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Plot Wars II: October Edition!

Discussion in 'Sponsored Events' started by xxMineSheepxx, Sep 29, 2018.

  1. xxMineSheepxx

    Build Team Wiki Team

    May 17, 2015
    Hey builders!

    We hope you all enjoyed the 'Architecture' themed build competition! Thanks to everyone for participating. This month, we are back at it again with another edition of Plot Wars :fire::boom::brawl:

    Autumnn has finally dawned upon us, relinquishing the stifling summer heat. It is a great relief to finally have some cool autumn breeze after withstanding such an intense blaze over the past few months. As the environment shifts to its classic red, orange, and yellow, we also anticipate the annual trick-or-treating and spook! To celebrate such a dynamic month, we based this plot wars off of autumn and halloween!

    :ghost::jack_o_lantern: Plot Wars - October Edition! :jack_o_lantern::ghost:


    The way this works is simple. The style is similar to that of a tournament, and there will be 4 total plot world build competitions (once a week). One of the four themes would be chosen at random, and you will be asked to build the selected theme in a 30x30 plot for 45 minutes + 15 minute flexibility.

    There will be a leaderboard, and whoever accumulates the most points over the tournament wins! Remember, even if you don't make it to the first three places, you will still get points for participation which may help give you an edge over other competitors.

    You may choose to build in teams for this competition, but may only have two members per team. Anyone exceeding will be warned, and should you continue to build with over 2 people, you will be disqualified for that round. However, building individually and placing in the top 3 will earn 2 bonus points.

    Winning as a team means that the prizes would split between the pair. However, do not feel bound to be in a team for the entire duration of the competition. Ranks and scores are calculated individually, so it is alright to leave and/or collaborate with someone else.


    To commend you for your hard work, talent, and participation, prizes will be awarded to the overall winner and round winners!

    Round Winners: 2 extra maps and $5 to spend in the Brawl store!

    Overall Winner(s): $15 to spend in the Brawl store along with the special build contest winner medal!


    To join, connect to 1.minecraftbuild.com and teleport to us to join the competition. You will then be permed as MEMBER. You may work in teams of 2 if preferred, but no more than that (more info on teams above). Don’t worry if you cannot make it to all the competitions, your scores will still be counted.

    Dates & times to the competitions:
    • October 6: 4 pm UTC
    • October 13: 6 pm UTC
    • October 20: 8 pm UTC
    • October 27: 4 pm UTC
    Timezone Converter


    On the day of the competition, a theme from the following will be chosen at random. Try your best to fit the theme completely - building unrelated elements to your plot may make it look nicer, but doing so may hinder the originality score, and would not increase the aesthetics score. What is considered unrelated elements are things that are not even slightly relevant to the theme, and is put as the main focus instead of the required theme.

    Tthe themes and what they entail are as detailed below.
    • Autumn Landscape
      With this theme, build anything from gently swaying trees, to paths filled with leaves, to long winding rivers - anything that resembles an autumn landscape is accepted!

    • ‘Red, Orange, Yellow’ block palette
      In this theme, you may choose to build anything you wish, as long as the large majority, if not all, of the build utilizes red, orange, and yellow blocks. You do not have to limit yourself to just clay and wool - as long as they resemble the colors, they are accepted. Darker/lighter hues of the block palette are still accepted, such as soulsand and white stained clay. A small percentage of the build can be white, grey, and black blocks.

    • Haunted House
      Build a haunted house! Feel free to build just an exterior, or include detailed, spooky interiors within! You can make ghosts floating around, or maybe even a cemetary outside the house. As long as there is a haunted house involved, it qualifies as this theme!

    • Pumpkin Patch
      Build pumpkins of various sizes. Feel free to add anything that may spice up your pumpkin patch as long as it doesn't take away the focus from the pumpkin patch. This theme targets at creativity.


    • Plagiarism is not allowed; including copying other players’ builds from other worlds/plots with WorldEdit.
    • Do not build anything that would be considered inappropriate or vulgar.
    • You may not use old creations that you built previously, and may not paste in any builds.
    • You may not leave the map/server at any time (unless you provide a good explanation).
    • Build specific rules and general rules still apply.
    • You may not use schematic importing. Your contest entry must be made by you (and/or your team) on the map.
    • Build in your plot and only your plot.
    • Do not grief other people’s builds.
    Failure to comply with these rules will result in disqualification or further punishment.


    Here are the criteria in which the build submission will be judged:

    Originality - How creative and individual the submission is.
    Detail - The attention to detail, how well the build is executed, how much effort is put in, etc. (please do not over-detail, ie: spamming stairs and slabs - this is not what we mean by detail)
    Look - The overall look of the submission; everything flows well and builds complement each other.

    Each criterion is marked from a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the least, and 10 being the best. Each build team member will rate each criterion, and the average ratings for each criterion will be shown. The sum of average marks of each criterion will be added up to determine the rankings/winners (the more overall points, the higher the ranking).

    Tiebreaker: If two (or more) builds have the same overall points, the build team and build staff members would then vote on who they believe should be first/second, etc. If a tie arises again, further discussion will take place.


    No leaderboards yet.

    How to score points:
    Over the competitions, you will be awarded points that will eventually be tallied up to calculate your final score and determine the overall rankings.

    First place: 10 (+2*) pts
    Second place: 9 (+2*) pts
    Third place: 8 (+2*) pts
    Participation: 5 pts

    *Bonus points are awarded to those who build individually and place in the top three.
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  2. Reduced4Lyfe

    Reduced4Lyfe Member

    Oct 9, 2017
  3. xxMineSheepxx

    Build Team Wiki Team

    May 17, 2015
    World edit is allowed, but copy and pasting something from a different world isn’t.
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  4. NickManEA

    NickManEA Build JMOD

    Aug 8, 2015
    I am excited to see the builds of everyone who is going to participate!
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  5. Charlie_0014

    Charlie_0014 In-game Support

    Mar 19, 2016
    Winners of round 1:
    3rd: spacegirl12
    2nd: Kurzad
    1st: ThanosCqr
    Theme: Autumn Landscape
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