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Sep 7, 2016
  • Brawl Slack Wiki

    What is Slack?
    Slack is a platform where you can converse with other players in chat channels, as well as send direct messages and create private chat groups. Slack also offers another way of reporting hackers or requesting help from staff. You can access Slack through your web browser, or you can download the Slack for mobile clients.

    How do I report hackers?
    To report hackers on Slack is very simple. You can alert a staff member through the "#hacker-reports" channel by stating the hacker’s name and the server that they’re on. This way of reporting hackers that doesn’t require any video evidence, as a staff member will get on the server as quick as possible. We also track reports that are made on Slack, which will eventually go toward contests at the end of the month in Brawl News. However, all video reports should still be sent to http://report.brawl.com.

    Can I report anything else on Slack?
    As well as reporting hackers on our Slack, you can also report players who are violating chat rules such as advertising or spamming. Such reports should be made in the "#chat-reports" channel with a full screenshot or video and the server the rule breaker was found on. A staff member will take care of the situation as soon as possible. Aside from this, you can report any bugs that you see in-game in the "#bug-reports" channel. This allows the staff and the developers to find bugs as quick as possible, as opposed to finding and reading a thread on the forums.

    Can I stay up-to-date with announcements using Slack?
    Yes! There is an Announcements channel on Slack, which tends to announce smaller things than announcement threads on the forums. Things such as rebooting servers and new Slack updates are some of the many things that you can stay up to date with, which is useful as they are not announcements that you can see on the forums.

    Where can I speak to others?
    There are quite a few channels designated for chatting with others. This includes the "#casual" and "#random" channels. In the casual channel, you can discuss anything Brawl related, whereas the random channel is great for anything else.

    How can I contact a staff member?
    The great thing about Slack is that users instantly receive messages. Rather than creating a forum PM and waiting for a response, you can directly message an online staff member and ask for assistance. There is a bar on the left side of your screen (mobile users have to tap the Slack icon at the top left hand corner for the bar to appear), and direct messages will be located at the bottom. Click on the "+" button, and search for a staff member who is online. You can also ask for help in the "#support-chat" channel and have staff members as well as knowledgeable members answer your call for help.

    How can I report a bug?
    There is a channel "#bug-reports" made especially for bugs. See a bug? You can immediately report it there and coders can review over it, the quickest way to get a nasty bug out of the way.

    You can join our Slack group by filling out a simple form here: http://www.brawl.com/slack.
    We will be constantly checking for new submissions and inviting everyone who fills out a form.