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Build Contest V: Space - Results!

Discussion in 'Sponsored Events' started by GalaThundR, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. GalaThundR

    GalaThundR Build JMod | Mcpvp Veteran Build Team Wiki Team

    It's that time again to unveil the winners of last month's contest! Lets not procrastinate any longer, lets get into the results:


    In third place, we have @NateTheDerp's memey entry with his submission: Er, just an entry with dead memes? Check it out here. According to this entry, not only is Earth the home to the mass grave of countless memes, but also the void of space aswell! He has incorporated many different types of memes within his creation. We have to give it to him for his creativity here. Who knows, there may be a solar system filled with nothing but memes as we speak. The universe is a large place.

    @NateTheDerp wins $10 to spend in the Brawl store and 1 free map on McBuild! Good work!


    Here in second place, we have @maniwo with his Star Wars Mashup! Big fan of the franchise here I see. Here, Maniwo has created an armada of Milenium Falcons and TieĀ“ Fighters above to what seems to be a plasma shield. The scale of this creation is wonderful and truly shows an intimidating fleet traversing through the emptiness of space. Except with these guys around, it's truly crowded!

    @maniwo wins $15 and 2 free maps on McBuild. Congratulations!

    Last but definitely not least, in first place we have @KingOfTheCrows with his "Under Attack" submission! His creativity truly shined when creating this. A beautiful space station, wonderfully crafted fleets of ships and rockets, burning comets and asteroids, and even aliens within UFOs! In the midst of this battle you can see the immense fighting and battling occuring at this once proud and defined station. The detailing and glass work really gives this submission a spark in the aesthetics along with the sheer amount of events taking place at the same time giving off a good atmosphere of chaos and confusion! Very nice work!

    @KingOfTheCrows $20 to spend in the Brawl store, 3 free maps on McBuild, and a contest winner forums medal! We hope to see more!


    What did you think of the contest? Any suggestions or feedback for the future? Let us know down below!

    Remember that even if you didn't win, you've still got a chance at winning the Builder of the Month award every other month! Just head over to Build Showcases and submit your map, and you'll automatically be entered into the running. More info (including prizes) here.
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  2. 19kss

    19kss feminaz

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  3. ImDuallow

    ImDuallow Build Team Member

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  4. NateTheDerp

    NateTheDerp not a racist

    i actually got 3rd place?...
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  5. GalaThundR

    GalaThundR Build JMod | Mcpvp Veteran Build Team Wiki Team

    Atleast it's not 3 years late :)
  6. Lmao I'm not a "he" but ok xdd

    Thank you all the builders who voted for my entry and thank you Gala for making this contest!
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  7. tallscot

    tallscot salaaaaaaaaaaaa

    you included nate's build but not lekosa's

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  8. GalaThundR

    GalaThundR Build JMod | Mcpvp Veteran Build Team Wiki Team

    Builders cannot enter the contest.
    Whup my bad, Congratulations!
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  9. NazbolKnaber

    NazbolKnaber Well-Known Member

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  10. NickManEA

    NickManEA Well-Known Member

    Congratulations to the winners and basically all the participants for trying.
  11. Lekosa1

    Lekosa1 mineman Build Team

    Builders' submissions wont be added in the roster. A Builder can get a medal if his/her build is better than the 1st place build though.
  12. Bowser

    Bowser Member

    Good luck!
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  13. NickManEA

    NickManEA Well-Known Member

    The contest is already over :)
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  14. CrossBoone

    CrossBoone Well-Known Member

    Funny :3
  15. Fordale

    Fordale Friendly person since 1999 Build Team

    Congrats to the winners! All the builds were truly amazing! Great job everyone!
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  16. TY mom! xd jk
  17. Xelasi

    Xelasi [ [ b u i l d ] ] Build Team

    Great job guys! And good effort on everyone that submitted ^^ it was fun to look through them all. I saw some very cool space concepts and ideas.
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  18. yo when r da ppl finna have the 1st 2nd and 3rd build comp winners in the build lobby hue xd
  19. NinjaOfFlames

    NinjaOfFlames Member

  20. EddKrumbs

    EddKrumbs Well-Known Member Build Team

    Good job to everybody who participated! :) We're excited to see your builds in the next competition!
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