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Other Current Statuses of Map Submissions

Discussion in 'Map Submissions' started by Xelasi, May 18, 2017.

  1. Xelasi

    Xelasi Custom Title

    Current Statuses of Map Submissions
    I went through all 46 of these maps to check for basic map configs.
    I'm not sure how the next map "wave" is going to occur, but getting things ready will make it a lot easier to get the ball rolling.

    If your map name is Red, there is some sort of issue. Check this spreadsheet for more details.

    If your map name is Purple, please confirm that configs and restrictions are complete.
    If your map name is Green, congrats, you finished things up. Thank you.

    How to configure a map? See this thread.
    Need a spawn box? Information on spawn boxes here, see @Xelasi or @GalaThundR if you need perms. Builders also have access to the map. Choose between a new or classic box. Customizable. Please put your spawn box at least 60 blocks above the ground to be out of pearling range.

    Please let me know when fixes are complete. If information is incorrect, let me know the correction.

    Airlock II 369399 by @Miskey, @aefrogdog
    Aquafus V 361654 by @Isaac_CTF, @insomniac, @Spooky_Drone, @Analog_Flash
    Aquafus V 370439 by Xelasi, Birdgirl, b0squet
    Arabic Palaces 76589 by @i_ate_some_pi (@JustALizardKing)
    Beaver Creek V 377178 by @Rhos_
    Cans (Scrapyard?) 366536 by @williamcboyle
    Celestial Gardens 370442 by @Snowleak
    Cliffside 367984 by @Mr_BlueSheep, @toekan72
    Cliffside 331013 by @Spina_
    Cuboid 378708 by GalaThundR
    Dhalion 369965 by @Quirih (also Mr_BlueSheep?)
    Esamir 363467 by @Dokkedal
    Final Frontier 358642 by @ItalianPenguin
    Forest of Rivals II 378813 by @DaddyCheesy, @Kriss_
    Flood Canal 378897 by @madartist0
    Foliage Forest 320409 by @blitz_dragon
    Great Divide 201581 by @ryo5678

    Horologium 370260 by Nightowl
    Industry 230405 by @cityscaper
    Large Hall I 376905 by Xelasi
    lego_expert's map n/a by @lego_expert
    Lowrise Rework (II?) 282082 by @lionafp
    Manoir d'embuscade 368417 by @GoToBed, @RedwolfWarrior (+others?)
    Molten 376577 by GalaThundR
    Mount Gee 332370 by @gee_unit, @nobbyjoe99
    Nara Twin Temples 372410 by @Dwarfiest, @Pyrotheum[/USER]
    Night Raid III 371232 by Insomniac__
    Pinyon 115306 by
    Precursor 370555 by @GalaThundR
    Rat Maze 375812 by @toekan72
    Rift 356913 by @_featherpaw_
    Shoots (v1) 341643 by Lumpi456, LeDoener
    Skytown 376623 by @November, @Pizze
    Skyworlds III 331935 by @puhdgy, @lauten, @Creux, @MegaRainbowz
    Sunrise 369428 by @Quirih
    The Library 357686 by @blonk6
    Turbine 356727 by @xxMineSheepxx, @Daniellll
    Undercover (Lowrise II) 354163 by @ArcherMoron, @Brendoom
    Waitomo Caves 362115 by @EddKrumbs
    Warehouse 338510 by @Dokkedal
    Well 331770 by @Shawn_
    Woodcastle Arena I 377015 by Xelasi, Nightowl, Daniellll
    Zavod 311 367895 by @Dokkedal

    Did I miss your map? Post and let me know!
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  2. _featherpaw_

    _featherpaw_ Your friendly neighborhood kitten! :3 Wiki Team

    Holy crud, Xelasi. Thank you so much! Can we still submit maps?
  3. Xelasi

    Xelasi Custom Title

    Of course, I'll keep adding to the list as I see them come in.
  4. Pyrotheum

    Pyrotheum Motivated Builder

    Thank you! This is very useful, I'll make sure my map gets a spawnbox asap.
  5. EddKrumbs

    EddKrumbs Well-Known Member Build Team

    wow. tyvm for this !
    Last edited: May 19, 2017
  6. Pyrotheum

    Pyrotheum Motivated Builder

    I added a spawnbox to my map (Twin Temples)
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  7. Bless you, bless you, bless you! This was of enormous help. Thanks to the spreadsheet, I properly configured my map with the signs and put restriction blocks where necessary. Thank you!!!! @Xelasi
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  8. SendCoffee

    SendCoffee Well-Known Member

    Well, unless someone wants to import my map to the server, u might just wanna take me off the list
  9. Try talking to one of the builders, I don't see why they couldn't import your map. My map Aquafus was built in single player and now it's on the servers.
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  10. Xelasi

    Xelasi Custom Title

    People on build servers have less access to everything since the MCPVP merge.
    Builders don't have access to map importing :( Command blocks are pretty much disabled for everyone.

