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    If the server that you wish to apply for does not have a prefix option, do not apply for it.
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A Quick Guide for Future Staff Applicants

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by _featherpaw_, Dec 31, 2016.

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  1. _featherpaw_

    _featherpaw_ Your friendly neighborhood kitten! :3

    Aug 16, 2015
    Hello Brawlers. I’m sure if you’re reading through this, you’re either curious about what it takes to be a staff​
    member, or you’re thinking about applying soon and would like some tips and tricks to make sure you stand out from the crowd. It isn’t easy becoming a staff member for Brawl, as our expectations are very high in order to bring the community the best experience possible. We have received countless applications throughout the years and only a small fraction get accepted. ​

    While we’d like to accept everyone that applies, there are a couple mistakes players are making which are​
    holding back some very qualified people from that +1 they’re looking for. This guide will serve as a general handbook to prospective staff members on what we look for in applications and the common pitfalls that plague first time applicants. Without further adieu, let’s begin.

    Being active in-game should be a no-brainer to anyone applying. If you enjoy spending time on Brawl, this​
    should be a non-issue. However, occasionally we come across an applicant that will intentionally exaggerate their in-game activity. Keep in mind that we do log player activity, so it is always better to be completely honest about everything on your application.

    Activity In-Game only counts if you’re active. This means you should participate in chat, answer questions you​
    are able to answer, make yourself known, and become a part of the Brawl community. It is in good practice to begin working towards your level of activity by starting small. Answer questions about what to do about a hacker, point someone in the right direction, or just say “good job” when someone gets a kill. A little effort goes a long way.

    For those that find themselves beginning to lose control of a situation, we suggest using the /ignore command to​
    give yourself a chance to calm down before once again entering the conversation. As a staff member, this is discouraged, but it could be used to help people work towards being calmer in heated situations. Remember to always keep a cool head.

    Overall, you never know who is watching and who is judging Brawl as a whole. A staff member is an extension​
    of the server and, therefore, any mistakes fall not only on that person, but also on the server itself.
    The forums is the primary place for all manners of discussions involving Brawl. This means that staff members​
    are expected to have a minimum amount of activity on the forums each month. Applicants should be well established amongst the forum community before choosing to apply for staff.

    Surprisingly, having insufficient post count is one of the easiest ways to be denied. Knowledge and usage of the​
    forums is absolutely vital to being a staff member. Staff discussions take place on the forums, applications are made on the forums, the Brawl news and announcements are announced on the forums, and there are also many people who do not play in-game anymore who still hover around the website.

    It is recommended to have a good amount of forum posts before applying for a staff position, but quality is a​
    major part as well. It is important for those applying for a certain gamemode to be well-known among that gamemode’s community both in-game and on the forums. This means that all applicants should be posting friendly, helpful, and appropriate content long before attempting to submit an application.

    It is also important to note that while we strongly advocate posting on the forums, many previous applicants​
    have incorrectly assumed that we look only at post count and have littered one-line posts across the forums that contribute little. Keep in mind that off-topic posts do not count towards your post count. By spamming (which in this case is posting a lot of uninformative, off-topic, and redundant replies), an applicant will actually damage their chances of being accepted.

    Necro posting is also unallowed and will be taken into consideration when looking through applications.​
    Necro posting or “gravedigging” is when someone responds to a thread that has been inactive for longer than 30 days. Unless the topic can still be discussed in a new manner, please refrain from doing so.

    Remember, the forums is a great place for people to submit ideas, talk about their days on Brawl, and ask for​
    advice and help. There’s always something to comment on and as you begin to familiarize yourself with the forums, you will come to realize that you’ve already gained more than enough forum posts without putting in any effort.
    Teamspeak, our current and main form of verbal communication, is another aspect that many potential​
    applicants fail to meet the requirements on. Teamspeak (and potentially Discord as well) are the only ways staff members may communicate verbally and is a very important requirement because of this.

