Survival Shooter Minecraft Server

MC-WarZ is a zombie survival gamemode with guns. It emerges you into a world of infinite possibilities, maybe you will be a hero and gather or kill all players as a bandit. Gather some friends or go in solo as you gain loot to fight off the horde, and other players.

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# Player Elo
1 Affeholmis767
2 Nxkron730
3 Ursula669
4 Pomegranate664
5 randallmango642
Title Poster Views
Warz 20 and 21 are the only ways to bring back the community together! DonFreudlose 64
WarZ Winter Season 2020 Squidward 150
Top 10 Best Players of November 2020 Warrey 143
Cringe tyranno107 118
Add back WarZ 20 Warrey 109
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