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Class rework (ninja)

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by monst3rman1ac, Sep 13, 2017.

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  1. monst3rman1ac

    monst3rman1ac Host of KitBrawl events.

    My idea is to need ninja so it's still original, but nerfed against the classes it is currently op against.


    Gold ninja sword (sharpness 4)
    Ender pearl (same as it is)
    Flash bombs (2 second cool down)
    Invisibility (crouching makes it go down by 2, not 1)

    Some ideas for nerfing the abilities:

    If you come out of invis, there is the same 2 second cooldown as before.

    You lose your speed for 1-3 seconds if attacked (still thinking about how long)
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    Last edited: Sep 13, 2017
  2. Wizzlol707

    Wizzlol707 Well-Known Member

    sorry man, it's my habit :p
    Hey @monst3rman1ac,
    I like your idea's on this subject. However,
    -Ninja has the weakest armor (none, that is)
    -Ninja has no steak or any healing mechanism
    -Ninja can be killed by sword with like 3-5 hits.
    So, to be honest, I think ninja is fine at the moment. I don't really see anything wrong with it. Although your idea's are useful enough, I do think ninja is fine where it is right now.
  3. Spades_

    Spades_ Least-Known-Well-Known Member

    Maybe include a poll?

    Ninja doesn't really need a nerf, I think it's fine where it is. Considering all of the classes that need to be tweaked (Pyro, assassin, archer, elf, etc.) ninja is pretty stable right now.
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  4. This is how you make people not want to play Ninja. Agreed with those above... Ninja doesn't need a nerf.

    Good to see you getting some forum activity though. I vaguely remember you from the old days on McPVP. You may or may not remember me (old IGN was zzy)
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  5. monst3rman1ac

    monst3rman1ac Host of KitBrawl events.

    Well I have been playing brawl for a while, but ironically am about 3 months new to the forums. :) And yes I remember you)

    I'm not finished yet at making better ideas for the nerf, as I've read your comments and have read over my post, I now am rethinking the nerf based on your comments. Especially what you said wiz, how ninja does not have any armor or healing.

    Most of these ideas are based on demolishing the annoying features as ninja as in:
    Archer and mage targeting, egg spam, camping the flag room while invis crouching.

    Although most ideas, are based on oneselves opinion, so these are pretty much the things about ninja that make me a bit annoyed.

    On most cases, but as a mage, chemist, and medic, if you're in a corner you can get dropped VERY easily by a ninja.
  6. Spades_

    Spades_ Least-Known-Well-Known Member

    This really only happens with good ninjas. Myself being a terrible ninja, I'm usually the one who gets dropped by medics and chemists. Especially now that medics have sharpness.

    It really depends on the player's skill level. Ninja is fine, egg spam is annoying, but the sword is in a pretty good spot atm.
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  7. monst3rman1ac

    monst3rman1ac Host of KitBrawl events.

    You know you do have a good point. But there are those ninjas who go to invis throw an egg at you hit you twice, repeat, and that's what some of the nerds I made are for.
  8. JPH9Nine

    JPH9Nine Member

    Honestly, Ninja seems fine the way it is other than the invis issue, which I might add that it should be made so archers cannot hit you when you first become invisible
  9. BrandinoB

    BrandinoB Well-Known Member

    The classes I find ninja to be OP against (almost guaranteed kills):
    • Assassin
    • Uninvisible ninjas
    The classes that ninja may or may not be able to kill based upon the ninja's and opponent's skill level:
    • Chemist
    • Medic
    • Archer
    • Pyro
    • Mage
    • Soldier-ish
    • Elf
    Classes that will generally take multiple tries to kill with ninja:
    • Heavy
    • Anyone above skill-level: NOOB soldier
    • Medic
    • Dwarf
    So basically, there's only a few instances where ninja, by itself, is OP. The only time it is OP by itself against the other described classes is when the ninja is an absolute god at pvp. Most everything else depends on each player's skill level. In groups is a whole different story, but there's not much you can do to stop that with any class except in official matches. Other than that, just gotta learn how to fight them.
    TL DR ninja is pretty balanced between low armor and high damage rn. IMO it's actually one of the most balanced classes out there, by itself.
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  10. Unifier

    Unifier Well-Known Member

    Ninja isn't really in need of a rework just yet, +1 for effort -1 for the ideas
    removing it's speed when being attacked would literally mean the death of any ninja because it literally has no armour and would be obliterated
  11. Miskey

    Miskey Leader of Annihilation | SMod | WW Sheriff

    Ninja, if anything, needs a mobility nerf over anything else. That being said I think the class is fine right now because it's one of the only things keeping medic and archer in check.
  12. Nucleon__

    Nucleon__ Well-Known Member

    While I do find ninjas particularly agitating to fight against (When I play classes such as mage, archer, or elf, this rework would heavily damage ninja as a class. I agree with everything said above^
    But glad to have you on the forums ^^
  13. j0nii_

    j0nii_ 5 Year CTFer | Asset Stealer

    Ninja is fine how it is
  14. NinjaOfFlames

    NinjaOfFlames Member

    If anything I think ninja should be given some food but it isn't worth changing it just for that.
    I say leave ninja as it is.

    Also all the ninjas should be given some kind of firepower XD
  15. Spades_

    Spades_ Least-Known-Well-Known Member

    What about elf, the ultimate counter??
  16. Miskey

    Miskey Leader of Annihilation | SMod | WW Sheriff

    Idk man, whenever I play a ppm and the enemy team has an elf I ask my defense to go ninja to counter and they still cap.

    Tl;Dr I'm hardstuck in these matches
  17. monst3rman1ac

    monst3rman1ac Host of KitBrawl events.

    Come to think of it, some, if not most of the things I said, don't really make sense because they are mostly based off my opinion. :C

    But, I agree with Miskey up top, I feel that ninjas should have a mobility buff.
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