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Serine1002 and AstroNerd2002's server ideas

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Serine1002, Aug 19, 2014.

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  1. Serine1002

    Serine1002 A shadow in the night

    Oct 2, 2013
    This thread is mostly for chicken putty and other coders and staff.

    all me and AstroNerd2002's sever ideas we have ever though of are right here. (we have been thinking about these ideas for a long time.


    All killstreaks here are from MW3 or our thoughts. I have suggested what number of killstreak you get it at but thats up to the coders. The game modes for these killstreaks can be a considerable variable.

    RC-XD remote explosive. Suggested: 8 killstreak will launch

    This is a remote control toy car (thats what it looks like) with a detonation device.
    you could re texture a baby zombie to look like a car and have it run up to enemy players and explode.
    Or the player could receive a detonater and be able to track its where abouts and enemies around it.
    You probably should give it a hitbox and health points because it would be cheap if the targeted player
    couldn't shoot at it to stop it.

    Dragon Fire Drones. Suggested: 40 killstreak will launch

    You could re texture a bat or a ghast to look like the drone. (look up what dragon fire drones look like)
    The killstreak (when launched) will release a bat/ghast(re textured) from the player. It could move towards the closest enemy and once close it will fire at the enemy.
    Ghasts might be best for this because there programmed behaviour will make them act like drones moving in formation. And there ghast fireballs could be changed to Mc-War bullets.
    These drones will have a hit box and health because otherwise they will pretty much not die. Unless you put a time limit on the drones activity.

    Predator Drone. Suggested: 12 killstreak will launch

    This wouldn't release a mob or anything. (Predator drones are unmanned planes that fly high above battles providing eyes in the skies for the team that launches it.
    This could simply be done by giving the player a mine craft map( the ones you make with paper :grinning:)
    The map will show the player the terrain of the map of the game they are playing.
    And possibly mark the places where enemy players are.

    Attack helicopter. Suggested: 75 killstreak will launch ( due to its OP bossness)

    This will be a wither(mine craft boss) re textured to look like a helicopter.
    You will have to re program its behaviour to act like a flying helicopter.
    The wither default behaviour will due the rest. it will fire rockets and enemy players from a high distance.
    This obviously needs a hit box and limited health. I suggest 200 hit points and explosive weapons should do extra damage.
    This is probably the best killsreak my and my bro though of so far.

    Attack dogs. Suggested: 60 killstreak will launch

    Very simple. A couple of aggro wolves will be released on the enemy team.
    Suggested they move faster and have a little more health and damage.

    Napalm Missle.: Suggested: 35 killstreak

    Sets entire enemy team on fire.
    And removes 6 hit points from a lll enemy players before the fire starts.
    Like a giant molotov right? :grinning:

    Chemical weapon. suggested: 85 killstreak

    Creats a greenish cloud effect that if touching an enemy player it will give them poison 4, nausea 1, slowness 2

    S.A.M. turret. suggested: 18 killstreak

    Sets a mounted turret ( re textured skeleton) to shoot explosive arrows at enemies in range
    It will also target attack helicopters.
    can take damage

    Mounted sentry gun. suggested: 49 killstreak

    Stes a mounted re textured snow golem (who already shoots snowballs)
    At enemies at a fast rate.
    Can take damage.

    Nuke. Suggested 100 killstreak

    ends the game…

    Care package. Suggested 30 killstreak ( tactical nuke will get you there)

    Sends down a chest to the player. just like in FPShg where the killstreak markers send you chests.
    The chest can only be opened the player who launched it.
    If the player does not open it in 5 seconds it will disappear, if the player closes the chest it will disappear.
    This chest will simply re stock the players ammo, tacticals, and lethals.

    Thats it for the killstreaks!! now i have some new donor items and member ship ranks.
    Perks, equipment, guns

    Guns. all donater

    grenade launcher.
    This gun will shoot Mc-War grenades. Loaded with grenades and the grenades it fires will look the same and explode after a bit of time like normal Mc-War grenades.

    Tazer. secondary

    This will be a fishing rod with out the texture pack.
    it shot if it hits the enemy player it will freeze them in place shaking there screen and doing damage.
    The player can escape by killing the player firing the tazer at them.

    RPG. secondary

    This gun will be like the RPG in FPS hg. Its explosion will be a one shot regardless ( except for spawn protection) and so will a direct hit. because this is a secondary it will have 5 shots.
    Like in real cod. 5 killstreak will replenish 3 shots. Scavenger will give it 1 shot every 3 kills.

    Thats it for our gun ideas!

    Equipment. all donater

    Smoke grenade. Just like in Minestrike tactical

    Chemical grenade. just like chemical weapon killstreak except smaller and throwable

    New member ship rank. WARNING a little awesome so make this (if u do add it) expensive

    Name it what ever you want.

