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How to Make a Quality Sheriff Application

Discussion in 'Sheriff Applications' started by randomcitizen1, Jun 11, 2016.

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  1. randomcitizen1

    randomcitizen1 The schizophrenic swagmoneymillionaire

    Sep 12, 2013
    How to Make a Quality Sheriff Application

    The vast majority of sheriff applications have been denied. This guide is to help your application stand out from the rest. Included is help on a question by question basis, helpful tips for your app in general, and major mistakes to avoid. Let's get right to it.​
    General Tips For Writing Your Application
    Make absolutely certain that you application is well-written. That means use full sentences, add adjectives that are pleasurable to read and in the proper context, properly place punctuation, and utilize proper grammar. If you have not been noticed in-game, your maturity can be inferred by the way you write. A well-written application shows us that you really want this position. It shows that regardless of how eager you might have been to post your application, you took the time to sit down and do a good job of it.

    Write at a reasonable pace and know your limits. The less braindead you are when writing your application, the better. If you write something when you aren't at your best mentally, it will show in your writing. This actually happened to me as I was writing this thread. I saw the need for it and attempted to write it all at 11 at night (which is late for me.) Guess what? This thread sucked! Write at the right time and you'll be alright. :v

    Write, re-write as many times as necessary, and then proofread your application. Seriously, slow down. If your application is denied, you'll have to wait two weeks before you can re-apply. It's not worth it. Take time on your application.

    Be honest. It's possible to create a good application without lying or exaggerating on your application. In the past, applications have been denied for lying, so don't do it. We have our ways of finding out the truth and applicants are thoroughly examined in the application judging process.
    Question by Question Help
    Brawl Wild West Sheriff Application:

    Have you read over the Sheriff Handbook here? -
    As though it wasn't obvious, your answer here should always be yes. You will be expected to know the protocol by the time you are promoted, so this is completely necessary. If you are confused about any part of this protocol, please have it clarified before you are promoted. Don't be afraid to ask questions after you are promoted either, we want you doing a good job. ;)

    What is your in-game name? -
    Otherwise known as your IGN or username. Another obvious one.

    What time zone are you in? -
    This should be easy enough, though people have had trouble with this question in the past. If you don't know, you should be able to look it up easily enough. Here is a link to help you. http://www.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-bin/findzone

    How long have you been playing Wild West? -
    This isn't specifically stated, but you will need to have played the server for at the very least, one month. Don't bother applying before then. It's not worth waiting two weeks to re-apply. Get some experience even if you feel as though you know everything already. :v You could go into more detail of how experienced you are in this section, though this won't help you much when your app is being considered. The extra length can help you application stand out, but don't go try-hard on this question.

    How active would you consider yourself? -
    How many days a week you can be on and for what time is helpful here.

    Why do you want to become a sheriff? -
    This is the most important part of your application. Take your time and come up with good reasons here. If you want to maximize your chances of becoming a sheriff, do these things.

    1. State what puts you above the rest. Show us what makes you unique.
    2. State what you will bring to the sheriff team. If you sell yourself as being useful, you will have a better chance at being accepted.
    3. Illustrate why you are fit for the job. Tell us not only why you want to be a sheriff, but why you should be.
    4. Make it personal. Why do you personally want this rank? Make sure that you really have a compelling story for this one. So many people just say that they want it because it sounds fun. If that's the case, then sell it. Say that you've dreamed about it. Use words that will make us want to promote you.

    Do you realize if you abuse any commands or privileges your rank will be taken away? -
    Once again, your answer should always be yes here. If you have any past experience as a mod or helper somewhere, throw that in there saying how great you were then.

    Please insert a Yes / No poll below.
    This is here for your benefit. After you create a poll for the thread, you can delete this line if you wish. A lot of people mess this up. When you are creating the thread, below the box that you can type in, it should read:

    Post a Poll
    Possible Responses: Poll choice...
    Poll choice...

    Type "Should [Your IGN] be a sheriff?" or something similar in the box after it says "Question." Type "Yes" and "No" in the two boxes after the text that says "Possible Responses."

