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Complete Petra

Discussion in 'Map Submissions' started by arkham2012, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. arkham2012

    arkham2012 Member

    Oct 17, 2016
    CTF Map Submission

    Map Name: Petra
    Map ID: 420035
    Style: Jordan Ruins
    Creator(s): PV__nRT, arkham2012, Woulffy, Lceman502
    Structure Restricted Areas: Flagroom entrance/exits, around flag, in and around spawn
    Configured (yes/no): yes
    Number of Caps: 3

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  2. Kayrex

    Kayrex Well-Known Mineman!

    Apr 14, 2017
    Very clean. +1
  3. Jul13n

    Jul13n aka Scape

    May 17, 2015
    so having checked it out on build, i have few big technical points that i hope could be fixed to some extent–
    (i highlighted the main point in each paragraph :sweat_smile: sorry for much text)

    i really love the map (the minute detail and overall ancient Egyptian ruin design is on point), but my biggest concern is how big it is
    ....now length isnt a problem if there is a lot of buildings and structures to provide cover and fill up the space, but although there is some light cover en route from spawn to mid with the spawn sponges (i'm disregarding aimlessly running to center mid where it's a 100% death sentence by archer firing squad) when you reach the opposing side and most especially when you have to cross the mid-line section on the opposing side to go toward the opposing flag, the decent manageable archer cover becomes near to thin air, while also keeping in mind archers could have even greater bird's eye view at any of the higher elevation points

    ...to go off of that, if there were additional sponges, then that could help mitigate the need for archer cover.
    For example, if there was an additional sponge on the far, opposite side of spawn so your team's offense could spend more time but to be much safer from archers by crossing the mid-line on their side through some tunnels/structures while then providing a bit less effective horizontal sponge (than the ones at spawn) to be propelled in the direction of the majority of incoming enemy offense but being put nearly right next to the flag building, then thatd be a great other option
    ...also, tbh itd be helpful if the large aqueduct had at least one vertical sponge on an end to help prevent a soldier-dominated game as well, bc it's hella high and the only other vertical sponges afaik are two on complementary sides of the temple entrance at the far middle end on each team's side of the map

    .....to go off of all of that, which could help fix a lot of it, is the location of spawn and the flagroom – it's such a big map yet theyre so close to each other, adjacent on the same side of the map, and it requires the opposing offense, coming from the spawn sponges, to run another 1/2 of the primary offensive route distance, of which is the most open and susceptible to archer fire, just to reach the enemy flag (compared to if the flagroom was on the other side of the map from spawn)
    even if the spawn sponge took the offense to nearly just outside of the enemy flagroom, i think itd be fair, because, the map being so large, the travel back to their own flag would be very long and strenuous against archer fire with light cover, high elevation, and no underground and for there being no sponge to horizontally send the flag carrier back (the enemy team's spawn sponge is out of question since they could just respawn and/or hit the flagcarrier into the spawn)

    so theres a few ways to improve the map tbh, not to say that it wouldnt work well as is, just not optimal, but if u need any more help or if u want further feedback lmk!
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  4. Cardona360

    Cardona360 Well-Known Member

    Oct 8, 2015
    I like how unique this map is, the positioning of the flagrooms is also something to note. I think perhaps a sign pointing in the direction of the flagroom would be great, to make it more evident as to where the flagroom is.