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Guide to Building a Base - With Poetry! - Corbin28

Discussion in 'Archive' started by KathyDoesMC, Apr 30, 2015.


What's your remark about this poem? (Be honest please, whether it is a bad or good rating.)

  1. It helped me, and I like the poem.

  2. It didn't help me, but I like the poem.

  3. It helped me, but I don't like the poem.

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  4. It did not help me, and I don't like the poem too.

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  1. KathyDoesMC

    KathyDoesMC Member

    Apr 28, 2015
    Today I'll be talking about bases. I hope everyone understands if I do it this way.


    Part 1 - Towards the Unknown!

    Make sure you prepare for walking a distant place,
    But it won't be as hard as finding your way out of a maze.
    When travelling to the Unknown, there are millions of ways,
    So I'm sure you'll find one and this, you will ace!

    Prepare food, armor and weapons and put it in your bag,
    Also prepare if you have a bad internet connection, because it might lag.
    Porkchops, diamond sword, iron tools, and blocks, you will need,
    If you think the amounts will suffice, then prepare to succeed.

    Beware of Zombies because they will eat you alive,
    Make sure to build hidey-holes and make it as your hive,
    Because Zombies spawn in bundles and they don't hesitate to kill,
    Go hide in your hidey-hole or prepare to die or fight at will.

    Skeletons, Creepers, and spiders, you will also find,
    They might spawn in front, near you, or even from behind.
    So light up every hidey-hole you make,
    Because you might see these mobs in your wake.

    Be prepared to travel in different kinds of ways,
    This might take minutes, hours, or even days!
    But there are tricks that you can do to make it easy,
    But be sure to understand and know what you need, because it may make you dizzy.

    Part 2 - Many Ways to Travel for thee.

    There are so many possibilities you can do,
    You could go to the Nether to travel faster too,
    But be wary of this way because your life is on the line,
    So if you die, you shall not rage nor whine.

    Travelling through the Nether is one great way to do so,
    But I prefer for you when travelling there to stay low,
    Because Ghasts, Blazes and Wither Skeletons, you will find,
    They may spawn from your back and kill you from behind.

    But don't you worry, Blazes and Wither Skeletons rarely spawn,
    But many incidents of them attacking, they have won.
    There are also Pigmen and lava you will find,
    As you can see, the terrain in Nether isn't kind.

    You could just venture in the Overworld as you can see,
    Hot temperature and oceans, there will no be.
    But travelling in the Nether is eight times more efficient,
    You should think because their differences are truly different.

    You could set sail with a boat and find islands nearby,
    But beware of your amount of food or you will die,
    Because there's barely no food except fish, that's the reason why.

    Now the third part of the poem is about what you shall need,
    I hope you don't get bored, and this you will read,
    Because I've made this poem for thee,
    Now, we aren't bored, are we?

    Part 3 - Blocks for thy Base of thine.

    Never buy expensive blocks because this isn't what you need,
    Because you can never claim land, and I think they will lead,
    To the mining of these blocks for them to raid,
    Because this isn't Factions and /claim isn't here to aid.

    So why don't you go out there and get some wood,
    Because enemies or even your members might get rude,
    And mine all of the walls because they are made,
    With Obsidian and that's a good loot for a raid.

    Build chests, furnaces, crafting tables and doors,
    Place swords and armor at the armory for your corps,
    If you don't have coprs, then build an armory for yourself,
    Because when you get raided, this can be used to help oneself.

    But before starting to build thy base,
    Remember that hiding it will save you in different ways.
    You can hide it over or under the land,
    High above the clouds or buried within the sand.

    Remember to put armor and weapons in the armory to fight,
    Sort out the chests from heavy equipment to light,
    Remember to be on guard and visit it every night,
    Because fighting for your life, yes, it is always right.

    In the next part you will be told how to be not tracked,
    Because if they succeed, you will be surely whacked.
    Prepare for a tip that is going to change your life,
    For you could win and succeed without stabbing thine enemies with your knife.

    Part 4 - Thy Base, thou Shalt Protect!

    Remember to never stay in your base for a long amount of time,
    I hope my thoughts and your brain will have a very will gleefully chime,
    Because I like to help people towards their own success,
    But if I didn't help you sorry, and thank you for the criticism, nevertheless.

    Now, just like I said, in the base, you shall never AFK,
    Because people will track you easily, I'm sure that is never a-ok.
    People will try to track you in millions of different ways,
    And if your enemies do succeed, your base will not last for even a few days.

    Always visit your base in a frequent manner,
    And its coordinates, you should always prevent to scatter,
    Because every vital information about your base always matter.

    Part 5 - Outro

    So go out there, explore the Unknown,
    Venture to the farthest lands out there on your own,
    But you should always have known,
    That it sucks being alone.

    Go build gleefully with your team,
    And follow what you desire and dream,
    Because this is what Minecraft's all about,
    And having friendships that doesn't have any doubts.


    I hope you like it and most of all, I hope that it helped you. Well I honestly think it doesn't help because it's not that detailed... anyways, thanks for reading!

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  2. Syntheria

    Syntheria Well-Known Member

    Jul 22, 2014
    Gr8 reading this even tho i dont play
  3. Ritzy

    Ritzy MC-WarZ Manager

    Jun 14, 2014
    Keep up these fun Guides!
  4. ekali

    ekali Bannēd for DoX

    Nov 30, 2014

    so beautiful
  5. KathyDoesMC

    KathyDoesMC Member

    Apr 28, 2015
    I've read it again today and I feel awkward reading this.
  6. Buzzy357

    Buzzy357 Well-Known Member

    Sep 26, 2014
    Amazing Poem, Just Tater-Rific.
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