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Friends List Improvement

Discussion in 'Suggestions / Ideas' started by KiwiDwarf, Apr 21, 2017 at 6:01 AM.

  1. KiwiDwarf

    KiwiDwarf Active Member

    Hello, recently I have been hanging around os old faces during the 2 months vacation from this server and other Minecraft servers, I have noticed that there are a lot of limits to this feature has it only allows you to private message them from our servers you play on. In my summary I would like to state that they should add the best friends to feature which allows you to A - Private message everywhere, B - Send Tokens/gifts and C - Allows to be alerted when a friend is online. Currently, this needs to improve

  2. redslime

    redslime Well-Known Member

    what do you mean with A?
    And we have C already, or I don't understand you
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  3. GoToBed

    GoToBed Well-Known Member

    What does this even mean?
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  4. Spades_

    Spades_ :P

    With A I believe they're referring to pming between game modes? I'm pretty sure that's already in though
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  5. JayO_o

    JayO_o Well-Known Member

    Everything in this is already in. Except for the "gift" part, but I don't know what you would gift. Maybe try explaining that? Also, what do you mean by, "Tokens"?
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  6. KiwiDwarf

    KiwiDwarf Active Member

    Vote tokens as rewards JayOG
    Btw i mean point A,B and C
  7. GalaThundR

    GalaThundR Build Member | Mcpvp Veteran Build Team Wiki Team

    If you can gift vote tokens it just discourages people from voting.
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  8. Lekosa1

    Lekosa1 Well-Known Duck

    We have A and C already. B seems ok.

    Vote tokens I'm guessing.
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    Last edited: Apr 21, 2017 at 8:42 AM
  9. KiwiDwarf

    KiwiDwarf Active Member

    Thanks for agreeing with me
  10. Diversities

    Diversities Active Member

    I'm sure this is already known, but the turn off friend notifications doesn't work in the friends list. It's disappointing because whenever a big game like CTF ends for me, my entire chat gets spammed with "<player> is now on lobby bla bla"
  11. KiwiDwarf

    KiwiDwarf Active Member

    Thanks for your opinion
  12. PuppyRyan

    PuppyRyan Active Member


    first time replying
  13. KiwiDwarf

    KiwiDwarf Active Member

  14. PuppyRyan

    PuppyRyan Active Member

    Im not New but i just figured out how to reply xD
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