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Macbook Pro 13" retina display

Discussion in 'Technology Discussion' started by ACE_BLUE2, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. ACE_BLUE2

    ACE_BLUE2 Sup'

    Ok, so, the lcd screen on my macbook pro is done. I need to replace it, seems like the outer glass and logic board are undamaged, had a really stupid accident. Seems Apple is gonna charge me $800 to replace the lcd, when it would be cheaper to just buy a whole new display off ebay and swap it out, that would be about $300-$400 and less than an hour of work. Anyone had a similar situation? Any recommendable third party companies or less expensive deals to be had? Appreciate it.
  2. ItzYaBoiDRONE

    ItzYaBoiDRONE 3 weeks until 5 year brawl veteran

    Yeah when I raged once I think a few years ago on my laptop i tossed (lightly) my phone and it broke the screen. I decided to open up the laptop screen area (like where the lcd screen is at), I found the part number, went on ebay and bought that part for the laptop and replaced it myself. It did cost like 200-300$, but its worth it and you learn how to fix things. Thats what you should do. Idk any third parties because mine was a windows laptop. I think you can find parts on ebay or something like that
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