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Comments on Profile Post by DeadRhos

  1. 0racle
    Well, a lot lol. Over the past year+ I have had time to refocus and find a balance between different things / let issues go or solve them. From that time, university has definitely helped me to mature and taught me how to handle things properly when in management-like positions (explained in my app).
    May 7, 2018
  2. 0racle
    I also cleared the air in a sense with most people I had issues with prior to my resignation, and it was agreed that the past is the past and we moved on from those events. I suppose I just needed a bit of a break, and now I feel refreshed and want to help out the gamemode + community I still love.
    May 7, 2018
  3. DeadRhos
    I meant in terms of getting things done - you were pretty frustrated at higher staff at the time, why do you think it would be different this time around?
    May 7, 2018
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  4. 0racle
    Well the new admins + dev promoted was definitely a promising sign, and with my renewed mindset, I definitely see how to suggest ideas properly / communicate better myself with the higher ups - which was a huge issue for me before. I also think the break has helped cool things down between personal feuds, which definitely helps things out with communication.
    May 7, 2018
  5. Maryland
    It may be a promising sign but the do not have high expectations. You will be disappointed. Anyways I can't remember why I didn't like you so +1.
    Jun 5, 2018
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