    More xp, ammo and credits boost then MVP.

    More /war buy option like /war buy tomahawk, c4 , flash bang ect
    Guns and perks should also cost less credits if you have this rank.

    Thats all our ideas!!!

    Btw why not add the FPS hg light machines guns to Mc-War?

    Please appeal this to chicken putty of other coder/staff who can consider some of these ideas.
    Thanks you for reading this and Btw

    Please also up the flamers damage
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    #1 Serine1002, Aug 19, 2014
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2015
  2. C9_Mango

    C9_Mango Well-Known Member

    Feb 13, 2014
    Jeeeeeeez those are high level killstreaks!

    But they seem pretty creative!

    But really, when was the last time someone went on a 75 ks?

    And in infect, could you use the killstreaks to get people?
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  3. Jewels475

    Jewels475 Active Member

    Nov 27, 2013
    This is pretty creative. I like it, but the nuke seems really hard 100ks that's impossible in tdm and it's extremely hard to get a 100ks. I think the nuke should stay at 21ks or move it to 25ks.
  4. JaydenChadd

    JaydenChadd Former SMod / Community Manager

    Apr 14, 2014
    These are some very creative ideas for kill streaks, however I recommend lowering the 75ks to like 50ks. As Luken said, when was the last time someone went on a 75ks on Tdm or CTF?
  5. Serine1002

    Serine1002 A shadow in the night

    Oct 2, 2013
    I under stand put remember to look at what the killstreak does.
  6. eric8smith

    eric8smith Active Member

    Aug 14, 2014
    Hmmm very nice ideas this would be easier for the good players to wreck the new comers though, making the game a bit more unbalanced with the fact there already is a nuke even though I love your ideas, I'm not so sure about them, rc-XD will be hard to code and other stuff and like spawning it in, the ks are a bit low (the ones b4 the nuke 21ks) other than that nice ideas, could be implemented but will make game a bit more of an advantage to experienced players.
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  7. BrawlerAce

    BrawlerAce Well-Known Member

    Aug 4, 2013
    A lot of these I disagree with since they'd be overly game changing. Like seriously, you only get three score streaks plus the nuke.
    There's really a lot of stuff that isn't necessary. For instance how will a smoke grenade help you at all?
    The only things I really like are LMGs and a MINOR flamethrower buff. Definitely LMGs, those would be fun if their stats were modified to fit War.
  8. Serine1002

    Serine1002 A shadow in the night

    Oct 2, 2013
    Things I forgot.

    Killstreak Mortar Team.

    launcher will receive a map and can click anywhere on the map.
    Where the player clicks there will be an explosion a bit larger then the grenade explosion.
    The player has 3 clicks then the map disappears.



    COD has this and Mc-war needs it.
    You should be able to buy another perk slot for 5 bucks and it should double each time.

    Just look at COD equipment and perks for more good ideas
  9. Flaming_Alpaca

    Flaming_Alpaca Well-Known Member

    Oct 9, 2013
    Woah! Damn son, you put as lot of thinking into this. Great idea but they won't fit into mc war very good becasue people usually don't get past a double nuke. 75ks? That is near impossible in a single game. Great concepts but some are just not fit for mc war.
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  10. __Astro_

    __Astro_ Active Member

    Aug 18, 2014
    I agree, though the fact there are so many rewards, alot of those kills will come off of the rewards making it possible in to get some really high ks on ctf

    More perk slots,
    Good idea, though you said nothing about a max.
    If there is no max, there would be quite a few people running aroud with ALL the perks activated,
    That, i ways to op.
    therefore i suggest a max,
    To me, three perks at once would be good,
    Though even that would be super op, so mabye instead, your second perk slot should be 10$,
    And your third, would be 20$ (Yah expesive, though having it would be so useful and over powered).
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  11. Serine1002

    Serine1002 A shadow in the night

    Oct 2, 2013
    Max is 3

    I understand but look at what the killstreak does :stuck_out_tongue:
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  12. MrFoxtastic

    MrFoxtastic Well-Known Member

    Aug 19, 2013
    I really like the idea of a grenade launcher, even though it is practically a mixof crossbow and the LAW. Smoke grenades seem nice too, but if they are to blind, then that would be flashbang's job. I disagree with any Killstreak items launched before the nuke, since it takes off the challenge of having to get kills yourself (with only the assistance of the EMP). But a few of the killstreaks after the nuke seem nice, they give the player a far more complex and challenging goal.
  13. SoMuchWinning

    SoMuchWinning Well-Known Member

    Nov 17, 2013
    Too far from Call of Duty, in fact, CoD is so much different in killstreak limit (3-PL). These just don't suit the game and are a long step away.

    Against the EULA :V
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