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Outro *When you gotta du wut u gotta du* ╰༼◉Д◕༽〜

Discussion in 'Outros' started by Buzzy357, Jun 8, 2016.

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  1. Buzzy357

    Buzzy357 Hurry and drain your tears so we can fight.

    Sep 26, 2014
    Wellpp, I've played mcbrawl for years, Its been a blast meeting new people, Discovering how to actually play minecraft, Thanks @Ritzy and getting to know beautiful friends, that i wouldnt have wanted any other way (cept a few maybe,) But all amazing things die, And sad to say, thats what mcbrawl is becoming, I remember being able to come on and say "Yeah, I play this beautful server" too experiencing getting worse and worse before my eyes, And in a sense, It hurts me. So i have to leave, as this server just isnt what it used to be. So i have to say. LATA BOIS.

    BUNCH of people i want to thank for being amazing, We might not be friends now, or might not talk, But know for a fact you had a special place in my being, that i couldnt forget,

    @Ritzy - You basicly taught me how to play, took me in when i knew so little and lending me your skybase that was destroyed by frost moments later. You were amazing to play war with and survival, I wont ever forget it jack.

    @UltraPunisher - Along with ritzy, you taught me **** i never even knew and always pvped and played other servers with me, And i admit, you would destroy me in a 1v1. Keep rocking those lets plays, I eat mac and cheese while i watch them.

    @Nxy - one of my first friends, Funny af and easy to come to when your feeling down, She was one of my fav lady friends, Wont ever forget the times we had. Adios Ashley :smile:

    @KK2B - Although i NEVER see you anymore, You were awesome to tag with in sub, we had our fights, and our laughs on skype, Ill miss yah katie :V

    @Derpie - I see you now, and your still as sick as you were when i met you. I wont forget playing with your cousin, She was awesome, next time you see her, Say buzzy said hi. Ill try to stay in touch lucas, Later m8.

    @IBK_Moon - Hated eachother at the start, and became amazing friends in the future, You were my go to boi whenever i had troubles or just needed bro time, You were funny as hell and awesome to play with in Mc, Ill keep in touch Boi.

    @Woofey - Never talk to you anymore, But you were one of my bestest friends in the beginning with brawl, Along with rockstar. Ya'll were awesome, Keep making those hawt intros alex.

    @Nezzr -Very nice, Kind hearted person, We talked forever ago and became good friends. We dont talk anymore but you still special to me. Bye .

    @ExpertZJP - Helped me get through tough times, Although we dont chat, your a awesome guy. Cya dude.

    @FrostByte - Practicly taught me how to pvp. frost my man, You were awesome playing with, you always bested me and always will. Although you can be a bit cocky sometimes. I do respect you. and your a chill guy to hang with. Keep slaying frost. Wont forget our skywar battle and ritzy came back and yelled at us, And our countless times playing on skylandkits. Later P.S. Thanks for my skin back C:

    @KadenLmao - He's sick af. Nuff said.

    @SillyPickles , @DemonicObelisk @Speedcell @LegitMonkeyftw @PingWoo @Vanta - My crew, My mc family. All these guys are ****ing awesome and gods at pvp, They always helped me through thick and thin, and i wont ever forget it guys. #WEOUTTIE


    Well, With that being said. Got 2 words to say. images.jpg
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  2. featherpaw

    featherpaw Your friendly neighborhood kitten! :3

    Aug 16, 2015
    Noooo buzzy ma man. Don't leave Vanta behind!

    You will be missed and should you choose to ever return I'm sure you will find a place with Vanta once again.
  3. Ritzy

    Ritzy Est. 2014
    Retired Staff

    Jun 14, 2014
    Don't exactly talk that much these days Tim but I won't forget the good old SuB days... I had so much fun with you and the gang in 1.7, I'll never forget it and thank you for being a part of it. You will be missed by the community. Thanks, and goodbye. :finger::frowning:
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  4. Nxy

    Nxy Just another birb

    Sep 13, 2014
    Sad to see you go, buzzy ;_;

    Skype me sometime :c
  5. KK2B

    KK2B Member

    May 31, 2014
    It's unfortunate that you are leaving. I know we haven't talked in a while, however I have experienced many fond memories while on the server.
    I hope you come back sooner or later ;p
  6. Compability

    Compability Well-Known Member

    Feb 24, 2016
  7. ExpertZJP

    ExpertZJP SG Player at Heart

    Apr 11, 2015

    Skype me Buzzy. I know we've had crazy times and some rough times, but you're such a true friend. I'll miss ya :c
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