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Comments on Profile Post by prefunctory7428

  1. randomcitizen1
    I remember that profile picture and a certain "MarcusHu" that used to be next to it. :v Man, our old conversation really takes me back. I don't play on the server anymore, but I lurk around on the forums and chat with a few people from here. Best of luck with finishing up high school in the midst of all this. Hopefully you won't be bored between wrapping up highschool, your music, and whatever else you do.
    Aug 10, 2020
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  2. prefunctory7428
    Haha I am glad both of us have deep impressions of another! Brawl shrank to a shadow of its past, yet it has made mark on our experiences. :> Your syntax and choice of words retains your personality as strikingly as ever :]

    Do you like sports?
    Aug 14, 2020
  3. randomcitizen1
    Hopefully my choice of words retain my personality without coming off as pretentious and cringy like they did back in the day. :L

    I'm not a big fan of sports. I don't dislike them, but I also don't really watch them. I'll watch the Olympics though.
    Aug 16, 2020
  4. prefunctory7428
    Lol no Random back in the day you were perceived equally as nice as you are now. It is a tendency to be self conscious. I am really curious about which culture/place in the world produced a unique personality such as you.

    I see! Do you do sports, or which sport do you like watching the most?
    Aug 17, 2020
  5. randomcitizen1
    Lets take this to our PM. I've messaged you there.
    Aug 17, 2020