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YuwehFrey asks

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by YuwehFrey, Jun 19, 2017.

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  1. YuwehFrey

    YuwehFrey Active Member

    hey there should be some server on war that everyone, any level, would be allowed to use all the guns this includes super knife, all perks, all lethals, and all tacticals.I believe that this would help smaller level players get more experience, earlier.Of course this shouldn't count towards their actual level, kill count or deaths.
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  2. Lekosa1

    Lekosa1 mineman Build Team Wiki Team

    I feel like this would take the point out of the actual game; the noobs would just play that.
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  3. YuwehFrey

    YuwehFrey Active Member

    Well maybe you could set a limit such as 1 hour a day or 15 games a day.
  4. Charlie_0014

    Charlie_0014 C-City Memorial Park

    Have you heard of gun-game?
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  5. vrii

    vrii Well-Known Member

    can you use all lethals and tacticals in gungame?
  6. YuwehFrey

    YuwehFrey Active Member

    I think that in gungame most of the over powered guns are usually nearer the end and without any practise noobies would find it tough to rank up in time.
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2017
  7. sportyman56

    sportyman56 Well-Known Member

    Practice then, it's not hard, if you want to get good at most things you need to practice, why should war be any different.
  8. YuwehFrey

    YuwehFrey Active Member

    It is kind of hard to practice with higher level iso players running around and skully players camping, don't you think?
  9. minemuke

    minemuke Well-Known Member

    Brazee no you can't use lethal s and tacticals.
  10. vrii

    vrii Well-Known Member

    I was being sarcastic.
  11. minemuke

    minemuke Well-Known Member

    I disagree YuwehFrey but if you know there are noobs, target them then. And with more and more time devoted to the game you will level you up. As they say "practice makes perfect".
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  12. CheeseBill

    CheeseBill Well-Known Member

    You learn faster when you're playing against good and experienced players though.
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  13. YuwehFrey

    YuwehFrey Active Member

    True CheeseBill but I think some people wouldn't be able to cope with dying multiple times and I think it would be friendlier to let noobies have the same power as other players.
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  14. marcel18167

    marcel18167 Well-Known Member

    Wait for war 2.0... Everyone will start from zero.
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  15. YuwehFrey

    YuwehFrey Active Member

    marcel this is true but who knows when war will come out? This has been the servers excuse for around a year now.
  16. CheeseBill

    CheeseBill Well-Known Member

    They just need an active dev for it to be released.
  17. YuwehFrey

    YuwehFrey Active Member

    yes we know cheesebill
  18. Hitchens

    Hitchens Communist moomindaddy

    The problem yuwehfrey brings up will exist in war 2.0 as well after some time. To which extent it will exist and how much should be done about it remains to be seen. Leveling up and getting new better guns is an important reason to why war is so exciting to many. On the other hand, those better guns brings up this very problem. Especially as skullcrusher isnt at all skill dependant when combined with scav. What they say about war 2.0 is that they are gona be able to make different guns, not just bad and good guns. If this is true, it will be a simple and easy solution to the problem. I would just wait and see for now, as these are the scenarios I have thought off:

    1. War 2.0 never comes out: Doesnt matter, as it would basicly mean the current war isnt edited either.
    2. War 2.0 comes out: We know nothing about what it will be really, so it is useless to make up conspiracy theories of totom adding a secret tactial reboot gun etc.
  19. sjuka_legogubbar

    sjuka_legogubbar ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I kind of agree with what @Lekosa1 said but I also like the idea of everyone being able to try all guns lethals etc, which is also kind of why gungame was created.

    I would either suggest having a rare gamemode where players get to pick any weapon, lethal, tactical etc, just like the war 2.0 beta where everything were unlocked for everyone. This could be a tdm gamemode. But this might not be liked by people who have laid down a lot of time to get guns that then can be used by everyone in this gamemode.

    Or, instead of the odea above gungame could be changed so that the starter gun is the best gun and the more kills the worse gun. Kind of like the current gungame but starting with law and ending with usp45, but of course adding the rest of the guns as well (cbow, flamethrower and minigun). And then after usp the last weapon could be something different such as getting c4's or grenades. This will also make gungame harder to win, and with that more balanced. Since if you're not as good it will be easier and easier to survive. The negative part might be that scores will (hopefully if my theory works) be worse for good players.

    (@Hitchens from my own experience of trying war 2.0 (testing sessions but also some 1v1's with @SkullcrusherLD) the guns are more skill dependant and higher leveled guns was not really better than lower leveled ones. It's (atleast with the snipers) easier to use lower leveled ones than high leveled guns, which means that the guns at a higher level requires more skill. But having this skill will mean the gun is better than the lower leveled gun. This might be a bit over exaggerated but it is somewhat like this. But however, players always wants to try out guns and lethals etc that they cannot yet use)
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    Last edited: Jun 19, 2017
  20. Tjocko

    Tjocko Wild West JMOD

    Make it a SATURDAY event?

    But for real tho, Sunday events are a huge problem, since a huge part of the Brawl European community has early school on Mondays. (It is late evening for some people from the EU.)

    Oh, and yes I do know that is summer vacation atm.
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