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Staff Team

Our staff team is a dedicated to keeping the games functioning smoothly. They answer questions, discipline players, and work to upkeep and improve the games.

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JMOD NMHRODMAN1SBESTMOD MarthusMOD AtumJMOD SparrowxDEV RyGuyMOD YupperJMOD recSMOD Snail_5_JMOD FengunMOD wintergreen3MOD VersionsDEV 915DEV BrawlBotADMIN EilADMIN Lord_RokeOWNER chickenputtyJMOD TwisterPvPDEV darkbroMOD ExaggerationMOD sch104ADMIN xxMineSheepxxJMOD CoCaptainBlueSMOD yairsterMOD FoodcourtMOD ProuddyyyDEV DeZillaMOD N0DUSMEMOD SuperBen4MOD CarsonnADMIN RitzySMOD NohoxMOD puhdgyADMIN ChapDEV SignaturedMOD auromeltDEV SlaveMOD Swit2427MOD BloomishlyADMIN yinscape

Build Team

These players are responsible for the awesome maps you see on Brawl. They are very good at placing blocks!

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BUILDER LemonTheCakeBUILDER Reduced4LyfeBUILDER loicvdbBUILDER Lekosa1BUILDER AndyinaBEARsuitBUILDER Tjodolf

Media Team

These players create all the cool content for Brawl. From montages, trailers, to game art.

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MEDIA joyMEDIA Snail_5_MEDIA ExtremeEvoboostMEDIA gewkawdah

Wiki Team

These players are dedicated to documenting the ins and outs of Brawl and every game. Have you viewed the wiki yet?

WIKI Lekosa1WIKI xxMineSheepxxWIKI TurmacWIKI Colonel_Graff