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More Raid Events/Contests

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by KiwiDwarf, Apr 21, 2017 at 4:02 AM.

  1. KiwiDwarf

    KiwiDwarf Active Member

    I think raid has a lot of players which on average is about 30 ppl online a day. This particular mini-game is most popular of all of them as it shows skills, friendship and much more. I think raid has less contest/events than all of them. (List below of the contests so far) Nearly all of them don't relate to the game and only to an OP ppl on the game, exishbitA - January 1st competition where it's about the skill, not the team. Koth is the only thing that relates to the game as working in a team to fight. Anyway, I am saying that raid needs that little push to get it back to how it was in SPVP smooth playing.

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  2. GoToBed

    GoToBed Well-Known Member

    "Most popular game" Sorry but if you look at other games on brawl, raid isn't near as popular except on koths. I would like to see more team based competitions, I think koths could happen on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays or maybe a team vs team tournament.
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  3. hungerfreak12

    hungerfreak12 Member

    I'd like to see more individual contests.
  4. AnonymousGalaxy

    AnonymousGalaxy Raid Mod

    Oh we definitely agree, we've been discussing a lot of possiblites and a lot of our ideas and ideas presented to us by the community have a lot of potential. It's a lot of planning to get the ball rolling but don't worry we're working on stuff now. Just stay patient my friend ;)
  5. KiwiDwarf

    KiwiDwarf Active Member

  6. Tuumai

    Tuumai Active Member

    Who makes the biggest and good looking house wins dub of wood ^^
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