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Tips and Tricks for Mc-Warfare (The complete guide to MC-War)

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Serine1002, Aug 24, 2014.

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  1. Serine1002

    Serine1002 A shadow in the night

    Oct 2, 2013
    The Basics-

    Getting to know the maps.

    First, try to remember the basic outline of a map. Them memorize the name of the map and match the name to its outline. Then try to memorize the terrain of each map and the matching name of that map.

    Combat strategies

    Camper -
    If you were to say you like to stay in one place and not move around much, the you would be considered as 'camper', which you may think is a bad thing, but it is a great value to have when playing in a team. If you were this type of player, the guns that I would primarily use would be sniper rifles and maybe some automatics. It may be hard to get a lot of kills using this method, but, it is a very good way of picking off other players and potentially keeping enemies at bay from an enemy.

    Rusher - This type of player enjoys to rush at an enemy, and catch them by surprise. This is a technique that a few people tend to use, instead of the majority. If you are this play style, then I would recommend using shotguns (especially the model), SMG's (Sub Machine Guns) and also 3 round burst assault rifles such as the M16, Famas or SkullCrusher. This technique tends to get you a lot of kills very quickly, however, there is a high risk of dying. This sort of player has a big role in the team, as he can be very useful for clearing out areas, ready for other team members to swarm in.

    Camper/Rusher - This is a player who will normally stay in the middle of the map and kill off enemies within a certain radius. This can include running from one area to another constantly to pick off lots people. If you were this type of player, the guns I would recommend would be assault rifles, and also sniper rifles. This technique is used by the majority of player in Mc War, and tends to be the technique that gets you the most kills the fastest. This technique may help some team members, however not as much as the other 2 different techniques.

    Beginning steps

    • Memorize all the maps, this will help you find a good spot for any gun on each map on any team.
    • Work on leveling up your account. Voting/Donating for direct XP can get you to high levels VERY quickly. Kill farming on infect is also highly effective.
    • Develop strategies. Familiarize yourself with the basics of each gun, and develop a playing style with your preferred primary weapons.

    Game mode strategies


    We all know gun game. Yet i find new players like it more. Here are some useful tips that might help you in your games. me as an experienced 100+ player has won 300+ gun games in my time.
    First if you have donated for perks always use marytydom or sleight of hand.
    Reasons for this. Marytydom will make you drop a grenade when you die. This can kill MANy players sending you up a great deal. This grenade has once gotten me 7 kills. :grinning: That won me the game easy.
    Sleight of hand makes your guns reload twice as fast!! This will help when your guns are reloading.
    (always) and mostly when you are getting past the Shotguns. Since they are mostly the hardest guns to get past. (depends on a lot of variables)

    If your not a donor

    Many get stuck on the Usp-45 or the M1014. (this is completely normal) When you start a game kills in the first 7-10 seconds will not count. Wait until this time is up the quickly knife a player around you.
    Knifing is often forgotten in-game, yet its very useful (especially if you have super knife)
    Getting stuck on a terrible gun is when knifing is necessary.

    When your not playing gun game and you come across a map you don't like.
    Don't leave the server! This is a chance to train yourself with early guns you unlock.
    This can be nice and fun and your skill with the first guns will increase!
    Also try sniper on short maps. In gun game you will have to get past all the snipers even if the map is very small like dome for example.

    Free For All

    Under no circumstance should you ever use a sniper on ffa.
    Always use automatics and sometimes shotguns. In ffa hip fire will be needed.
    If your using guns like m4a1 or Ak-47 then only scope if you cannot it the player without scope.
    The hip fire spray will cover more players. Scope to headshot for fast kills if there are no other threats.
    I recommend Sub-Machine-Guns on ffa because they have a good shot rate, large clip, and lots of ammo.

    And all my other threads on these game modes.

    then again i had choices of a a lot of guns so a will be doing top 10 this time :smile:]
    And some good maps

    1.Minigun. I think you know why

    Its shot rate damage and ammo clip prove extremely effective in every FFA.