    What follows is an example application. Notes I've inserted are in red.
    Accepted Randomcitizen1's Sheriff Application Title

    Do you believe that Randomcitizen1 is qualified to be a sheriff? Poll Question

    1. Yes, I would like to see Randomcitizen1 become a sheriff. Poll response 1.

      10 vote(s)

    2. No, I would not like to see Randomcitizen1 become a sheriff. Poll response 2.

      2 vote(s)

    Brawl Wild West Sheriff Application:

    Have you read over the Sheriff Handbook here? –
    Yes, and I’m extremely familiar with it. Full sentence with expressive adverb is good.

    What is your in-game name? –
    randomcitizen1 Full sentence could have been used, but just the name gets the point across just fine.

    What time zone are you in? –
    Pacific Standard Time (PST) Full sentence could have been used, but just the timezone gets the point across just fine.

    How long have you been playing Wild West? –
    I’ve been playing since the first day of the Beta. Keeping it short, sweet, and to the point. Detail on experience could have been stated, though not nescesary.

    How active would you consider yourself? –
    I consider myself reasonably active on Wildwest. For the most part I’m online every day. My sessions online average anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours, though they usually fall closer to the later end of this range. Use of language is appropriate and shows ability to write. Information is both relevant and helpful.

    Why do you want to become a sheriff? –
    I’m applying for this position for a few different reasons. I’ve noticed that players have directed a lot of hate towards sheriffs. My hope is to be the sheriff that changes that. I know that I’m relatively liked by a good part of this wonderful community, and my hope is that by becoming sheriff, I can perhaps change the way the community views sheriffs. Shows uniqueness through status in community. Illustrates what would be brought to the sheriff team and a reason to join it. In other words, I hope to lessen the hate towards sheriffs though positively influencing the community through this position and therefore improve the community as a whole. Emphasis on serving the community is appreciated. It shows that the applicant is not in this soley for his or herself. I’m also applying because I would love to work with other sheriffs on the server. I recognize a bunch of names on the current sheriff roster, and it would be a pleasure to fight crime with them. Though not as compelling as the previous reason, it makes the application more personal. Being familiar with some member on the sheriff team is also a plus. Additionally, I haven’t held any sort of position on Brawl since I served as a moderator here. I completely understand that this isn’t a staff rank, but there’s something about this position that is reminiscent of my moderator days. Perhaps it’s the feeling of being part of a team that I felt as a staff member that seems similar to being a part of a team of sheriffs. Maybe it stems from a feeling of enforcing the rules, or in this case the law, that I find reminiscent of days past. In any case, it brings forth an appealing sense of nostalgia that I crave. Extremely personal. Things like this makes the team want to promote applicants. Referencing past experiences on a team similar to the sheriff team is good. I know that this position will be a good fit for me, as it feeds into both my strengths and my likes. Clearly state why you are a good fit. The idea of being a sheriff is an appealing one. Coming from someone who wanted to be a hero on WarZ, this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Aside from simply liking the idea of the position, I’m no slouch in the fighting department either, so I know I can effectively resort to firepower should I need to. Minor reason, but everything helps.

    Do you realize if you abuse any commands or privileges your rank will be taken away? –
    Yes, I’m aware of this. For the duration of my time spent as a moderator on Brawl, I never abused my power. I have effectively wielded far more power in the past, and I have never allowed it to go to my head. I guarantee you that this won’t be an issue should you chose to give me this rank. You can give a short example showing that you are responsible here. Make sure it's relevant and not ridiculous.

    I conclude by thanking you for taking the time to read this. An ending like this is polite.

    Best Wishes
    What Not To Do
    Fail to read this thread.
    It's a requirement. Everyone says they do, but it's clear that not everyone does. Don't just skim it either. Read it! :v

    Fail to know these rules.
    This is also a requirement. You'll need to know them by heart sooner or later. Make sure that it's sooner, not later.

    Re-apply within two weeks after having an application of yours be denied.
    You have to wait two weeks. It's just how it is.

