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Staff Team

Our staff team is a dedicated to keeping the games functioning smoothly. They answer questions, discipline players, and work to upkeep and improve the games.

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MOD CardonationMOD Swit2427ADMIN ChapMOD HavaiDEV SprockJMOD Spades_MOD wintergreen3MOD FoodcourtJMOD Necromancer51572SMOD Snail_5_MOD Gould_DEV DeZillaMOD NMHRODMAN1SBESTJMOD YupperSMOD SoCool21ADMIN MiskeySMOD VersionsADMIN Lord_RokeJMOD auromeltSMOD NohoxMOD NinsanitySMOD CarnotaurosMOD MoistMayonnaiseSMOD RitzyJMOD AtumADMIN xxMineSheepxxMOD CarsonnDEV SlaveMOD Charlie_0014OWNER chickenputtyADMIN yinscapeMOD puhdgyMOD SuperBen4ADMIN SignaturedJMOD AURailingDEV darkbroADMIN EilMOD scapezarMOD Yorei

Build Team

These players are responsible for the awesome maps you see on Brawl. They are very good at placing blocks!

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BUILDER AndyinaBEARsuitBUILDER AcyclovirBUILDER FordaleBUILDER loicvdbBUILDER Mr_BlueSheepBUILDER Reduced4Lyfe

Media Team

These players create all the cool content for Brawl. From montages, trailers, to game art.

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MEDIA Snail_5_MEDIA gewkawdahMEDIA ExtremeEvoboostMEDIA joy

Wiki Team

These players are dedicated to documenting the ins and outs of Brawl and every game. Have you viewed the wiki yet?

WIKI Lekosa1WIKI xxMineSheepxxWIKI TurmacWIKI Colonel_Graff