    2. PP90. Its basically a mini gun with a limited clip and and a little better range and accuracy.

    3. Skullcrusher. This gun is sometimes better then top 2 because the FFA might be a larger and more
    range requiring map. (overwatch ect)

    4. Moddel. if u don't have the top 3 then this gun will help so much in short range maps(overgrown, dome)
    Its extreme range (for a shotgun) and its damage ( mostly insta) is what u need for ffa.

    5. Mac 10. This is simply a good SMG for ffa. Similar to the PP90 except for its decreased damage and ammo clip.

    6. AA12. This shotguns fast shot rate acts similar to a blinding mini gun effect.
    Its fast rate depletes ammo fast but kill easy.

    7. lemantation. EPIC with stoping power this gun has the best shot rate out of all these guns.
    Its low damage is fixed by its shot rate. (best use scav) this gun only has 64 shots.

    8. Typhoid. some cases this is better then moddel but never will it be used over the mini gun.

    9.Flamethrower. This gun is VERY similar to the mini gun exact it sets them on fire.
    Lower shot rate and damage though. STRONGLY recommend the mini gun over this if you have it.

    10.AK-47. If you don't have any donor guns or you are not high enough level for the better guns then this is great. Good hip fire and ok damage.

    This it for our opinion. (this is not an official list)

    One In The Chamber

    Always use pistols with good hip fire and a good amount of ammo in each clip.
    Executioner is best on small maps. Big maps like Overwatch will recuire desert eagle or m9.

    If you are donor then always use scavenger. It makes you receive 2 bullets every kill.
    Always use molotov and c4. Molotovs are insta kill to enemies. C4 allows you to kill players where you aren't.
    Tomahauk can be useful. Its basically another shot.

    GAMEMODE One in the chamber

    honestly there were few guns to choose from among the one in selection so i have chosen the top 3 pistols to use. Please consider this as an informational thread.

    1. Executioner. This is most used and probably most effective due to its shotgun style fire rate.
    Its Rate of firing and 5 shot clip help its 1st place as well. Although sometimes the next 2 will be better choices due to the map.

    2. Desert Eagle. This gun has an 8 clip specialty and AMAZING hip fire. Thats why its on this list.

    3. M9. This is on the list because of its insane 15 shot clip. This can help in so many ways that it sometimes is a better choice then then 1 and 2.

    This is me and AstroNerd2002's opinion on the best pistols for one in.
    I will put some tips for one in bellow


    Molotovs and c4 have proven to be VERY effective on one in due to there insta kill ability how easily they make it to kill enemies behind walls and shifting in corners.

    scavenger (perk) makes it give you 2 shots per kill instead of one.

    Tdm/Ctf (Flag info listed in its own section)

    Tdm stands for Team Death Match. The game ends when one team gets a certain amount of kills more then the other. I will list some useful Tips below. I hope you make good use of them :smile:

    Evasive Manoeuvres

    Moving Sideways
    While playing Tdm/Ctf the best way to survive and get kills is to not get hit.
    This is a little more simple then you think.
    If a player is coming full on at you with an automatic, its best to move sideways so the player has to re adjust
    his/her aim every fraction of a second. If the enemie is aiming right at you the bullets shouldn't hit you.
    Moving sideways from your current position (while being shot at) makes you a hard target.
    Working against this: To hit a player using to same strategy aim a little more to the left/right
    (which ever way your enemy is moving) This will make them move straight into your shots.
    While moving sideways you should still be facing you enemy. ( Just hold down A key)
    Facing them allows you to shoot at them as well. If you are using an automatic you should just be able to aim at a target ( or use this technique) to hit them while evading attacks. Although like I said above you should only scope if you have to. Hip provides after movement which is vital.

    Jumping while using any evasive strategy will make it harder for a sniper to get a head shot.
    It can also help your evading. It can make you move slightly faster then just holding A key and firing.

