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Comments on Profile Post by Carnotauros

  1. _Karst
    I know, they say other reasons. But in the back of their brains they think about the ELITE :)
    Feb 13, 2018
  2. loicvdb
    Well, tell me if I'm wrong, but I think semi-staff have ELITE too, and it's a much faster and easier way of getting it. People wouldn't spend month applying for staff if it was just for the ELITE.
    Feb 14, 2018
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  3. Carnotauros
    Media and builder ranks get elite too
    Feb 14, 2018
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  4. _Karst
    Oke they dont do it for Elite. Then delete their elite powers and give them the mod powers only.
    Feb 14, 2018
  5. AnimeLoverVerlyn
    And giving people incentive to apply at no cost to the server is bad, why?
    Feb 19, 2018
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