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War 2.0 is ****ed up for 1 reason

Discussion in '**UPDATED** MC-War 2.0' started by jelledk2000, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. jelledk2000

    jelledk2000 Active Member


    We need a anti fly plugin. bye
    2 hackers here but no mods...

    There are hackers coming with alts and VPNs flying so that isnt fun anymore to play...
  2. Sn4x5

    Sn4x5 Ex WarZ Mod

    Any Anticheat would need to be configured properly which is time consuming

  3. SoCool21

    SoCool21 Mod | Community, Apps & Marketing | War & CTF Ref

    Yeah, we're trying to think of solutions for this. We tried implementing an anticheat a month ago or so and it kicked most people for flying at the end of each game and we're not all too sure why. Our custom anticheat would need to be configured properly (which, as Sn4x5 said, is time consuming) to work with gun gamemodes, as it was originally made for PvP gamemodes like KitBrawl or Raid.

    There's usually mods on, but you were on at a bit of a weird time (1:45 PM UTC - EU mods would be at school/work, US mods would be asleep/wishing they were). An anticheat would hopefully fix this, but it'd take some time for us to get it right, as implementing one before didn't work well and decimated player counts while it was enabled. :{
  4. Lekosa1

    Lekosa1 mineman Build Team Wiki Team

    It was just if you were flying at the end of a game (ranked players).
  5. SoCool21

    SoCool21 Mod | Community, Apps & Marketing | War & CTF Ref

    Almost certain that all ranks can fly. As such, most people got kicked.
  6. Sn4x5

    Sn4x5 Ex WarZ Mod

    it's not time consuming at all if you know what you're doing, I was being sarcastic lol
  7. jelledk2000

    jelledk2000 Active Member

    I get your statement and I am not pissed at anyone of the staff. But it's really annoying to have like 4 people flying around you, using killaura and win the game by using hacks. It's not fun to play on War with that kind of players.
  8. SoCool21

    SoCool21 Mod | Community, Apps & Marketing | War & CTF Ref

    The admin who was in charge of anticheats no longer works here, as you know. Not to mention the anticheats we're using may just straight up not work on War 2.0 properly. Don't you think we'd have implemented an anticheat if it actually was easy?
  9. Sn4x5

    Sn4x5 Ex WarZ Mod

    Yea, that's exactly what I'm thinking.
    There's tons of Anticheats that work properly along the Game mechanics if done correctly, configuring NCP for example would probably work well if you just disable one or two checks and tweak Violations, same with Spartan, DAC, AAC etc. etc.
  10. ObamaTheReptile

    ObamaTheReptile Well-Known Member

    I mean, if the only problem before was kicking people when games ended, couldn't it be like toggled for a second at the problem moment so it wouldn't kick people? It's a workaround but it's not like it wouldn't work at all, if I understand the situation. Plus, if you didn't want to ever toggle it off, it could be a temporary solution until the real cause is identified and the error is fixed.
  11. R3W8

    R3W8 Member

    Na we don't need a antcheat we already have @Fista_Cupz
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  12. Usp45

    Usp45 Well-Known Member

    lets just say i was zooming around the map literally on accident because of labymod
  13. ItzYaBoiDRONE

    ItzYaBoiDRONE Legendary Player.

    What happens when the war mods are asleep and no one can moderate war? Have you noticed that literally all the war mods are in EU and none in NA?
  14. Fista_Cupz

    Fista_Cupz War MOD | Media (Managing, Media, Communication)

  15. Pyrotheum

    Pyrotheum Well-Known Member Build Team

    Op is european
  16. Fista_Cupz

    Fista_Cupz War MOD | Media (Managing, Media, Communication)

  17. pAggYDaRP

    pAggYDaRP Well-Known Member

    You think NA is bad, eh? Come livin' down under bro, where hackers are free to roam in Australia....
  18. R3W8

    R3W8 Member

    I wish I was in Europe lmao
  19. TreeSixtyNoScope

    TreeSixtyNoScope Well-Known Member

    The reason their anti cheat will never kick fly hackers because bullets do on and recoil is a thing, also some kill streaks make you fly. It is best to deal with it unless you want to be constantly kicked for fly.
  20. SoCool21

    SoCool21 Mod | Community, Apps & Marketing | War & CTF Ref

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