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Hardcore Games Halloween Tournament Summary

Discussion in 'Sponsored Events' started by MattM1PVP, Oct 30, 2017.

  1. MattM1PVP

    MattM1PVP a staff Media

    Hello Brawlers,

    The Hardcore Games Halloween Tournament, consisting of both soup and no-soup HG, was held over the weekend. The tournament was a success, with slightly over 40 players attending the no-soup HG tournament, and 82 players attending the soup HG tournament. The no-soup HG tournament lasted about 40 minutes, and the soup HG tournament ending a little over the 1 hour mark.

    Now on to the winners:

    No-soup HG
    3rd place: @phearchyld
    2nd place: @xSentoTomato
    1st place: @Jumpreset

    Soup HG
    3rd place: @Tuumai
    2nd place: @TrueSkills
    1st place: @Zuxt

    We would like to thank you all for attending the event and making it a success. Stay tuned for future HG events!

    ~Brawl Staff Team
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  2. MisterGhale

    MisterGhale I like chemistry, thrillers, and HG.

    Yay a cheater wins the Soupevent hype hype
  3. Carnotauros

    Carnotauros Team Mel0n | Raid

    How’d you die?
  4. MisterGhale

    MisterGhale I like chemistry, thrillers, and HG.

    To the hacker
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  5. pAggYDaRP

    pAggYDaRP Well-Known Member

  6. TrueSkills

    TrueSkills Member

    I don't think he was cheating. I 1v1'd him for the finale, and would've one had I not lagged out. I got ghost killed for the win. GG
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