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Uncensor p*ssy

Discussion in 'Suggestions / Ideas' started by SquishyRyu, Oct 12, 2017.


Uncensor p*ssy?

  1. Yes

    18 vote(s)
  2. No

    5 vote(s)
  1. SquishyRyu

    SquishyRyu Dank Memer Wiki Team

    if dick is uncensored p*ssy should be too. otherwise ur sexist. i'm sick and tired of having to use these gay asterisks **** to promote gender equality
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    Last edited: Oct 12, 2017
  2. Lekosa1

    Lekosa1 mineman Build Team Wiki Team

    i agree but i dont like #savage #rebel #XD
  3. 19kss

    19kss i hate most of you

    shutup :D
  4. SquishyRyu

    SquishyRyu Dank Memer Wiki Team

    go to your room
  5. Pizze

    Pizze Well-Known Member

    but Dick is a name
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  6. SquishyRyu

    SquishyRyu Dank Memer Wiki Team

    my cat is a p*ssy
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  7. redslime

    redslime Well-Known Member

  8. 19kss

    19kss i hate most of you

    not ingame, on forums

    dick as in richard i assume. doubt anybody would call someone "dick" if they are called "richard"
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  9. Yoshi

    Yoshi Public Relations Media

    i agree
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  10. Pyrotheum

    Pyrotheum Well-Known Member Build Team

    Good point, agree
  11. fatmeatball13

    fatmeatball13 Well-Known Cheater

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  12. MrSwat_

    MrSwat_ War 2.0 GSGer & Ex-WW Sheriff

  13. ZaddyMeep

    ZaddyMeep WildWest MOD - Applications Team member

    Sir, we are a Christian Server. We do not support that form of language *****.

    Keksdee @gifd @Nafsu

    On a more serious note, why don't we just censor "dick" as well....
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  14. LegalSkateboards

    LegalSkateboards Well-Known Member

    Here on Brawl we believe that everyone should be treated as equals. By censoring the word "dick" there may perhaps be a few individuals with the last name Dickinson who we'd be, without a doubt, discriminating against. I hope you see where this could be problematic. So as a community we're trying to resolve the painfully evident gender gap that Brawl's censorship staff member (aka Putty) has created.
  15. Pizze

    Pizze Well-Known Member

    nah i really know lots of people with that name
  16. SquishyRyu

    SquishyRyu Dank Memer Wiki Team

    Because this a forum for adult minemen who are mature enough to use those words
  17. Pyrotheum

    Pyrotheum Well-Known Member Build Team

    Dick is also a common male name.
  18. 19kss

    19kss i hate most of you

    and describes certain people ;)
  19. AnonymousGalaxy

    AnonymousGalaxy Raid Mod / Community Team Member

  20. enderdragon3615

    enderdragon3615 Well-Known Member

    This is a bit ridiculous...
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