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[Mc-WarZ] CODE: Eliminate TARGET 3 Event

Discussion in 'Sponsored Events' started by JayOG, Feb 12, 2018 at 8:27 PM.

  1. JayOG

    JayOG wArZ MoD (ง'̀-'́)ง | lmaoooo

    Hello Zombies!

    Event: Eliminate TARGET 3
    When: February 17, 2018
    Time: 2PM EST / 7PM GMT / 8PM CET
    Where: 3.warz.brawl.com - /play WarZ 3


    Rumors are being spread through out the WarZ community about a special task force protecting an unknown individual... TARGET 3 as we have been notified he is being called.
    On February 17th, 2018 they will be transporting him around the older map geared to the max. We are looking for anyone who is willing to step up, and do our dirty work. Assassinate TARGET 3. This may be one of the hardest task you can be asked, a route of their tour can be found here:


    Try intercepting them at any point, make sure they don't get to the Village of Death and Sorrow known as Alcatraz. Once they have arrived there, if they do, our goal will be to break down it's fort and the forces protecting it, and eliminate TARGET 3 once and for all.
    A description of TARGET 3 will given out once the tour has started. Stay tuned for updates.


    The Village of Death and Sorrow, Alcatraz: 2018-02-03_16.45.11.png
    2018-02-03_18.51.34.png 2018-02-04_19.42.03.png 2018-02-04_19.42.13.png 2018-02-04_19.42.44.png 2018-02-04_19.43.13.png 2018-02-04_19.43.21.png 2018-02-04_19.43.28.png

    Hope to see you there guys! Remember we have an ongoing CLIP event for this month! Grab your recording application, and get recording during this event. Hope you all have fun and we can continue making WarZ GREAT AGAIN!!!

    Remember you can submit as many clips as you would like! http://www.brawl.com/threads/71430/
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  2. Xion

    Xion Well-Known Cheater

    put me on the team bro
  3. Ice_Bear1

    Ice_Bear1 Member

    Ice bear would join but Ice Bear doesn't do WarZ Ice Bear asks if this is meant for geared players only?
  4. JayOG

    JayOG wArZ MoD (ง'̀-'́)ง | lmaoooo

    Players will receive gear.

    NMHRODMAN1SBEST Well-Known Member

    Can't wait.
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  6. Ice_Bear1

    Ice_Bear1 Member

    Ice Bear says thanks count Ice Bear in.
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  7. tallscot

    tallscot salaaaaaaaaaaaa

    if I'm not a part of defending target 3 im gonna get arngy
  8. Communications

    Communications Active Member

    ill defend him im special sponsered video i will recort it for defend pls thx?
  9. JayOG

    JayOG wArZ MoD (ง'̀-'́)ง | lmaoooo

    ;V the team will be decided by me, I got most people already stop asking fellars
  10. tallscot

    tallscot salaaaaaaaaaaaa

    I clutched those people in fortnite u know im good let me in
  11. NickManEA

    NickManEA Well-Known Member

    Creative event idea Jay, seems very interesting and promising!
    I may be there because of this ;)
  12. JayOG

    JayOG wArZ MoD (ง'̀-'́)ง | lmaoooo

    WHAT DO U MEANNNN that was MEE
  13. tallscot

    tallscot salaaaaaaaaaaaa

    idk what you're talking about
  14. Chilled_67

    Chilled_67 Wildwest Mod | Templars

    pregame hypee
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  15. Yorei

    Yorei Well-Known Member

    hopped on for the event:

    within 1 hour there was no staff and /event kit abusers flying and speed hacking, killing everyone who was trying to have fun afterwards. i tried to /report, and nobody came on. I /supported 3 times and got a warning. I did it once more and got banned. pretty pathetic that staff choose to ignore cheaters.
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