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Give WW some love too!

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by YeBoiSoul, Oct 11, 2017.

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  1. YeBoiSoul

    YeBoiSoul Active Member

    Okay, lets get this over with. The new War update just dropped, and everyone is busting nuts over it. How about wild west? We need a update, a full fledged update. New guns. New drugs. New maps. And a new role. My old ideas have been ignored, so I will let you guys decide. Post some ideas in replies. We all want more updates. Lets go. :)
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  2. SnowCool21

    SnowCool21 Mod | Community, Apps & Marketing | War & CTF Ref

    Combat is already fine in my opinion, and I rarely see regulars ask for more guns. I don't really see the point.

    This would just make the already spread out combat even worse. If anything we need less drugs, not more.

    It takes about a year for a build team to make a map the size of Wild West's current map. Perhaps rework the map, that could be viable. But the build team is busy working on something else.

    What would this new role be? We need more detail: "a new role" could mean almost anything.
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  3. SquishyRyu

    SquishyRyu Dank Memer Wiki Team

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  4. TreeSixtyNoScope

    TreeSixtyNoScope Well-Known Member

    my version of roles LOL
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  5. Fadaad8

    Fadaad8 Well-Known Member

    I actually think that this is a really good idea what do you think @ChicknSlayr @Chilled_67 @Hitchens the 3 big mods

    New guns: no
    New drugs: nope nope
    New maps: well not really, what needs to change in the map is for it to be smaller.
    New role: like what exactly?

    And I agree it's wild what's turn for updates and changes
  6. ZaddyMeep

    ZaddyMeep WildWest MOD - Applications Team member

    I mean... We are working on something xD @Hitchens has something amazing planned for it, and we are all working really hard on it.
    We just gotta wait and pray Mario will be able to code for us at some point :x

    But like, we can't guarantee anything. We have no idea if anything will even be able to be done or not so please, we don't want another #Soon do we :V
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  7. Dsawemd

    Dsawemd Well-Known Member

    @chickenputty Is Wild West going to benefit from coding resources? Or is the gamemode final as is
  8. ZaddyMeep

    ZaddyMeep WildWest MOD - Applications Team member

    we can't guarantee anything

    I think you guys may have misinterpretted what @YeBoiSoul intended by "new drugs"
    I believe he meant that we change out the current ones we have, make newer drugs, and perhaps make newer effects from them.
    Regarding the map, we plan making it smaller. It seems that the build team is usually busy with other things, so it will take a while for this to happen
    Regarding the new "Role" I believe he my have been referreing to the "indian" role that Randomcitizen came up with in his GamePlan thread, which we would love to do if Mario is ever able to code for us.
    Again, no changes can be confirmed. We have no idea when or if there ever will be an update. However, I would like us all to be prepared for that day (if it comes) and to have an update ready to be handed to Mario and Putty.
    So please keep the ideas coming everyone!

    -Meep meep
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  9. Dsawemd

    Dsawemd Well-Known Member

    But I was asking if the gamemode was EVER going to get work done. Right now we have several glitches that need patching, we have a busted economy, and we have a stale meta.

    Surely you can say "Yes, we are going to continue putting resources into wild west"?

    If you can't guarantee at least that, the gamemode is dead.

    edit: and I'm only clarifying if you can guarantee that resources will continue to be put into wild west because it was surprising to read your comment that you couldn't guarantee there would EVER be "an update". Whatever "an update" means, I would hate to think that wild west was never going to be improved from its current unfortunate state.

    edit2: An example of resources being put in would be Preventing Indians from Burning to Death as soon as they spawn. That was an excellent change, and it happened very quickly, 1 or 2 server restarts after staff turned their attention to it. Little things like that, not a new map, not new guns. We need to know that kind of maintenance is still in Wild West's future.
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    Last edited: Oct 12, 2017
  10. ZaddyMeep

    ZaddyMeep WildWest MOD - Applications Team member

    Oh, I see.
    We will be able to do small and very SMALL fixes xd
    However, regarding major gameplay changes we can't confirm that kind of stuff. I do agree that things are uh in a rather... "unfortunate" condition. I assure you we will do what we can, but nothing big can be guaranteed.
  11. _Karst

    _Karst Well-Known Member


    Oke oke jk jk...

    New guns? Yes please (maybe a better shotgun for sheriffs?).
    New drugs? Nah.
    New map? A rework will do the trick, but the map needs to be smaller.
    New roles? I liked how Random did it:
    - Indians
    - Bandits
    - Sheriffs

    And I indeedly agree that Wild West should be the number 1 on the update list of Brawl!
  12. Fadaad8

    Fadaad8 Well-Known Member

    Can someone give me the link for the Indian bandit sheriff thing random made?

    O that's what you meant for the drugs ok well I kinda agree to change to time limit lower.

    Only the high staff members (owner and admins) can make the real changes in Wild West. But the thing meep and hitch are working on are probably the last hope for ww, so they need to make it happen. The higher staff has long neglected wild west and let it die out and leave it for The ww staff to struggle to keep it alive, if they don't accept this, I don't see much hope left for ww
  13. _Karst

    _Karst Well-Known Member

  14. Dsawemd

    Dsawemd Well-Known Member

    One of the small things that could be fixed is balance tweaking to drugs.

    Imagine this shakeup (most of which would require value adjusting only): all drug prices stay as they are now. Coco and Tobacco swap processing times. Tobacco remains illegal but the tobacco drug base is no longer an illegal location (sheriffs wouldn't come unless there was a rogue, non-rogues wouldn't be cuffed at tobacco base). Coco processing increases your bounty 2-3 times as fast as any other drug would, on top of the fast processing time. Shrooms grant extra raw drugs when harvested from the field. Wild grass processing time is affected by donor ranks 1/2 as much as other drugs, skill ranks still decrease time. Poppy is fine, doesn't need a tweak.

    If staff see after tweaks that a single drug is dominating the meta, like wild grass is now, they should further tweak to stop a single drug from being the most popular.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2017
  15. _Karst

    _Karst Well-Known Member

    Why? I think it is good that Wild Grass is a meta base. This makes teams get together and fight with each other. The player base will be spread way to much if you make Wild Grass non-meta.
  16. Dsawemd

    Dsawemd Well-Known Member

    Because it locks most of the economic value behind an elite pvp team gate. Teams like Meeps that let noobs process help, but still most new players would never go to Wild Grass to take advantage of the meta because it is unlikely they will survive it.

    Most team fights at WG base involve few actual drugs, unless its in the inventories of alts set to process while their owners fight.
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  17. Fadaad8

    Fadaad8 Well-Known Member

    Well yea he is right, when fighting at wg I barely see them proc nor do I see wg in their bodies if killed. Only team meeps really processes but only sometimes too, a lot of the times I do see processing happening is from alts.
  18. CrossBoone

    CrossBoone Well-Known Member

    You realize that tagging chickenputty literally does nothing? :3
  19. YeBoiSoul

    YeBoiSoul Active Member

    **** yes boi
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