    Tactical and Lethal Situations

    Lethal Situations

    A lethal situation is when you/ an enemy is charging full on into combat.
    If you are doing this I recommend a shotgun. In general I don't think using this is a good idea.
    If you are moving into expected combat I suggest having a gun that has good hip fire and good damage and a fast fire rate. For example the Moddel has 4 shots and a slow fire rate. Its rate is about 1 shot per 1.5 seconds. If you run into an enemy filled area (And use evasive manoeuvres) The moddel will fire a critical blow every shot (if your aiming right) However head on combat with a low fire rate shotgun isn't suggested.
    Faster fire rate shotguns like the AA-12 might be better.
    Automatics in this situation exceed a fast fire rate but don't do as much damage.

    Tactical Situations

    This is when your enemy docent know an attack is coming.
    Ex: Coming from behind, using tactical weapons, coming from above Ect.
    Coming from behind is a situation where a weapon that strikes critical without using more then 1 shot.
    Moddel is best for this.

    Coming from a rooftop is a bad idea. if your on a rooftop in the first place you should be using a sniper.
    This will pretty much become a Lethal Situation quickly. If you land in front of an enemy they have will instantly know your there and adapt to the situation. If you land behind them they might here you take the damage. Instead of doing that I suggest firing from the rooftop.

    Tactical Weapons.

    Tactical Weapons consist of distracting moments that give you time to turn your tactical situation into a Lethal situation quickly. (for you opponent :stuck_out_tongue:)

    These weapons consist of confusion, blindness and flame.
    Molotovs and Flashbangs.
    These throwables set your enemies on fire and blind them. The particles produced by molotovs can cause confusion and distract the enemy.
    Flashbang blind the enemy giving you a huge advantage.

    Flamethrower: This can when rapidly fire blinds the enemy in tiny red particles while dealing great amounts of damage and setting them on fire rapidly.
    Using surprise attacks with this can is a very effective tactic.

    EMPS: This is a killstreak. Launched at a 15 killstreak this blinds all your enemies for 15 seconds.
    Giving you time to kill more enemies, or move into a safer/better position then your current one.

    Shifting: This allows you to give a deadly surprise attack. While shifting you enemy cannot see you name tag.
    Shift somewhere where they can't see you then come out from hiding and give them a swift death!

    Protecting and Capturing the Flag

    Protecting: While protecting you will encounter many Lethal situations.
    The best way to respond is with a tactical one. Try shifting then coming out of know where to smite the enemy! Or use one of the other ones!

    Usually there will be other people protecting the flag with you. Always use a weapon that can take out enemies quickly without knowing were you were. (suggested Moddel)

    Capturing: While capturing try to find a way into the flag from where the guards might not be.
    (like a secret entrance) Use a throwable. Try throwing a molotov, flashbang or grenade into the room.
    Or try C4ing the walls to see of enemies are shifting there. (even if no enemies were there when you C4ed it you know that there is no threat there.

    GAMEMODE: Tdm, Ctf

    1.Skullcrusher. its pretty much every gun in one
    Perfect range and accuracy
    BOSS damage and surprisingly good hip fire

    2. Dissasembler. OP
    Perfect Range and accuracy
    Insta in the head and 1 shot per second with 30 ammo clip…. just plain boss

    3. Dragunov. No one believes me and Astro
    Perfect Range and Great accuracy
    7 ammo clip and GREAT shot rate
    simmaler to diss a put faster shot rate
    Better then MSR cuz it has 1 extra shot

    4. Cbow. Percent chance of 1 shot and explosive.
    This gun however is a donor weapon
    Btw saying cbow takes no skill is like saying bow's in Minecraft take no skill.

    5.Python. Its a secondary
    Insta in head 9 shots 2 shot anywhere else
    normally this is average prestige but, ITS A SECONDARY!!

    6.Lemantation. EPIC SHOT RATE
    no one likes this gun, yet its so op, i tried it to test its level for this Thread and i speed nuked on castlehuri
    Totally unexpected. Its damage is not the best but its fire rate will make up for that.
    NOTE: this gun has VER LOW AMMO so conserve and use ur secondary as well.

