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Member benefits from voting

Discussion in 'Suggestions / Ideas' started by GittyChicken, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. GittyChicken

    GittyChicken Member

    All members get for voting is keeping Brawl up in its rank, I see no other reason why we vote for it.

    Why do we have KOTH (King Of The Hill) on Raid? I would think KOTH would be on KitPvP cause Raid is the survival and kitpvp is the main pvp gamemode, and what about the players that aren't necessarily good at PvP how can they hope to gain anything from KOTH? I was curious why we couldn't incorporate a vote crate for normal members, paid members, and staff members. Stuff is relatively easy to get on Brawl but in the 6 months you give till the next reset, its enough time to get situated and build up your kills and trackers and ores and what not and then have to start over. I don't mean leave the other gamemodes out on this but Raid would be the easiest to incorporate it into.

    For example the crate could consist of 30 day ranks VIP - ELITE, Gold blocks to get your gold count up, maybe some iron blocks or ingots, wood, Armor, Weapons, spawners because everyone knows u cant mine them cause they will break (which is kinda dumb to be honest), spawn eggs (I love that little thing you can do with the eggs in place of exp to get the spawn eggs tho its costly in exp), maybe a piece of paper you can win that your able to teleport to a specific block on the map maybe for a quick raid or even to slip far off spawn instead of running, etc. the chances can obviously be setup to super rare and stuff but the possibilities are endless lol. I think the members should get something for voting so we actually feel like voting in the first place. I honestly forget to vote because there is no motivation.

    Thx for reading! Have a great day :p !

    the paper idea only being able to be used once **
  2. Lekosa1

    Lekosa1 mineman Build Team Wiki Team

    Use your vote tokens for voting rewards. You can get enchanted books, gold, sponge etc. /vote
  3. GittyChicken

    GittyChicken Member

    @Lekosa1 i've never had any vote tokens, that or they're just really outta the way...
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