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Discussion in 'Sports Discussion' started by TropicalKO, May 18, 2017.

  1. TropicalKO

    TropicalKO Well-Known Member

    Any other MLB/baseball fans around? If so, what's your favorite team? Phillies for me since I live there :p
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  2. Gehenna_Beam

    Gehenna_Beam Wizard of Misery

    I don't care for sports, but my mom is a fan of the Atlanta Braves.
  3. ArcherMoron

    ArcherMoron Well-Known Member

  4. DarkTitan_

    DarkTitan_ War Mod

    Bruhh @Viva and I are hardcore MLB fans. Rockies are our team ;)
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  5. Resiliently

    Resiliently Active Member

    Never really was a baseball fan, I know the basics but I always preferred the NBA.
  6. Salty_Ivan

    Salty_Ivan Member

    I used to like watching the Jays win.
    But now I like watching them lose because that's what they do best.
    Mmmmm that 1-9 start to the season.
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  7. ArcherMoron

    ArcherMoron Well-Known Member

    They were the only team to have a worst start than my team, the Kansas City Royals xD. But yeah both teams are doing pretty bad this season lol.
  8. Salty_Ivan

    Salty_Ivan Member

    Funny thing is we do better without Donaldson, Tulo, Martin and half our rotation.
    Edit: Hey look Aaron Sanchez is back on the DL!
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