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The Brawl News - April 2017

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by randomcitizen1, May 1, 2017.

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  1. randomcitizen1

    randomcitizen1 The schizophrenic swagmoneymillionaire

    Volume II, Edition I ... No. 33 [​IMG] May 1st, 2017 [​IMG] FREE

    Wild West Event: Results & Summary
    Wild West Event: Takeover the Cartel
    KitPvP Tournament Event
    New Main Website!
    40% off until April 23 - Easter Sale!
    Video Competition: Top 10 War Kills


    Website Revamp!
    In case you didn't notice, Brawl got a new main website! If it had to be described it in two words, they would be clean and professional... or maybe sleek n' sexy... Both descriptions are completely fitting! Combining appealing graphics, simple navigation, and useful information, the new look really has taken things to a whole new level. Not convinced? Take a look and lose yourself in it here! Also, this thread contains a more detailed description of the new site's features. What are you doing still reading this? Go and check it out!

    HG Kit Rotation
    Normal: Barbarian, Frozen, Scout, Cultivator
    VIP: Boxer, Jackhammer, Tarzan
    MVP: Airdrop, Cookie Monster, Madman, Phantom, Thor
    ELITE: All kits, as always


    Featured Brawler
    For this month’s issue, we have selected a featured brawler who has been a part of this community for a long while, and greatly contributed during his time spent here. This guy is part of our Wiki Team, Build Team, and he is always full of ideas for Capture the Flag! This dude has imagination, creativity, and elegance in writing, building, and forum postings respectively. Congrats to @Daniellll for being this month’s Feature Brawler! Be sure to give him a pat on the back and a big thanks!

    Trivia Question
    Last month's question was: How many unique guns (including the crossbow on War) has Brawl used on its fully released servers?
    The answer was 70. @TheTitaniumTitan answered it first and earned a forums trophy!

    This month's question is: Which Brawler or Brawlers have the most forums trophies?
    The answer will be revealed along with the winner in the next edition of The Brawl News.

    Group Advertisement
    When logging on to the Wild Wild West, you’ll find that the dominant teams are the ones you’re going to want to be a part of. In this feature, we bring you just that. This team is new, but they are a dominant gang of experienced and veteran bandits. What team are we talking about? TNJKC. The name is odd, but it signifies the leaders in the team. Be sure to check our Featured Group’s thread out here and apply!

    Sponsored Literature
    By @_featherpaw_

    Sponsored Media

    By @Kurma

    Builder of the Month
    The Builder of the Month for April is @DeZilla, for his Desert PVP Arena! Aside from being really nice to look at, DeZilla’s map employs many of the great features that Build has to offer. His map, of course, makes use the recent PVP update, but to spice things up he’s imported custom spawners that’ll either give you momentary buffs… or will kill you instantly. Don’t fall into the pit!

    On top of that, he’s even gone to the trouble of making his very own resource pack! From tiki torches to death spikes to spinning icons that show what buff you’re getting, the pack is an awesome addition to a map that showcases DeZilla’s skills, both within and outside of Minecraft. Check it out by typing /map 356847 ingame, and download the resource pack with /rp. Use /mode 0 to try it out with a friend!

    For his hard work DeZilla receives 3 more maps to build on and a sweet forum medal. Great job!

    Comment Giveaway
    Every edition of Brawl News now comes with the chance to win a month of global ELITE. To enter, just leave any kind of comment below. The winner will be announced in next month's edition.

    Last months winner: @Ekali, Congratulations!

    Rule Breaker Report Champions
    Here are the players who reported the most valid rule breaker reports.
    • First: @19kss (54 valid reports) - $25 coupon for the Brawl shop
    • Second: @Lekosa1 (32 valid reports) - $20 coupon for the Brawl shop
    • Third: @Xion (30 valid reports) - $15 coupon for the Brawl shop
    Be sure to keep an eye out for pesky rule breakers to possibly rake in some prizes next month!

    Top Voters
    We congratulate the voters below for their support:



    Global Junior Moderator:

    New Moderators
    AmbitionZ_ Wildwest JMOD


    Monthly votes: 9,316 (210 increase)

    Total mutes: 31,001 (819 increase)
    Total bans/temp bans: 254,956 (6,808 increase)
    Total players: 3,617,417 (20,907 increase)

    Forum discussions: 60,037 (690 increase)
    Forum messages: 811,970 (11,086 increase)
    Forum members: 38,398 (290 increase)

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    Last edited: May 2, 2017
  2. Lekosa1

    Lekosa1 mineman Build Team Wiki Team

    Last edited: May 1, 2017
  3. 19kss

    19kss special child

    trivia: eil, mattm1pvp, dwarfiest(pyro),wario?
    im useless :V
    Last edited: May 1, 2017
  4. vrii

    vrii Well-Known Member

    Great issue and what a great time it's been for brawl the last while!
  5. redslime

    redslime Well-Known Member

    • Agree Agree x 1
  6. Nitrocellulose

    Nitrocellulose Last true HG player ~ Legacy Member

    Eil or MattM1PvP

    Great month (@Viva still waiting on that HG event my man)
  7. Eil

    Eil Raid Manager | Team Legacy

    Great Month everyone

    Trivia: Eil & Wario
  8. Daniellll

    Daniellll I like sloths

    Thanks for featured brawler c:
  9. sjuka_legogubbar

    sjuka_legogubbar ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Great month and congrats to all the winners!
  10. Toki_12

    Toki_12 War Legacy & War 2.0 Mod

  11. Pyrotheum

    Pyrotheum Wild West Team Sync Build Team

    Noice month
  12. Xion

    Xion Well-Known Cheater

  13. Stereotronique

    Stereotronique lul Project#11142

    since when did i do this LOL and how2use
  14. TheTitaniumTitan

    TheTitaniumTitan Wild-West JMod | Wiki Team Wiki Team

    Great month everyone! I can't believe I guessed the trivia. O.O

    Trivia: @Eil, @MattM1PVP, @Wario. I'll work out more later. ^-^
  15. Vincz

    Vincz Brawl Player

    Wtf I was the first person last month to guess 69... it is 70 Xd
  16. Sn4x5

    Sn4x5 Ex WarZ Mod

    Nice month everybody!
  17. _featherpaw_

    _featherpaw_ Your friendly neighborhood kitten! :3

    Dang it. You beat me to my guess. :p

    Good month everyone!
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  18. SoullessAngel_

    SoullessAngel_ Ex-Mod | Writer | WildWest

  19. rhoske

    rhoske inactive

    Look at all those increases :eek:
  20. MattM1PVP

    MattM1PVP Ex-HG Staff Member Media

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