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Build Contest V: Space!

Discussion in 'Sponsored Events' started by GalaThundR, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. GalaThundR

    GalaThundR Build JMod | Mcpvp Veteran Build Team Wiki Team

    Ey everyone, we have a new build contest in store! August has arrived and school is going to start soon with some of you. Luckily what we have for you will allow you to explore what can be held outside our earthly duties.

    This month's contests theme has been chosen to be SPACE!
    We're looking for galaxies, alien planets, burning stars and silent giants traveling within the void that is space. Let your imagination go wild as there could possibly be anything lurking in the cold darkness. Aliens, spaceship armadas, maybe even a drunk scientist with his grandson flying around in his spaceship? Anything is possible out there, so don't let your creativity sit this one down!

    Enter to win some out-of-this-world prizes! If you don't like prizes you must be from a different planet. Everyone has a chance to get their hands on these when entered!

    Third place: 1 extra map and $10 to spend in the Brawl store.
    Second place: 2 extra maps and $15 to spend in the Brawl store.
    First place: 3 extra maps and $20 to spend in the Brawl store along with a special build contest winner medal!


    Connect to MinecraftBuild.com and type /create to make a map, then get building! If you've used up all your maps, feel free to ask me or any available staff member and we'll give you member perms on a flat map.

    Once you’re done, head over to the Build Showcases subforum and post a thread using the application form below. Make sure to change your prefix to "Contest Entry"!

    >Build Name:
    >Map ID:

    - You may work in a team of up to a maximum of 3 players, including you. Prizes will be split as equally as possible between teammates. Please also keep in mind that only the builders you mentioned in your application will receive a prize if your build is part of the top 3.


    • Plagiarism is not allowed; including copying other players’ builds from other worlds with WorldEdit.
    • Do not build anything that would be considered inappropriate or vulgar.
    • You may copy old creations that you built previously. Keep in mind that anyone who helped out with them will only receive a prize if they are mentioned in your application.
    • Build specific rules and general rules still apply.
    • You may enter only 1 submission for the contest.
    • You may not use schematic importing. Your contest entry must be made by you (and/or your team) on minecraftbuild.
    • You may not use external programs (such as worldpainter, mcedit, etc) to give yourself (and/or your team) an advantage over others. You must build your contest entry on minecraftbuild.

    August 31st 23:00 UTC

    All entries must be submitted HERE before the deadline. Please see the timezone converter to find out when the deadline is for you. All entries will be judged after the deadline. Winners will be announced a few days after the deadline.


    Here is where all the contestants will be listed. Once you submit your build for the contest, your map id and creator(s) name will be listed here. Feel free to visit other maps but make sure to leave if they ask you to do so. Report any signs of plagiarism to a staff member.

    1. Star Meme by @NateTheDerp (/map 353393)
    2. Pyrite Station by @Charlie_0014 (/map 387578)


    Remember that your builds will only be accepted if they're built on our build server: MinecraftBuild.com
    Use /play Build (1-3), or enter it through the hub to get started!

    Have fun and good luck, and have an astronomical day!
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    Last edited: Aug 20, 2017 at 12:31 PM
  2. tchuckraider

    tchuckraider Well-Known Member Wiki Team

    Good luck to the entries!!
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  3. Charlie_0014

    Charlie_0014 This is a custom title.

    Okay, this is different.
  4. OpTic_Toki

    OpTic_Toki War JMOD

    When are we doing steampunk :(
  5. Tomaple

    Tomaple Well-Known Loaf

    aw yeah ;D
  6. BestBillyBB

    BestBillyBB Member

    If we eventually do steampunk, I've got something in store. ;)
  7. Mr_BlueSheep

    Mr_BlueSheep Classified as Sheep since 2012

    I am so gonna enter this!
    Good luck to all contestants!!
  8. Knaber

    Knaber Well-Known Member

    "special build contest winner medal!" how in the world am i going to fit 3 of those in my achivement bar @-@

    "You may not use schematic importing. Your contest entry must be made by you (and/or your team) on minecraftbuild."
    Does this apply if i want to change something with a newer version of worledit in singleplayer only to re-import it to build? (since that is basicly what i did in the last contest) also, didnt wanna risk a world wipe :/
    EDIT: Does this apply since ive saved my world with //download due to the risk of it wiping, and, if i then import one of those safety saves, does that brake the rule?!

    "You may not use external programs (such as worldpainter, mcedit, etc) to give yourself (and/or your team) an advantage over others. You must build your contest entry on minecraftbuild."
    Just why the F does this rule even exist?! not planning to use any of these but still, just, why?
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    Last edited: Aug 2, 2017
  9. DaddyColor

    DaddyColor Sexy Sloths r sexy

    Good luck to everybody that enters!
    Hyped for this theme :D
  10. PiggyDerp

    PiggyDerp Well-Known Member

    Ummm am I missing something? The title of the post says "Build Contest V," however the application says "BUILD CONTEST IV?"
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  11. NateTheDerp

    NateTheDerp Well-Known Member

    I'll be sure to enter this contest! Good luck to everyone else participating.
  12. PiggyDerp

    PiggyDerp Well-Known Member

    crap someone just rated it funny, what am i missing here, am i humiliating myself?
  13. GalaThundR

    GalaThundR Build JMod | Mcpvp Veteran Build Team Wiki Team

    No I'm just a dumb little boy. I fixed it, ty for pointing it out.
    1: Yes
    2: No. If you are planning to use it as a backup that's fine. Do not import anything off other servers, single player worlds, websites, programs, etc.
    3: It goes in hand with the rule above. If you don't plan on using it what's the problem?
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  14. Fordale

    Fordale Active Member Build Team

    Can't wait to see what people come up with! Good luck!!!!
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  15. Knaber

    Knaber Well-Known Member

    3: Just dont see why people should not be able to use any tools neccesary to reach thier goals... Not an issue here if i want it or not i just dont see why it should be restricted at all.
  16. SFAT

    SFAT Ex Build SMOD

    Makes checking for plagiarism more difficult
  17. Armiral_Mugman

    Armiral_Mugman Dank Memer Wiki Team

    look guys. i made pluto!

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  18. Knaber

    Knaber Well-Known Member

    that is true, however, can you actually tell if somebody has imported anything or is the rule more of a preventive meassure?
  19. Mr_BlueSheep

    Mr_BlueSheep Classified as Sheep since 2012

    Just let builders spy on the contestants, problem solved.
  20. Lekosa1

    Lekosa1 mineman Build Team

    Not really unless the imported part was clearly made with World Painter or has marks of Voxel etc.
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