    7. Minigun. This would be first if it wasn't for its lack of ammo and range
    best use this in FFa and Infect, however it can be good on low range maps.

    8. Isolater. This gun is surprisingly good on maps beaver, toy story, and dday
    One shot regardless. this is the one good aspect of this gun.
    Bad reload time and bad 4 ammo clip.

    9.PP90. The best SMG is like a mini gun with a limited clip.
    thats pretty much it

    10. AA12. This is a rapid fire shotgun.
    Insta at close range, annoying at far range.


    Infect is a zombie game where one player will start as the "root zombie". The root zombie can Infect players
    by punching them or using explosive weapons. ( 21 killstreak does not launch Tactical Nuke in Infect)
    Trying to outrun zombies is useless because they have Speed 1.

    As Human: The best way to survive is probably to find a good camping spot. FInd an area where zombies have trouble getting to. A good area will allow you to shoot at zombies as they are trying to get to where you are. I recommend you use a shotgun or an automatic for this. Your main danger is that zombies can obtain Explosive weapons. If they have grenades then be sure to watch out for them.
    C4 is your worst enemy. They can place a C4 almost anywhere. As soon as it explodes, if you are within its radius, you will die! It will even get you through walls! The way to avoid these is to choose camping spots made of half slabs or something you can't place on.

    As Zombie: As a zombie your worst enemy is also explosive weapons! They will instantly kill you!
    Unless: You have Super armor (/war buy super armor) Buying Super armor costs 520 credits per game.
    Super armor will give you A diamond chest plate and boots. /war buy armor does the same for Iron and costs 120 credits. You can also survive explosions with Flak Jacket: Which is a perk that makes you only take half damage from explosions. Being root means you have built in Blast Protection! It takes about 3-4
    Explosions to kill a root zombie! Watch out for: be sure to avoid people with The L.A.W.
    Which is an RPG that fires low speed rockets that create A high radius explosion on contact.
    Also avoid people with Ray Guns. This is an intense ray that also explodes on contact.
    You can get explosives buy doing /war buy grenade. Which gives you 3 grenades per life, but it costs 100 credits per game. You can also buy C4 and have grenades permanently in the Mc-War shop.

    GAMEMODE: Infect (alot of donor guns will be used)

    1.Minigun. Mow down all zombies.
    This is good for its shot rate and damage
    However it does have very low ammo, the range will not matter because
    fighting zombies with minigun will not be a ranged battle.

    2. PP90. Big clip lots of damage.
    This gun is on this list because it is non donor yet its fire rate, damage and range are perfect for infect.
    Its accuracy however is not something you should worry about in Infect.

    3. Ray Gun. Donor gun
    This is a little cheap for infect but i will explain its downsides as well.
    This is an explosive weapon (always OP for infect) its fire rate is good.
    8 ammo clip, ONLY 16 Shots though. ( If you dont have scavenger i dont suggest this)
    This weapon does have VERY good range and accuracy.

    4. Flamethrower. This gun has a bad reputation.
    It is pretty good though. It sets your enemies on fire (zombies) and it does a decent ammount of damage to kill zombies.
    BUT it also has a very limited 64 ammo clip. Its Fire rate and range are amazing, Its accuracy is terrible
    for long range but you wont need range for infect.

    5. Moddel. Its a powerfull shotgun.
    As the best shotgun it had to have a place in this list.
    Its Range and accuracy are incredible for a shotgun.
    Its fire rate and 4 ammo clip are the only problem on infect.
    This is whyI suggest you always take your best secondary (Python)

    Leveling Up

    The best ways to get tons of XP quickly is buy playing infection and doing well. You could become a zombie, you could break a block and become infected. Before you think about suiciding, think how you will do. Usually massive streaks as zombie come from C4 or grenades. You can purchase C4 in the MC-War shop. You can purchase grenades with voting credits, (/vote) in-game credits, (/war buy) and in the Brawl shop.