    @SendCoffee I might be able to import a schematic if it isn't too large, but the FAWE schematic importer is glitchy and the map might take some assembly. An admin would be able to import a map, though, but world limits might mess it up.
    If you can't make a schematic send me a copy of your world and I can attempt to make one.
    If you make a schematic only use half the map.
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  11. asplshofcitrus

    asplshofcitrus Active Member

    i dont see mine upsetti spaghetti
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  12. Xelasi

    Xelasi Custom Title

    If it's that important and special I will add it.

    Should I add Swapout for consideration? @GalaThundR
  13. GalaThundR

    GalaThundR Build Member | Mcpvp Veteran Build Team Wiki Team

    Depends if people want the pure chaos that map would ensue. We had a variation of ghetty gardens that did the same thing so why not.
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  14. by the way, I believe I have properly configured my map and added restrictions. If it looks alright to you, would you mind updating the status on my map?
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  15. SendCoffee

    SendCoffee Well-Known Member

    I also realized that I lost all of my backups from the past 3 years... So it doesn't matter anyway. I don't have the map. :/
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  16. Mr_BlueSheep

    Mr_BlueSheep Classified as Sheep since 2012 Build Team

    Woah nice!
    Btw I've changed my map to public, but I'm gonna need help with the spawn box and restrictions
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  17. madartist0

    madartist0 New Member

    I added a spawnbox, but would like to know if it meets requirements / what needs to be in it? (my map is Flood Canal)
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  18. Lekosa1

    Lekosa1 Well-Known Duck


    If you want a Spawn Box matching your map's theme but you're too lazy to build one, feel free to reply to this message and/or PM me.
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  19. DaddyCheesy

    DaddyCheesy Active Member

    U have me on the spread sheet for final frontier xdd didnt do it doe
    And maybe u can add my FOR 3 :D
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  20. Xelasi

    Xelasi Custom Title

    @Rhos_ map is almost good, just need to flip the signs around or players will spawn facing the back of the boxes. Flags might also be backwards, they're currently facing backfield

    @williamcboyle configs look good, just need to flip the map. If you're comfortable with perming me I could do that for you.

    @Mr_BlueSheep cliffside should be good, added a box, checked signs, and replaced a lot of your stone and stonebrick with restriction block around spawn/flagroom/tight hallways. Could probably use more restrictions if you're up for it, but it would probably also need a map reflip when you do that.

    @DaddyCheesy On Dhalion - some of the sign areas aren't completely covered, if you wanna perm me on Dhalion I could go fix the restricts. Also, map name on spawn box signage would be good.

    Forest of Rivals II is private.

    @ItalianPenguin erp, fixed where i didn't have your name on Final Frontier. Also wasn't sure if you were planning on doing configs for this map.

    @Nightowl I think your old map ID was posted in the forums. The new ID is 370260 and I updated the map name.

    @gee_unit Made your spawn box signs float. Good job on config signs. I restricted your flag room and spawn with block 97, you may want to add some restrictions on your bridges and in tight tunnels.

    @1LEGODUDE13 Restricted your flag room and spawn, config signs are done. You may want to double check and make sure I didnt break anything when I reflipped your map, I assumed you used 159:11 for your blue clay color. Add additional restrictions if necessary. 97 is underground.

    @xxMineSheepxx On turbine the config signs are blank. If you try to config in updated minecraft it'll sometimes do that. Downgrade to 1.8.9ish and try that.

    @ArcherMoron Updated the signage for ya, @Brendoom helped fix flag sign direction.

    @EddKrumbs most of Waitomo Caves looks good. Needs config signs, you may need to downgrade your client to 1.8ish to place them.

    @Insomniac__ Added to spreadsheet :)

    Spreadsheet should be accurate. I'll be updating the thread in a bit. Thanks!

    Also if anyone is having issues placing signage downgrade your client to 1.8, I use 1.8.9.
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    Last edited: May 26, 2017 at 11:02 PM
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