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Best trackers

Discussion in 'Raid' started by Bucket_o_chicken, Feb 12, 2018 at 12:56 PM.

  1. Bucket_o_chicken

    Bucket_o_chicken Active Member

    I here of some great trackers but my main ones are hockey xxxxxxxxkid ry32n colanelgraff and wurshartbannane
    List the top 10 trackers you know
  2. 0racle

    0racle Former Raid and Reports Manager

    I don't think you spelled a single name right there, but A for effort.

    Please tell me this was intentional btw.

    Regardless, my list (not in order):

    Myself (ofc), Bassmaster6, Macozzz, Acanos, Eil, Anon, Phyle11
  3. Carnotauros

    Carnotauros Team Mel0n | Raid

    Me, myself and I.
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  4. Bucket_o_chicken

    Bucket_o_chicken Active Member

    I'm on a tablet so it keeps auto correcting me
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  5. Speedcell

    Speedcell Raid Mod | Team Vanta

    @cookie_slayer12 was the best so far. He was also well-known as the "3sec track" on SPvP.
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  6. Colonel_Graff

    Colonel_Graff SUPPORT RAID AND BUY BOOSTS Wiki Team

    I don’t track, ever

    The fact I made it on this list is hilarious

    Also I think WorstBanananaeeaae or whatever quit for using macros :/
  7. Jeenss

    Jeenss Team Sublime

    I'd say that Hockey and lilfloat or pool and fezz are the best trackers.
  8. Bucket_o_chicken

    Bucket_o_chicken Active Member

    I meant someone else. I can't think of their name something close to yours
  9. AnonymousGalaxy

    AnonymousGalaxy Raid Mod / Community Team Member

    Top 10 Trackers imo (no particular order):
    bassmaster6, 0racle, Eil, me (xd), Macozz, Ritzy, Ultra, Jeenss, Acanos, and DazedFX
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  10. Eil

    Eil Raid Manager | Team Legacy

    Going to go with (in no particular order):
    bassmaster6, Acanos, bassmaster6, DazedFX, 0racle, Phyle11, Anon, bassmaster6, Macozz, Me
  11. hockeyxxxxxxkid

    hockeyxxxxxxkid Active Member

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  12. SillyPickles

    SillyPickles Well-Known Member

    yes yes +1 precisely exactly
  13. PingWoo

    PingWoo Well-Known Member

    where is SAO >:v
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