timezones) we have to rely on mods from other gamemodes. This isn't really suitable (or practical, they have to respond to the gamemodes they focus on too). If the EU mods we had already were active in-game regularly I could see things doing just fine. Given I doubt that's going to happen, another active EU mod would be a nice thing to have.

    The survey I sent around also brought another EU mod up as a major point of improvement.
  8. November

    November Well-Known Member

    i never see xelia on ctf and that just leaves nohox to manage an entire timezone himself which isnt gr8
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  9. Stereotronique

    Stereotronique lul Project#11142

    if there were good candidates we'd have no real issue, regarding more mods
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  10. SquishyRyu

    SquishyRyu Dank Memer

    Sportyman 4 mod
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