    But be sure the map isn't too hard to get kills as zombie.

    Infect Maps to Suicide

    • Killhouse
    • Studio
    • Fallen
    • Firingrange
    • Arkaden
    • (thinking of more)
    Another way to get XP on infect is by farming kills as human. (view infected guidelines in the game modes section)

    Maps NOT to Suicide On
    • Amrak
    • Highrise
    • (thinking of more :v)

    Although, infect isn't the only way to get XP. You can also do very well in TDM/CTF games too boost your XP. You can also earn REALLY large XO rewards from winning gungame/FFA.
    You can also purchase XP in the Brawl shop. (View donating article)

    Double Nuking
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  2. SoMuchWinning

    SoMuchWinning Well-Known Member

    Nov 17, 2013
    I have used MSR so many times in FFA, are you gonna kill me or something?
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  3. iMacro

    iMacro An Essential Meme Maker (^:

    Oct 8, 2013
    I actually won a FFA using the Dragunov so I think I can ask that same question.
  4. randomthing64

    randomthing64 Active Member

    Sep 28, 2013
    Quite a good guide, I already knew some of the stuff like ffa and onein, but for gungame I think I might use the knife tactic for the starting guns :grinning:
  5. RezIsStupid

    RezIsStupid Well-Known Member

    Jun 23, 2014
    @tallscot can easily win ffa with the iso, but I would only use it IF you have immense skill with snipers and you are looking for a challange. But nice thread anyways.
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  6. __Astro_

    __Astro_ Active Member

    Aug 18, 2014
    Not using a sniper on ffa, can be true, though it depends on which map, like for example dome, never do so, but mabye overwatch or applousa (how ever you spell that) might be good for the iso.
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  7. Serine1002

    Serine1002 A shadow in the night

    Oct 2, 2013
    This got into guides! Great!

    I just might :stuck_out_tongue: (in game)

    Thank you, but if you think about it dragunov and dissa can be used a lot to.
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  8. SweetLava

    SweetLava The Sweetest of Lava's

    Nov 23, 2013
    I've won ffa with 20-1/2/3 with dragunov, msr, barret and iso. Theres nothing wrong with using a sniper gun in FFA if you're good at using one. Good advice for the people who don't know though, well done!
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  9. __Astro_

    __Astro_ Active Member

    Aug 18, 2014
    I agree,
    I never agreed to saying never use snipers on ffa
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  10. Serine1002

    Serine1002 A shadow in the night

    Oct 2, 2013
    I did mention that the auto snipers were an exception. But thanks for your opinion. :smile:
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  11. __Astro_

    __Astro_ Active Member

    Aug 18, 2014
    U did?
    Don't see anything about that
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  12. Serine1002

    Serine1002 A shadow in the night

    Oct 2, 2013
    It wasn't in the thread. Somewhere in the comments

    never said you would be included in this. I made this guide alone.

    Succesfully made an all you need to know about MC-War guide xD
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  13. Sammy_Dude

    Sammy_Dude Member

    Jul 3, 2014
    there's plenty of good inf maps like derreise and highrise id why u would say something like that .-.
  14. Serine1002

    Serine1002 A shadow in the night

    Oct 2, 2013
    Any map is good with ray/mini.
  15. Sammy_Dude

    Sammy_Dude Member

    Jul 3, 2014
    true dat only in infect though

    mini is good for almost everything tho
  16. Audi_

    Audi_ Well-Known Member

    Aug 18, 2013
    I seem to see something that I have actually written. Before you use something I have written personally, please tell me that you are. I also see that you haven't even given me credit. Please could you at least credit me on the bit which I did write (Camper, Rusher, Camper/Rusher).
  17. sensei_snipes

    sensei_snipes Active Member

    Jun 12, 2014
    I use iso all the time in ffa and win too. A lot
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  18. Serine1002

    Serine1002 A shadow in the night

    Oct 2, 2013
    I'm working on some new articles.
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