    While it isn’t necessary to have a microphone, staff interviews are done over Teamspeak currently and not​
    having a mic may decrease your chances of being accepted. To install Teamspeak, please go to this site (https://www.teamspeak.com/teamspeak3) and follow the on-site instructions. The IP to get onto the server is ts.brawl.com.

    For those that do own Teamspeak and use it, it speaks well on your behalf if you are active in public channels​
    instead of private ones. By being in public channels you get to: meet new people, be made more aware of questions you may be able to answer, and show staff members that you are not afraid of talking to people you do not know.
    One of the less noted, but equally as important parts of applying for staff, immaturity has been the cause of denied​
    applications many times. Brawl is a server to be enjoyed by all, and it is our job as staff members to uphold Brawl’s standards to the highest level and to act and react to situations in a calm, mature manner. While it is true that Minecraft itself is a game that many believe to be for younger audiences, this should not be an excuse for immature staff members.

    If we believe an applicant is immature, lying about any information, or is inconsistent in their actions and​
    personality, they will almost immediately be denied. An applicant could be the most active, knowledgeable person on the server, but without the necessary maturity to help others reach that level, they will not be welcome on the staff team.

    Age is not restricted on our applications. It just so happens that the more mature individuals who are accepted​
    happen to be of older age. This is not to say there could not be outliers (because there certainly have!), so do not feel as though you are too young to apply. It is always worth taking that first leap of faith!
    Mini-modding can easily be mistaken for helpfulness, but actually negatively impacts your chances of being​
    accepted. Mini-modding involves doing a staff member’s job without the appropriate rank: threatening to ban/mute/kick another player on our servers or impersonating a current staff member in order to confuse people into thinking you are that person. For obvious reasons, this is not the correct way to show staff you are capable of handling a position of power. Some ways of avoiding this while still being helpful is to remind all hackusators to use /report and /chatreport, reporting flamers using /chatreport, and reminding people of our server rules whenever one is broken.
    So now you’ve gone through and worked on everything said above and you believe you are ready to hit that submit​
    on your application. But wait just one moment, because there are a couple tricks to making your application stand out from all the rest. After all, your application is the first thing we see when you decide to apply.

    For starters, detail is key. An application should be treated with careful consideration and applicants​
    should spend an appropriate amount of time on it. As such, it is understandable that the more detail the better, especially in the sections explaining how you would handle situations. However, detail does not equate to wordiness. If Canoodle has trouble understanding your application, it will be difficult to show that you are qualified for the position. Keep it clean and concise, adding in extra detail where needed. Remember that we do not know you as well as you know you, so it’s important to tell us how qualified you really are!

    Another tip for writing an amazing application is to go back through accepted applications for additional​
    reference as to what we are looking for. There is nothing wrong with looking back to see what you can improve on in your own application, and staff will appreciate the extra time put into making your application great.

    After all of this is done; your formatting is laid out nicely, you have nice detail, and you believe you are all set​
    to go… go back through and proofread for errors. Another thing we look for in applications is grammatical and spelling errors. While these aren’t extremely important in deciding whether or not an application will be accepted, spelling errors show for a lack of care and dedication for the position.

    Once you’re confident in your application, be sure to read the instructions for posting apps carefully. A​
    poll asking whether or not you are ready for a staff position is required. When you’ve done that, give your work one last check and hit "Create Thread"!
    There will be some that work on everything said above and who are still denied. Don’t fret about it too much,​
    as after a month of brushing up on what you were told to improve on, you can have another go! The most important part of applying for a staff position is to never give up. We honor those that put in the dedication and effort to keep improving and when it comes time to reapply you’ll find that you have a lot more positive reviews.

    Remember why you wanted to apply and use that motivation to keep going and to keep improving. It is only​
    when you give up and say you cannot do something that it becomes true, so maintain that positive attitude and you won’t be sorry! We wish you luck in your quest for that staff position you want and we hope that this guide has helped you better not only yourself, but the community you love so much.
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