    Plagiarize another person's application.
    This has never worked, and it never will. People are caught doing this every time. You'll look bad when you re-apply at a later date as well, so just don't do it.

    Forget to add a poll.
    It's embarrassing and a staff member will have to add it for you.

    Try to bribe sheriffs on the server to get them to support you.

    This makes it look like you are desperate and not confident in yourself.

    Post an application if you have been punished by a staff member within the last month.
    You can see your punishment history here. Type your username/IGN into the box and search. These are a huge factor that is considered when judging applicants. You will be background checked, so make sure that you are clean before you apply.

    Let your maturity slip while your application is pending.
    Raging, swearing, harassing, glitching, and the like are going to make you look bad if someone catches you. Believe me, this happens a lot.

    Ask a staff member to look at your application.
    This is an instant deny. Don't do it.

    Re-apply without improving on what you were told to improve on when you were last denied.
    We need to be sure that you are ready for the position. Make sure you improve!

    Say that you want the rank because it sounds fun.
    Everyone says this. It's overused, bland, and not a compelling reason why you should be promoted.

    Give up.
    If you really want this, you can achieve this. Don't give up hope! Even if you are denied countless times, you can still improve and be accepted eventually!​
    Closing Thoughts

    As time progresses, I'll most likely update this guide as I encounter more things that either help or hinder an applicant. Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you read this all, that's a good sign! I hope this helps any of you who plan on applying in the future!

    Best Wishes

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    #1 randomcitizen1, Jun 11, 2016
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  2. SoCool21

    SoCool21 7 Year McPvPer

    May 17, 2015
    I really hope this works. There's so many sheriff applications that are pretty crappy, and could definitely be improved if the player read this.
  3. DLV

    DLV Active Member

    May 1, 2016
    Savior @randomcitizen1 has risen! Seriously, many of the Sheriff Applicastions are straight up crap or overall nooby. So I think this guide will definately help!
  4. RMST1

    RMST1 Ex-Mod I WarZ Noob

    Nov 13, 2014
    This will help future applicants for sure. A nice and original guide, good job!
  5. Lekosa1

    Lekosa1 mineman
    Build Team Wiki Team

    Sep 26, 2014
    My Sheriff app. was ez but I got ez accepted


    Helpful guide. But remember guys and girls! Keep it simple silly.
  6. amazingallen234

    amazingallen234 Former Jmod | Wild West

    Aug 7, 2015
    Very informative. If more potential applicants read this thread before making their application, we might end up with more then just 1 or 2 new sheriffs every week or so.
  7. aGuyInAsuite

    aGuyInAsuite Build Mod

    Jul 21, 2015
    Great guide, hopefully people will look at this. We really need sheriffs.
  8. SoullessAngel_

    SoullessAngel_ Ex-Mod | Writer | WildWest

    Aug 23, 2015
    Your application can be short and sweet as long as it has the needed details. This isn't a staff application or an essay, but I know people enjoy spicing up papers, so that's their choice.

    The main thing that counts when attempting to become a sheriff is your in game personality. If you are active, that's a +1. If you are a helpful and kind person, another +1. If you are constantly salty and raging in chat, that's a big -1. Your ban and mute history is checked every time you apply, searching for death/DDoS threats, and any inappropriate/salty behavior. If you can be mature and active, as well as patient, you will earn a +1 from many of your fellow community members.
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  9. randomcitizen1

    randomcitizen1 The schizophrenic swagmoneymillionaire

    Sep 12, 2013
    This is true when it is applicable, but I find that I fail to recognize the names of the vast majority of applicants. Those that I do recognize, I most often cannot recall what their behavior in-game is like. This for me is a reason why a good application that is detailed and "spiced up" is necessary. A lot can be learned about a person from their application, and it might be the only indicator of a player's maturity that people can see.
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  10. Jessedz

    Jessedz Member

    Apr 29, 2016
    Ty for the tips :grinning:. I can now make a good application. (Only problem... I have to want two weeks) :smile:
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