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New Years Maze Event

Discussion in 'Sponsored Events' started by Eil, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. Eil

    Eil Raid Manager | Team Legacy


    Hello Raiders!
    Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Christmas Maze Event previous advertised was unable to go ahead. However, it has been rescheduled - All the info for the new event is in this thread.



    In order to celebrate the holidays on Raid we have created a custom Winter themed maze as an event for our community; similar to the 1.7 maze on Survival PvP. The maze consists of two sections - The outer section has a global goal of opening the doors to the inner section, where players will race to be the first one to the center! If you currently do not have gear for the event, you have 2 weeks to get your hands on some - Log on, and start the grind! There is loot scattered all throughout the maze, and ranks to be won, so there will be plenty up for grabs during the event!

    We encourage you to record the event - The player with the best video will receive 1 month of Global Elite! Simply record, upload to YouTube, and post it in this thread - It can be anything from a montage, to a speed run. If you've never tried your hand at recording and editing before, give it go - We look forward to seeing what you create!



    Date: 7th January 2018 (Sunday)
    Time: 1PM ET | 6PM UTC | 7PM CET | 10AM PT



    Event Winner
    : 3 Months Global Elite
    Best Video: 1 Month Global Elite
    Extra: There are a number of other rank prizes up for grabs around the maze!
    More info on these on the day!


    Extra Info

    Certain features / rules have been changed for this event to make it better

    • A kit/gear is not provided - Bring your own!
    • Team warps will be disabled (personal warps can be used - use them well)
    • Ender pearls will be disabled
    • Any form of minimap is not allowed in this event
    • You cannot build in the maze


    We hope to see as many of you there as possible!
    You know what they say - The more the merrier, and we've had a very merry Christmas!

    Brawl Staff Team
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  2. Jeenss

    Jeenss Team Sublime

    still H Y P E
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2018
  3. Jum

    Jum Well-Known Member

    hi 2nd reply i must b cool
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  4. Carnotauros

    Carnotauros Team Mel0n | Raid

    hi 3rd reply i must b cool
  5. 19kss

    19kss special child

    christmas maze, now new years maze, whats next? weekend maze.
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  6. BuddyCroooock

    BuddyCroooock Well-Known Member

    How are u preventing this?
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  7. RiskyRuskii

    RiskyRuskii Well-Known Member

  8. AnimeLoverVerlyn

    AnimeLoverVerlyn Well-Known Member

    They can't, meaning the cheaters will win.
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  9. Jum

    Jum Well-Known Member

    everyone on the brawl network cheats, according to a few players :)
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  10. LegalSkateboards

    LegalSkateboards Well-Known Member

    You two silly billies always getting into lil' tussles!

    Anyhow hopefully I can make it. Going to be out for a while today :I
  11. Nitrocellulose

    Nitrocellulose Last true HG player ~ Legacy Member

    *half of SuB which refuses to accept the truth and keeps complaining that others are flaming and "hackusating" when all you guys do is ferment trouble so please get your facts right

    also @sportyman56 summed it up pretty well on some other thread, keep your thoughts to yourself or PM me but no need to start an argument on here
  12. Tuumai

    Tuumai Well-Known Member

    You guys mind stop? It's every single post someone is flaming and hackusating.
    There is literally no point... take it to the pms or something. Not trying to mini-mod.
    EDIT: This won't stop before someone is punished about flaming or hackusating in forums.
  13. Eil

    Eil Raid Manager | Team Legacy

    Due to a few issues with the map, we will be hosting the event tomorrow - Same time. The information in the thread has been updated. We apologise for the 1 day delay.
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  14. 19kss

    19kss special child

    yeh u didnt even have the event map on raid lmao.
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  15. Carnotauros

    Carnotauros Team Mel0n | Raid

    Thanks, I couldn’t come today but I will tomorrow.
  16. chickenputty

    chickenputty License & registration?

    Bring a coat!
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  17. Mr_BlueSheep

    Mr_BlueSheep Classified as Sheep since 2012

    So I just logged on, (realised I had nothing but stone tools, and in full confusion typed the /warp).
    I proceeded to hit (with fist) a full diamond guy I know from kit brawl. He hit me back with a diamond sword a few times until he realised it was me and he threw me a single piece of beef.

    Me and my single piece of beef (with stone tools) went into this maze, hoping to find some treasure.
    And after 10 minutes of walking around I found it! Treasure! I walked towards the stacks of nether rack laying on the ground in peace, picked them up, and continued the search.

    Another 10 minutes pass and I have found multiple (but empty) chests, this peace is disrupted by a name tag that I spotted in the distance, I managed to walk towards it (my hunger-bar getting lower with each step) and as an unpleasant surprise it's another full diamond. -I didn't know him from any server and tried to block my sword and shift a few times, which I think aggravated the man even more. (or woman I don't assume).

    This was the moment I started running, but my food bar was too low, and I didn't wanna lose my only friend (Mr. Steak). The full diamond started shooting me with his bow (punch II, power III I think). And I had no choice but to kill Mr. Steak.

    I was running for my life (literally) and I'm just throwing all my stacks of netherrack and all my stone tools on the ground in exchange for my life, but no, this man (or woman I don't assume) kept charging at me.

    And thus my life, and the life of another I couldn't save, were given to a man (or woman I don't assume) that I didn't know from any server, and was too thirsty for blood.

    (If I knew you could submit clips, I wouldn't have submitted because honestly It is 20 minutes of me derping around and finally dying to a dude that would've earned to win the maze much more by actually preparing)

    Im never joining raid again, hope everyone had a great time tho.
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    Last edited: Jan 8, 2018
  18. Jeenss

    Jeenss Team Sublime

    My POV :p
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  19. MattM1PVP

    MattM1PVP Ex-HG Staff Member Media

    Damn man (or woman I don't assume), that kinda sucks. It's a pity that that man (or woman I don't assume) managed to kill you eventually, I mean you and your best pal Mr. (or Mrs. I don't assume) Steak were doing so well. It's such a shame bro (or sis I don't assume), I wish you would have stuck around on raid for a longer time. It's full of fun boys (or girls I don't assume) who are looking for fast-paced PvP action. Also, these guys (or gals I don't assume) are always willing to chat with you, unless they're running or fighting a dude (or dudette I don't assume). Anyways, see ya man (or woman I don't assume), it was nice to read your story. Please post more in the future bro (or sis I don't assume).
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  20. DaddyPurest

    DaddyPurest Party Mod

    Why is the event during Sunday playoff football........
    Good luck to anyone who participates!
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