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More Events for Raid

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by RiskyRuskii, Jan 12, 2018 at 1:31 PM.


Should brawl Host more events in Raid

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. RiskyRuskii

    RiskyRuskii Well-Known Member

    Seeing as KOTHS are one of the only action based team events which in my opinion is quite fun, could there be more events ? Maybe add another koth event in the week with a different time and day for other players in different time zones.

    Recently there was a Maze event and I think having custom events such as the Maze one once a month would be quite fun. Could even have custom events made in short notice buy perhaps an "Event team" and or by staff. An example for this small events could be parkour with pvp and you would have to do /event or something along the lines of that which could teleport you to the event arena.

    I feel like by having for community involved events and more specialality events could add more content to Raid.

    Also a tag along suggestion is perhaps 1 man events or duo events where you can only team with one person or where you can't team.

    Comment below if you have suggestions to add to this and or if you agree with or disagree with adding more events and small events alike by voting above ^

    *Events to my knowledge that have been held on raid: Maze 1.7, Maze map 3, Brackets and KOTHS
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  2. Ry23an

    Ry23an Orchard Thief

    Nearly every aus/nz raid player is truced so where would the competition at koths for their time zone come from?

    As for the events you should get on build and make one
  3. RiskyRuskii

    RiskyRuskii Well-Known Member

    I'm including other countries and continents too such as Asia,NA,SA, and the Oceania Region
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  4. CalledRainer

    CalledRainer Well-Known Member

    Will me the same as with the Maze. SuB has 30 people,truces everyone ams wins. =No competition=No fun = No pvp=****event
  5. SaltWood

    SaltWood Well-Known Member

  6. Tuumai

    Tuumai Well-Known Member

    We have one active team (10 members) truces Carnotauros(1 member) 10+1 =11
  7. CalledRainer

    CalledRainer Well-Known Member

    Your defimitely not good in maths xD

    If there is an event it should be a solo event. teaming and helping should be bannable
  8. Tuumai

    Tuumai Well-Known Member

    But if It's team event, just like Maze?
  9. CalledRainer

    CalledRainer Well-Known Member

    Noone will join since max 15-20 players will be able to join because everyone whos not in Vanta or SuB is going to get ganked in a 10 v 1
  10. Tuumai

    Tuumai Well-Known Member

    That't how big teams work.
  11. CalledRainer

    CalledRainer Well-Known Member

    But this doesnt attract new players. No new players = dead server
  12. Tuumai

    Tuumai Well-Known Member

    Would the old players enjoy the server anymore? That's a big question.
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