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I made some (pretty normie) raid memes.

Discussion in 'Raid' started by Entdude607, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Entdude607

    Entdude607 New Member

    All inspired by raid over the past day. 1tz1u0.jpg 7ad02e83c34d8202e970d06956e6addf.jpeg 61d89f975ab2cb7fb809e1f7cd5f93fa.jpeg d31092b464c711c49d2562921128717e.jpeg
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  2. Jeenss

    Jeenss L E G A C Y >:)


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  3. Buzzy357

    Buzzy357 Well-Known Member

    Why not get 15 people then?
  4. SillyPickles

    SillyPickles Well-Known Member

    its been like that for nearly 2 years (since ocean spawn) and people just complain rather than doing something about it lmao

    and we used to have more people just saying, they all quit tho sadly

    hi buzz buzz i love you
  5. Jeenss

    Jeenss L E G A C Y >:)

  6. FloatiesPvP

    FloatiesPvP Member

  7. tchuckraider

    tchuckraider Well-Known Member Wiki Team

    normie af but sorta funny
  8. Entdude607

    Entdude607 New Member

    A few of these were actually painful to make honestly. Glad you enjoyed.
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  9. KadenLmao

    KadenLmao Well-Known Member

    you people are cringy
  10. Colonel_Graff

    Colonel_Graff SUPPORT RAID AND BUY BOOSTS Wiki Team

    This would not be complete without this YouTube Meme...
    Folks, this was 6 months ago.

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    Last edited: Aug 14, 2017
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