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Awarded Medals

  1. Awarded: Sep 24, 2016

    Map Creator

    Made a map or build and had it added to the Brawl servers.

  2. Awarded: Mar 2, 2018

    Trivia Winner

    First to answer a Brawl News trivia question correctly.

  3. Awarded: Mar 1, 2017

    Featured Builder

    Was chosen as the featured builder of the month in the Brawl News.

  4. Awarded: Nov 3, 2018

    Former Staff

    Previously a staff member for the Brawl servers.

  5. Awarded: Mar 8, 2017

    Build Competition Winner

    Won first in a build contest.

  6. Awarded: May 14, 2016

    Iron Donor - $10

    Donation of at least $10.00 USD to Brawl.

  7. Awarded: Feb 10, 2019

    Report Champion

    Reported the most rule breakers in a month.