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  1. Gehenna_Beam
    Gehenna_Beam Yupper
    I just looked over your application again, and you can speak 4 languages? Dang! I wish I could speak at least a second language.
  2. MoistMayonnaise
    MoistMayonnaise Gehenna_Beam
    +1 lets get an ex staff member back on the team and if you want I will apply if you get accepted xD
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  3. Celezian
    Celezian Gehenna_Beam
    +1 Know you from Wild West, you were a good staff member in the past so I don't see a problem with you becoming one again.
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  4. NotQuiteEnough
    I just got banned for (Inventoryclicks)?
  5. Yorei
    Yorei Gehenna_Beam
    Despite your past and my unfamiliarity with your general character, you seem to be willing to contribute to the community. Have a +1 from me.
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  6. AirstrikeXD
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  7. UnknownPleasures
    I'll be playing CTF now. Also, where tf did WildWest go? :(
  8. xGhale
    xGhale Gehenna_Beam
    Yee +1 from me, you did what I tried to do but did so much more successfully - you changed. Good stuff, obviously I have no clue as to your activity but pfft
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    2. Gehenna_Beam
      I’m mainly on in morning and night EST.
      Aug 23, 2019 at 6:21 PM
  9. Admiral_Munson
    Admiral_Munson Gehenna_Beam
    Personal views are only an issue, to me, if you are actively seeking out and harassing people. Either that or if, once called out on certain statements, do not apologize and at least try to do better (whether you change your core values or not). Sibs is a good example of this as he was being transphobic in discord and proceeded to be abusive to Tom once he was called out on his behavior.
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    3. xGhale
      He's an Admiral why wouldn't you admire the man
      Aug 23, 2019 at 4:26 PM
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    4. Yorei
      Exactly, none of the statements in the mod app were hateful, and it is okay to be against homo-anything as long as this is limited to your opinion and nothing goes beyond (harassment, violence, etc.). These personal views should mean nothing as long as he treats everyone fairly on Brawl, which I hope would be reflective of his person outside of Brawl.
      Aug 23, 2019 at 6:01 PM
    5. Admiral_Munson
      Well said
      Aug 23, 2019 at 8:29 PM
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    MR_EVIL_OVERLORD tupaq19
    Nice earring or mole on your ear...
  11. Gehenna_Beam
    I'm sorry to those I might have hurt in those stupid religious debates. I wish I never started them.
  12. Gehenna_Beam
  13. Gehenna_Beam
  14. Gehenna_Beam
  15. xGhale
  16. FlexLikeOuuu
  17. NotQuiteEnough
    I can calap WhySneak and Moistmayonnaise in a 2v1 because they're ez on Moist's channel you can see me calap him
  18. LoliHin
    LoliHin NickManEA
    i gey boi xd lol dont even friends
  19. BrosBeforeHoes_
  20. AirstrikeXD
    AirstrikeXD Snail_5_
    slug or snail?
    1. Snail_5_
      Aug 20, 2019 at 8:57 AM