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Discussion in 'Raid' started by Tuumai, Jan 12, 2018 at 9:03 AM.

  1. Tuumai

    Tuumai Well-Known Member

    I'm curious to know hows people inventory look like before ''p4'' fight.
  2. Carnotauros

    Carnotauros Team Mel0n | Raid

    with a diamond pickaxe replacing one of the soups on the right, and 16 enderpearls replacing the other one. Of course full recrafts as well sometimes even 2x recrafts.
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  3. RiskyRuskii

    RiskyRuskii Well-Known Member

    Hey lads its me your main man CalledRainer!

    here is my inventory!

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  4. Ry23an

    Ry23an Orchard Thief

    Depends on who I'm fighting and where I'm fighting
  5. Tuumai

    Tuumai Well-Known Member

    But, there is no soup?

    Lets say Umm, team fight at spawn?
  6. RiskyRuskii

    RiskyRuskii Well-Known Member

    He pots up and crafts 3 soup, then uses his debuffs instantly to create more space for soup. Etc :)
  7. PingWoo

    PingWoo Well-Known Member

    A god does not simply show their secrets
    Quote By Doge: "YOU CANT KILL A GOD"!
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  8. Jum

    Jum Well-Known Member

    "who needs soups in raid when u got 3 staks of gapples"
    (actual quote btw)
  9. Ry23an

    Ry23an Orchard Thief

    Who has space for soup when you need 8 speed pots, 2fire res, pearls and picks to chase sub members down.
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  10. RiskyRuskii

    RiskyRuskii Well-Known Member

    Who needs gear at all when Vanta never logs on so you don't have to kill them
  11. CalledRainer

    CalledRainer Well-Known Member

    @RiskyRuskii Vanta members go to school or work instead of trying to be gangsters by staying up for a koth till 6am. and nolife Mc

    @Jum The fact that i can bring so many gapples and p4 sets just shows how good i am overall in the gamemode Raid as i get tons of gear and gold of which you dont even dare to dream.

    Raid is not just about PvP
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  12. RiskyRuskii

    RiskyRuskii Well-Known Member

    I'm going to break this down for you as you're special:

    1. I've only been to koth once and I'm on school Break.
    2. I don't no life this game, I actually work and go am still in school
    3. The fact you called me a no lifer makes me laugh as you no life and buy Haste II Boosters and be a base-b 24/7

    Don't call anyone a no lifer when clearly your the biggest mine man when you brag with how rich you are. And your vault always get raided but the fact you get all these sets and gaps back clearly shows that you no life and mine all day.
  13. SillyPickles

    SillyPickles Well-Known Member

    say whatever you want ur still a grade A loser
  14. Lekosa1

    Lekosa1 mineman Build Team Wiki Team

    lmfaoo raid is more toxic than warz xddd

    time to summon the allmighty Roke
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  15. RiskyRuskii

    RiskyRuskii Well-Known Member

    Why you hating on me lol
  16. Tuumai

    Tuumai Well-Known Member

    Another thread turns into a flaming war. @Eil wanna lock this?
    I'm so disappointed...
  17. CalledRainer

    CalledRainer Well-Known Member

    For me this thread is just an obvious provocation. Just because i playtactically more clever and can afford to bring 2 sets and gapples to team fights everyone turns green

    I havent ever brought 2 sets to a fair fight
  18. Tuumai

    Tuumai Well-Known Member

    Nothing to do with that. I'm actually curious and been for long time what other peoples inventory looks like.
  19. CalledRainer

    CalledRainer Well-Known Member

    Well i will post mine here #soon then. Curious on the reactions.
  20. Lord_Roke

    Lord_Roke #soon

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