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What We're Looking For - Moderator Applications

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Signatured, May 5, 2014.

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  1. Signatured

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    Sep 13, 2013
    Staff Applications - What are we looking for?

    We have a large community here at Brawl.com, and with that comes lots of Moderator Applications. We see the good, the bad and the ugly. This short but informative guide should help your dress up your application into a good, quality app.
    Good luck!



    Being staff here on Brawl is a big position to handle, no matter what server you're moderator on. This is where your maturity comes into play. First, lets go over what immaturity is. If you've ever complained in chat about being killed, or blatantly called someone a hacker in chat, that's considered being immature. We need our moderators to be calm and collected in even the most heated of situations. If you believe a player is cheating or hacking in any way, gather sufficient proof and report it in a proper manner. Expressing your anger in chat shows immaturity, and will usually lead to a moderators demotion / warning.

    Maturity can also be shown by how you represent yourself on the forums. If you're known as a spammer, posting useless, unneeded info, you might want to clean up your act before applying for moderator. We don't want staff posting useless material on our forums. Keep your posts helpful and on-topic, it'll significantly improve your chances of being promoted.



    In order to become Moderator, you have to be active on the server you are applying for, the forums section you are applying for, and preferably on our Community Discord server. This is so that if you are promoted, you already have some experience in how to moderate our forums as well as in-game. If you are considered inactive on one of the three, there is a chance that their will be another applicant along side you, most likely, more prepared for the position.

    Above all, in-game activity is very important if you are wanting to apply for a staff position. We are looking for staff members that will be able to log on every day, and that will be able to spend at least an hour a day on the servers (sometimes less, but generally an hour). Staff must be active in-game, so if you’re inactive when you apply, you most likely won't be accepted.

    However, Forums activity is almost as important as in-game. The forums are made up of our more active and helpful community, thus the ones that get to take part in making decisions and creating suggestions for the servers. It is our job as moderators to keep our specific section clean, help users with their questions, needs, and to let our opinions known. In order to accomplish this, you must be active and have a working knowledge on how our forums works. Members look up to staff members and their opinions, so it’s important to be active and help them out to the best of our abilities.

    Discord, all though some may say a small requirement to become Moderator, also makes a huge impact on whether or not you will make the cut. Discord is where we get to communicate verbally with our members, and so we can help them with some live issues. This is also where we get to know who you are as a person, and if you are mature enough to handle the position of a Moderator. You need to at the very least, have Discord and be able to talk when needed.



    A Moderators most important job is to be friendly and helpful to the community. We are there to put the community first, even if it means dying, losing a killstreak, or losing a mini-game. The player’s needs come first. If you are applying for staff, be sure you enjoy helping people. Else, this position is not meant for you. We are looking for staff members who like to answer others members questions, concerns, and are friendly when spoken too. Being active and helpful on the forums and server discords would boost your application, though not required. When on the forums, be sure you are posting detailed, helpful posts. If we see you are putting other members down, or simply post just to get your post count up, that’s telling us something. Staff members are there to help you, so make sure that is something you really want to do.


    Reporting Rule Breakers:

    We encourage our player base to report all rule breakers to be dealt with, so we can make our servers a better community. Be sure as a member, you are actively reporting as many rule breakers as you can spot. This greatly increases your chances to become Moderator, and shows us that you are dedicated to helping the servers.



    Your application is what we first look at when you apply. We look at your detail, your grammar, your length, and how well you answered the questions. Basically, put effort into your application. This means spending more than 20 minutes on an application. When writing your Application, make sure to hit on all the key points that would make us consider you for Moderator. We are interested in:
    • Your past experience as a Moderator
    • Your past experience in Minecraft
    • What will you provide to the community as staff
    • If you know how to moderate our servers in general

    Be sure your questions have a lot of detail to catch our attention. Although, when writing your application, be sure not to ramble on about things we don’t need to know. Stay on topic, and don’t drift on to other off topic things. Also, do your research when writing your application. Look at previously accepted applications, and focus on what makes them well written applications. Look at the comments, and see what people liked and disliked about the application. This will give you an idea of what you should include when writing your own application. When you feel your application is done, be sure to proofread it. There are always a few mistakes you can correct before it's too late.


    If You Get Denied:

    Some of you may get denied in the future, or have been denied in the past. If this has happened to you, or it happens to you in the future, here is the key to bounce back: don’t give up. I know it may seem hard to get back at it after a denial, but that doesn’t mean you don’t get a second chance. It all depends on how you act after your denial. If you act immature and complain that your application was denied, that shows us that you are definitely not ready to handle a Moderator position. Instead, if you brush it off and step up your activity, it shows us that you are truly a dedicated member, and may influence us to give you a chance next time. So remember, if you truly want a position as Moderator, don’t give up.
    I hope this helps all of you who are planning on / have applied for Moderator. This covers most (not all) of what we are looking for in our staff members, and what we expect from them. Think about this before you apply, and be sure to step up on what you can improve on.

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